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A Guide to Hootsuite: Top Use Cases and Pro Tips

Hootsuite is becoming increasingly popular, especially for companies that use social networks and social channels to increase their social media activity. Hootsuite has helped small and big businesses develop strategies to achieve a company’s goals and objectives. In this article, you will learn more about how to use Hootsuite.  If this is your first time learning about Hootsuite, then you’re in

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Technology for Business Professionals: How Technology Helps Business Professionals Be More Efficient

Technology has revolutionized how a wide range of industries conduct business today. Businesses can use different tech support tools from chatbots to remote servers and mobile devices to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Businesses of different sizes can now compete fairly. Keep reading to learn about how technology helps small businesses Since the Industrial Revolution, different forms of technology

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Social Media for Business: How Social Media Helps Business Growth

Social media platforms have drastically risen over the years, with the number of available social networks constantly growing. Popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are always adding new features. Understanding how social media helps business is important for any business owner.  With a large number of active users, social media has become an integral advertising tool for different industries. However,

Small business accounting forms and phone calculator scattered on a desk

Accounting for Business: How Accounting Helps Business Growth

When becoming a business owner, it is crucial to understand just how big a part accounting plays in the business process, but how does accounting help business exactly? Accounting provides you with insight into your profits and losses, liabilities and assets, and is essential for making business decisions.  Businesses need accounting to function. Accountants are financial record keepers, and without them,

A tablet on a desk with a photo on it that says online marketing.

Marketing for Business: How Marketing Helps Business Growth

Marketing is a crucial tactic used to prove your company’s worth to the consumer. The goal of strategic marketing is to convince the consumer your company is worth spending money on. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, about 92 percent of consumers trust family and friend recommendations, proof that effective marketing will have a ripple-effect impact and help

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The Top Podcasts for Medical Students to Follow

Podcasts are quickly dominating the entertainment industry as the go-to source of information. A 2021 survey by Edison Research states approximately eighty million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, which is 28 percent of the American population.  Medical practitioners occupy a large podcasting audience. According to statistics from the US National Library of Medicine, there are over 200 medical podcasts in the

A man with a laptop in front of him staring thoughtfully How to Make a Career Change

How to Successfully Change Careers at Any Age

Age shouldn’t be a factor when you’re considering making a dramatic career transition. You can successfully change your career path at any age. So even if you’re feeling unsure of your new career direction or aren’t sure what your professional experience qualifies you for, companies everywhere are searching for potential employees in meaningful career paths. When Should You Start a New

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