The Best Online Computer Engineering Schools in 2021

If you want to earn a degree in computer engineering, you should consider studying at one of the best online computer engineering schools. The schools on this list will teach you vital skills in areas like computer programming, computer networks, database administration, and operating systems.

Online degree programs are just as credible as in-person programs. Studying online is often more affordable than studying on campus and there is the added convenience of not having to commute. This article covers the best online computer engineering schools and how to choose the right school for you.

In Brief: Top 10 Online Computer Engineering Schools in 2021

Online learning offers a level of flexibility that traditional degrees do not. You can learn computer programming skills from the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn expert techniques and strategies for creating computer engineering systems and technology solutions.

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Below are our picks for the top online computer engineering schools for 2021. We’ve included details on the degree programs and tuition costs. For accuracy, we’ve extracted data in this table from each school’s website.

School Degrees and Tuition Accreditation
Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Software Engineering Concentration
$340 per credit hour
Master of Science in Computer Science, Software Engineering Concentration
$610 per credit hour
Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
DeVry University Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology – Computers
$514 per credit hour
Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC)
Florida International University Bachelor of Science in
Computer Engineering
$1,758 per semester (in-state)
$3,163 per semester (out-of-state)
Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Network Security
$25,000 for 30 credit hours
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Grantham University Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
$295 per credit hour
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology
$295 per credit hour
Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Old Dominion University Bachelor of Science in
Computer Engineering
$360 per credit hour (in-state)
$1,032 per credit hour (out-of-state)
Pace University Master of Science in Software Development and Engineering
$1,050 per credit
Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
Stevens Institute of Technology Master of Science in
Computer Engineering
$19,038 per semester
Syracuse University Master of Science in
Computer Engineering
$10,098 per quarter
Texas Tech University Master of Science in Software Engineering
$458 per semester credit hour
University of Michigan-Dearborn Master of Science in Engineering, Computer Engineering
$455 per credit hour (in-state)
$856 per credit hour (out-of-state)

Why You Should Attend a Computer Engineering School Online

There are so many advantages to studying a computer engineering degree online. Online degree programs tend to be more affordable and flexible than on-campus options. Students still have access to the same resources and faculty as on-campus students. These schools also offer valuable student services and tools to improve the online learning experience.

Online school is great for students who prefer to work independently. Remote learning is more accessible than in-person learning, so you can attend your dream university without having to relocate.

Choosing the Best Computer Engineering School for You

Picking the best computer engineering school for you depends on a variety of factors. You should consider your career goals, the school’s reputation, and the retention, graduation, and job placement rate.

Your Career Goals

Your career ambitions will determine which online computer engineering school you choose. It’s crucial to evaluate whether the school offers online courses and programs that will complement your career goals.

Figure out the field of computer engineering you want to specialize in and what student services you’ll need to make it easier. If a school doesn’t provide the services and program content to help you achieve your career goals, it’s probably not the best school for you.

Reputation of the School

Before applying to any university, you should find out what current students and alumni say about their learning experiences. This step is critical to evaluate the quality of faculty, program content, and professional atmosphere. Check out a school’s reputation by looking at its reviews, social media platforms, and third-party review sites.

Retention, Graduation, and Job Placement Rate

Assessing these rates will determine if a school is worth the money you’ll spend. If any of them are low, it should raise a red flag for you. Low retention rates mean most first-year students don’t remain at the school for a second year. That could mean poor faculty, a lack of student resources, or poor program quality.

The same goes for the school’s graduation rate. If the percentage is low, there’s likely a reason students choose not to complete their studies at that school. As far as its job placement rate goes, you want to make sure students have a good chance of finding a job after graduation. If not, it will be very hard to recoup the investment you made.

In-Depth: The Best Computer Engineering Schools of 2021

Choosing a computer engineering school in 2021 doesn’t have to be a challenge. To save you time and effort, we’ve rounded up the top online computer engineering schools. Read on to find out about these schools in more detail.

Colorado Technical University

Degree Levels: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 23%

Colorado Technical University offers students a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. These programs cover basic and advanced skills in operating systems, data administration. You’ll also learn HTML and other basic coding skills.

All computer engineering-related programs at this university are ABET-accredited. This university has multiple scholarships, grants, and financial aid options students can take advantage of. In 2021, US News & World Report ranked Colorado Technical University as one of the best online bachelor’s programs in the US.

Colorado Technical University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Colorado Technical University has a great reputation, financial aid options, and offers both master’s and bachelor’s programs.

DeVry University

Degree Levels: Bachelor of Science
Graduation Rate: 38%

Students at DeVry University can follow an online-only learning method or opt for hybrid learning when taking a technology degree at DeVry University. This university offers federal loans, scholarships, grants, and career services. You’ll also have access to a virtual library, live student lectures, and web-based study tools.

DeVry University grants its students a complimentary laptop to study for their degree programs. One of the best features of DeVry University is that is has tech scholarships exclusively for women. Families of alumni receive discounts too.

DeVry University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

DeVry University offers flexible learning, abundant student resources, and financing options too. Students also receive a complimentary laptop.

Florida International University

Degree Levels: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 62%

Florida International University has an accomplished faculty who are known for their expertise. This university also has trusted partner programs with Complete Florida and Florida Virtual Campus. Students also have the option to use federal loans or apply for scholarships.

What makes the International University of Florida different is that it offers work-study programs and financial aid for textbooks. This university also has over 1,400 seasoned faculty members and you can access career services.

Florida International University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Students attending Florida International University are taught by experienced faculty and have lots of options to pay for college.

Grantham University

Degree Levels: Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science
Graduation Rate: 22%

Grantham University is the perfect choice for students who are looking to learn entry-level skills. There are scholarships and federal loan options available, and a variety of student services. Some of those services include laptop offers, career support, and learning centers.

The programs at Grantham University will equip you for work in database administration, operating systems, and computer networks. You can also set your study schedule to fit your lifestyle.

Grantham University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Grantham University has the ideal computer engineering degree programs for beginners. Students can also study at their preferred pace.

Old Dominion University

Degree Levels: Bachelor of Science
Graduation Rate: 53%

Old Dominion University has financial aid options, scholarships, and plenty of student resources. You’ll have access to coaching, research programs, career development services, and free software for computer engineering. Its faculty is easily accessible and dedicated to providing excellent education services.

This university has a satisfaction rate of 88 percent, and 89 percent of students would recommend it. Old Dominion University also has trusted partnership programs with schools across the US to make transferring your credits easy, if you choose to leave the university for any reason.

Old Dominion University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Students at this university have access to useful resources and a passionate faculty. Many students reported an amazing experience at Old Dominion University.

Pace University

Degree Levels: Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 56%

Pace University has a lot to offer prospective students. You’ll enjoy personal mentoring, career coaching, internship placements, and community service opportunities. Although Pace University has a reasonable graduation rate, it lacks a comprehensive learning platform.

Pace University is a great option for students interested in changing careers or wanting to move on to postgraduate education. This university has programs with trusted partners like Verizon and AT&T to give students career opportunities after graduation.

Pace University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Pace University helps students who want to study towards a master’s degree. It has strong partnerships with popular organizations and offers career services.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Degree Levels: Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 85%

The Stevens Institute of Technology provides innovative master’s degree programs in data science and computer programming. There are financial aid options and you can attend pre-college programs to refine your skills.

This school’s rankings and resource guides satisfy high expectations. Stevens Institute of Technology offers career services and health and wellness advice. This university also has partnerships with schools like Columbia University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stevens Institute of Technology Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Stevens Institute of Technology has an impressive graduation rate and student services. This university also offers comprehensive master’s degree programs.

Syracuse University

Degree Levels: Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 72%

Syracuse University offers live, weekly classes for students who want to attend online. You’ll learn advanced skills in network systems, data structures, and computer architecture. To fund your studies, you can use federal loans and scholarships.

You can complete this degree program in as little as 15 months. Syracuse University also offers career services, disability services, and technology support groups.

Syracuse University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Students can complete a comprehensive master’s degree in a short amount of time. This institute also offers various financing options and student resources.

Texas Tech University

Degree Levels: Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 60%

Texas Tech University offers an impressive online learning platform. This master’s degree program covers expert computer engineering topics like how to learn R programming, project management, and data structures.

This university also has an enormous network of high-quality faculty. Students who want to land senior positions or advance their education will find that they’ll learn invaluable skills here.

Texas Tech University Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

Texas Tech University is an ideal school to earn your degree online. This school also has financing options and industry partners for transferring credits.

University of Michigan

Degree Levels: Master of Science
Graduation Rate: 92%

The University of Michigan has a fantastic master’s program for experienced computer engineers. Not to mention that the outstanding graduation rate at the University of Michigan has also influenced this school’s rave reviews. QS World University rated this school the 23rd best school in the US.

This university has student research opportunities and career advice services. There is a large group of faculty that oversees these degree programs. Financing options include scholarships and federal loans.

University of Michigan Computer Engineering Key Takeaway

The University of Michigan has a very high graduation rate and accommodates all types of learners in the computer engineering field.

Types of Online Degrees in Computer Engineering

If you want to study computer engineering online, there are several types of degrees to choose from. These include associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Which type of computer engineering degree is right for your depends on your previous experience and your career goals.

Online Computer Engineering Undergraduate Degrees

Online Associate Degrees in Computer Engineering

Studying computer engineering with an online associate degree will help you gain basic software engineering skills in about two years. Associate degrees can teach a range of skills, from how to learn C++ to the basics of data administration.

These types of degree programs work well for students who want to learn entry-level skills and start working sooner. Many colleges also offer the option for students to transfer their associate degree credits to a bachelor’s degree program. This can save students money or help them replace a low high school GPA.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Engineering

Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering online will open up many different computer engineering roles. Most employers in the field require a related bachelor’s degree as the minimum education requirement.

A bachelor’s degree program in computer engineering ventures into complex skills like programming languages, project management, web development, and data structures. It takes around four years to complete.

Online Computer Engineering Graduate Degrees

Online Master’s Degrees in Computer Engineering

Although you can work your way up with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree will undoubtedly help you get more senior roles. It takes two years to complete this degree, and you’ll learn highly advanced techniques and systems. These programs usually involve a few specialized courses and a thesis.

Online Doctorate Degrees in Computer Engineering

Having a doctorate in computer engineering shows you’re committed to excellence in your field. Professionals with a doctorate in computer engineering can claim executive positions at top-of-the-line companies. It takes between four and five years to earn a doctorate.

What Can You Do With a Computer Engineering Degree?

What Can You Do With a Computer Engineering Degree?

Computer Engineering Associate Degree

Average Salary: $69,000
Top Careers: Systems Administrator, Desktop Support Engineer, Network Specialist

With an associate’s degree, students can graduate and start working quickly. They’ll have a firm foundation to start their careers right away. Job roles you can get include systems administrator or desktop support engineer.

Computer Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $89,000
Top Careers: Software Engineer, Software Developer, Electrical Engineer

A bachelor’s degree allows students to apply for most jobs in the tech industry. You can go on to become a software engineer or developer after graduating.

Computer Engineering Master’s Degree

Average Salary: $102,000
Top Careers: Senior Software Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Principal Software Engineer

The master’s degree is your ticket to the top companies in tech. People with this degree are considered experts in their industry and can gain higher-earning roles.

Computer Engineering Doctorate

Average Salary: $133,000
Top Careers: Senior Electrical Engineer, Director of Engineering, Analytics Consultant

Your doctorate degree puts you at the very top of the field. You’re likely to go on to work as a director, consultant, or in research-based roles.

The Best Computer Engineering Careers: How Much Can You Earn With a Degree in Computer Engineering?

Profession Minimum Education Average Salary
Information Systems Manager Bachelor’s Degree $151,150
Machine Learning Engineer Master’s Degree $126,830
Computer Hardware Engineer Bachelor’s Degree $119,560
Computer Network Architect Bachelor’s Degree $116,780
Software Engineer Bachelor’s Degree $110,140
Software Tester Bachelor’s Degree $110,140
Database Administrator Bachelor’s Degree $98,860
Application Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $93,730
Web Designer Associate Degree $77,200
IT Technical Support Officer Bachelor’s Degree $55,510

Does It Matter What College I Go to for Computer Engineering?

Yes, the college you choose to study computer engineering matters. Ensure the school you choose offers a credible computer engineering degree with sufficient resources and program course materials.

Colleges that offer one-on-one guidance might suit you better than colleges that don’t.
Some colleges have trusted partnership programs and career services to help students succeed in the long term. Make sure you consider the teaching style and what job you want to ultimately get to choose the best computer engineering school for you.

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