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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. This language is excellent for people who want to become software engineers or web developers. Knowing JavaScript also eases the process of learning other programming languages. It can be tough to learn, but with the best online JavaScript bootcamps, you can master it with ease.

Quick Facts About the Best Online JavaScript Bootcamps

School Name Tuition Length
Actualize $14,900 16 weeks
App Academy $20,000 24 weeks
Coding Dojo $16,245 14 weeks
Flatiron School $16,900 15 weeks
Fullstack Academy $17,910 17 weeks
General Assembly $3,950 10 weeks
Ironhack $12,500 full-time,
$13,500 part-time
9 weeks full-time,
24 weeks part-time
Springboard $14,490 9 months
Tech Elevator $15,950 14 weeks
Thinkful $16,000 full-time,
$7,900 part-time
5 months full-time,
6 months part-time

The Top 10 Online JavaScript Bootcamps of 2021

There are a lot of JavaScript bootcamps available today. Most are fused with other web development programs so students can learn a wider set of skills. We’ve provided more details on these bootcamp programs below.

This bootcamp is focused on software engineering. Like most on this list, it offers online and on-site programs. Remote students get the training as their on-site counterparts since the classes are done live. It teaches through a blend of exercises and instruction.

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The curriculum of its software engineering program covers JavaScript, Ruby, Vue.js, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Git. Students learn backend development by using and developing APIs, using Ruby on Rails, and entering into database design. It also covers front end development using a powerful JavaScript framework known as Vue.js.

The bootcamp has different financing options. If a student decides to pay upfront, they will receive a $500 discount. There is an option to pay in three installments or use a personal low-interest loan to pay back within three years.

This coding school offers both in-person and online training with an option to defer tuition. It offers training for people who want to become software engineers. Students can choose to attend part-time or full-time.

The program focuses on coding fundamentals as well as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. The curriculum also includes training on CSS, HTML, SQL. Students also take part in pair programming.

App Academy offers two payment methods for tuition. Students can pay the full sum for the program or defer tuition. With an income share agreement (ISA), they can attend the program without paying any tuition. When they land a job, they can start paying in monthly installments.

This bootcamp teaches the skills you need to become a data scientist or software engineer. This online and onsite bootcamp offers three full stack bootcamps. It also has a part-time full stack program with data science courses.

Its web fundamentals program focuses on front end development basics. Students build their user interfaces with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The curriculum also includes MERN, the full stack JavaScript framework for developing dynamic applications and websites.

The bootcamp has several payment options. You can pay the tuition upfront and receive a discount. There is an installment option that divides the tuition into three payments. Coding Dojo also has a deferred tuition option where you start monthly payments to cover tuition when you find a job.

This bootcamp caters to people who want to secure jobs as software engineers. It offers part-time and full-time programs online and at its campuses.

The curriculum is JavaScript-driven and it immerses students in React and Node.js and other web technologies. Students study JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It also includes prototypal inheritance, scoping, and recursion. The program also covers backend and front end development foundations.

Payment options include income share agreements that allow students to study now and pay later. They can also choose to use the lending service Skills Fund to finance their tuition. The service offers low-interest loans to cover living expenses and tuition. Also, women and veterans may be eligible for a partial scholarship to the program.

This popular bootcamp is a training program with online and in-person classes. The bootcamp offers courses on data science, software engineering, cyber security analytics, and UX design. Students have the option to choose between full-time and part-time programs.

The front end development program dives deep into programming fundamentals. Students learn how to store databases with object-relational mappers and SQL. It covers object-oriented programming and key Ruby frameworks. The curriculum also covers web programming fundamentals with Sinatra and how to develop apps with Rails.

A deposit is needed after acceptance to secure the student’s seat. The rest of the tuition is due before the first class. Students can choose to pay the full amount upfront or take out a low-interest loan with Climb Credit or Ascent.

This JavaScript program teaches technical skills online and on campus. It offers short courses as well as part-time and full-time programs. Some of the programs in this bootcamp include data science, software engineering, UX design, product management, and digital marketing. It also offers training on specific topics like data analytics.

The software engineering program helps students to hone their fluency in different stacks and frameworks. They learn to apply object-oriented programming concepts while using React and other JavaScript libraries. Students also incorporate functionality from APIs and use Django and Python for complexity.

The bootcamp allows students to pay the full tuition in a single payment or in installments. Students are allowed three payment installments. There is a scholarship as well for underrepresented minorities in tech. If you fall into this category, you can apply.

Ironhack helps people learn the technical skills needed to start entry-level jobs as data analysts, web developers, or UX/UI designers. This online bootcamp offers students part-time and full-time options. The classes are held live and include one-on-one support from instructors.

The bootcamp’s web development program contains units on JavaScript. It guides students through JavaScript fundamentals as well as the basics of CSS and HTML in the introduction. Students learn to design and develop full stack web applications using JavaScript. They also learn the fundamentals of programming with an emphasis on best practices.

Ironhack allows students to fund their tuition through Skills Fund, which offers personal low-interest loans. Students who can afford to can pay upfront. It also offers a 10 percent discount for women in its web development and data analytics bootcamp. Veterans can benefit from discounts, too.

This bootcamp offers online and on-site training. Some of its programs include data science, software engineering, data analytics, and machine learning. It has both part-time and full-time programs.

The software engineering program focuses on front end development. Students are introduced to JavaScript and other industry-standard technologies and languages. This is a good fundamental JavaScript bootcamp.

The payment options for the program include an upfront payment, deferred tuition, month-to-month installments, and low-interest loans. Students can get an 18 percent discount when they pay upfront. For the deferred tuition plan, students only need to pay when they get a job. The bootcamp partners with Climb Credit to offer loans.

This bootcamp has full-time programs for people who want to become software developers. It offers the option to choose a focus on .NET or Java.

Students learn C# or Java foundations and how to build APIs. The curriculum also covers database programming with SQL, web programming with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It also includes training on front end JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js.

Tech Elevator has several payment options for students. One is upfront payment and it can be done by check, PayPal, or credit card. It is also possible to break the payment into smaller sums.

This online coding bootcamp offers training for people who want to become data scientists, software engineers, data analysts, UX designers, digital marketers, product managers, and technical project managers.

Its program covers everything you need to thrive as a web developer. Students learn both backend and front end coding skills using JavaScript, HTML, Reach, and CSS.

It offers students the option to pay tuition upfront or spread out payments in monthly installments. The bootcamp also offers a deferred tuition model where students don’t pay anything until they get a job after graduating. Thinkful also offers personal low-interest loans from Ascent.

What Can You Learn at an Online JavaScript Bootcamp?

What Can You Learn at an Online JavaScript Bootcamp?

At an online JavaScript bootcamp, you can learn object-oriented JavaScript, introduction to Node.js, and algorithm and data structures. Read below to learn more about the courses that might be included in your program.

Object-Oriented JavaScript

This course is built to teach students how to use different object-oriented programming features in JavaScript. It covers how to keep data secure by developing a private state with closures. Students will be able to develop classes to construct objects with both functionality and data. Students also learn how to pass behaviors to objects.

Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime. It has several uses for JavaScript development. It is an excellent environment to build efficient network applications. The topic covers the parts that make up a web application or the backend programming of a website. Students who learn this topic can explore popular Node frameworks such as Express.js.

Algorithms and Data Structures

This topic helps students write better JavaScript to handle data processing. It covers an understanding of data structures and algorithms. Students learn to how implement data structures and algorithms to Java and other languages. It also covers possible implementations, real-world uses, and how to determine optimal solutions.

What to Look for in Online JavaScript Bootcamps

Several factors make JavaScript bootcamps stand out among others. You need to consider these factors first and weigh your options. It’s important to consider tuition, available payment plans, instructor support, and career outcomes.


You need to consider the cost of your preferred JavaScript bootcamp. This will determine if it is affordable or if you will need to find financial support. Most bootcamps cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

While bootcamps are more affordable than four years of university tuition, they can be a big financial commitment. Before picking one, consider the cost. If it is more expensive than you would prefer, you can find a cheaper one or consider other options such as scholarships and loans.

Payment Options

Because bootcamps can be expensive, you may need to consider alternatives to pay for your education. Since bootcamps don’t issue degrees, you cannot gain access to grants or federal loans to cover the tuition.

Check if the program offers some financing options to meet your needs. One is by partnering with financing companies to receive a loan. The most popular ones are lending companies like Skills Fund and Ascent Funding. Also, you can check if the school offers deferred tuition or ISAs where you can attend without paying until you get a job.

Career Services and Job Placement Assistance

Before you enroll in a JavaScript bootcamp, be sure to check if it offers job placement assistance and career services. Some bootcamps offer career services such as mock interviews and resume reviews to prepare students for the workforce.

Also, some offer job placement assistance in the form of job guarantees. In such cases, you could get the cost of your tuition refunded if you fail to get a job after graduating. Research what the bootcamp offers before enrolling.

Post-Bootcamp Salaries

Another important consideration is post-bootcamp salaries. You need to know how much you can earn before deciding to enroll. Most bootcamps offer this information on their homepages. You can always check alumni testimonials to determine if the program is worth the financial sacrifice.

Online Learning vs In-Person Bootcamps

One of the most important considerations is the delivery method of the program. Is it online or in-person? What are the benefits of both, and which is ideal for you? Online colleges and universities are becoming more popular and accessible, as are online bootcamps. They are a great choice if you are self-motivated and want a flexible schedule.

While online programs are more modern and flexible, they may not be ideal for everyone. Some people need different motivations, and an online program may be difficult to follow. If you prefer to learn in person, you should consider a program that is offered in your area.

Are Online JavaScript Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, online JavaScript bootcamps are worth it if you want to master the fundamentals of JavaScript. The programming language can be beneficial, especially when you want to learn other languages. An online JavaScript bootcamp also gives you flexibility and will arm you with some of the most important skills you need to thrive in a tech job.

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