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Choosing the best website for your job search involves more than just the number of job listings that they have. Job seekers are on the lookout for a job search website that already contains all the details that they would need. If you are currently searching for a job, this is your guide to the best job search websites around and what they offer.

How We Chose the Best Job Websites for You

During job hunting, you are not only looking at the list of jobs within the website. You require complete information to help you decide if a job is fit for you. Detailed information includes the job description, the company background, the salary offered, and how you can apply.

We’ve taken into account all of the above when selecting the best 10 job search sites that you should use to find employment. Whether you have just finished a bachelor’s degree or are looking to switch from one career to another, these job websites are useful for you.

The Best 10 Job Search Sites

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All of the job search sites on our list have the comprehensive elements that make a good website for job hunting. They meet the criteria of going beyond the search function and providing more information for their target users.


Indeed is one of the oldest job search websites so it carries a large number of job opportunities. Companies tend to trust Indeed with their open positions, while job seekers find a lot of options on the site. While there are other sites with more advanced features, Indeed remains at the forefront of reliable job websites due to its wide reach.

Once you visit the site, you can easily look for a job preference and filter it by city or state. Other filter options allow you to find jobs based on the date posted, estimated salary, job type, specific company, and experience level. An additional option of ‘remote’ or ‘temporarily remote’ is currently added in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Indeed, you can register for free and all of its features are open to anyone. Upon registration, you can easily upload your resume and then pull it up if you choose to apply for a job. Employers can also easily check out your profile and experience by taking a look at your resume.

Indeed records over 250 million visitors every month and about 10 new jobs are listed every second.


Glassdoor is a comprehensive job search website that not only contains job postings, but transparent company reviews, salaries, and benefits information. For you to read the contents of the site, you first need to create a free account. Upon registration, you will be asked to contribute by writing a review or providing any relevant information.

The reviews contain pros and cons and other helpful information to help you decide if a company or a job is right for you. Aside from this, you will find posted jobs on the site filled with the details that you need. You can create your profile and apply via the platform.

You can filter your search for jobs based on your location. Other than jobs, there are tabs specific for companies, salaries, and interviews if they are what you want to check out. You can also generate personalized job recommendations by answering some questions.

Glassdoor has 1.3 million employers on its website and about nine million job listings from all over the world.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search websites around. It combines the functionality of a job site with the interactive features of a social media website. You can think of LinkedIn as Facebook for professionals, and your friends are your network.

On LinkedIn, you can conduct a free search for jobs by title, skill, or company and filter the results according to location and required years of experience. Job postings are also readily available with complete descriptions and required qualifications. Most of the jobs are directly posted by companies with official accounts, so you know they are all legitimate.

One of the features of LinkedIn is that it has skills assessments and training available to improve a specific competency. You may also sign up and pay for LinkedIn Premium to access features that could help you advance in your job search. Its Career Plan provides insights, online video courses, interview preparation, and further support.

There are about 756 million registered users, with 40 million using the platform for their job search each week, according to official LinkedIn data.


Monster is one of the pioneers of bringing job search to the digital sphere. You can register on the site for free and upload your resume to create your profile. Monster also offers resume services, which cost between $129 to $349. It also has a specific section for career tips which includes interview pointers, salary negotiation, and job search strategies.

One of the unique features of Monster is its focus on highlighting IT and digital marketing jobs. You can locate specific job offers if you want to utilize your tech skills, say for instance a JavaScript job. Jobs by country and by role are also filtered.

Monster is also transparent about its data by providing specific bulletins that show its employment index per country. This way, you can discover Monster’s efforts to help its users land a job that best fits their interests and skill set.


ZipRecruiter is available to job seekers, small and medium businesses, and enterprise businesses. It started as a job search site helping SMEs post their vacancies to attract potential employees. At present, it caters to larger users, but you can still look for and post jobs for free.

Job seekers using ZipRecruiter can register for an account, set up and manage their profile, and search for a job by title. You can also search for a job by salary if that is your priority. It also has a job seeker support section where you can find links for application and resume help and job alerts.

For every specific job title, ZipRecruiter provides a chart that shows the average salary per year. You can filter each job search by location, salary offered, employment type, and company.

ZipRecruiter reports that there are over nine million jobs in its database.


FlexJobs was established in 2007 and specializes in promoting remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities. There are over 26,000 available remote jobs that you can choose from. All of these are strictly work from home, regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time jobs.

Companies featured on FlexJobs are thoroughly researched by the team to ensure the legitimacy of the postings. They also offer services such as career coaching, resume review, and mock interviews for a fee of $64 to $129.

You can subscribe to FlexJobs for a low-cost fee. This gives you unlimited access to any job listing, free skills testing, job search tips, and specific job alerts for new job postings. You can increase your chances of getting hired through the various webinars and skills courses that FlexJobs offers.

Career Builder

Career Builder is another reliable job search website where you can easily look for a job for free by skills or job title, and filter it by city. One of its unique features is a tool where you can make salary comparisons. There is also a job advice section, featuring posts dealing with work-related topics.

Upon signing in, Career Builder will help create your resume. With one click, various job recommendations are made available for you to browse. As many as 25 jobs are generated per second, and they all match your skills and interests.

Top searches are readily reflected on the homepage of Career Builder, including the most in-demand companies, opportunities, and job titles. You can also sign up for email job alerts so that you will be notified about potential job matches.


Dice is a job search website that specifically caters to those looking for opportunities in the tech industry. If your interest revolves around programming languages like Python or JavaScript, then you can find your perfect job match here. Jobs are categorized by skill, so you can look up specific postings according to your strengths.

With Dice, you can filter your search results by salary range, location, and experience level. You are in control of who can view your profile and which specific job alerts you will receive.

Aside from being able to build a Dice profile for free, you are also given access to information on salary and other insights related to boosting your tech career. Dice recently launched a career development resource section that helps link you to sites that can boost your tech skills and knowledge.

More than 70,000 tech jobs are available in Dice from some of the well-known tech companies in the US and around the world.


SimplyHired is a job search engine that collects postings from all over the web. Once you look for a specific job title, skill, or company, SimplyHired pulls up a variety of results under that category. The posting features the location, job description, required qualifications, and salary. You can also calculate the commute time from where you live.

In addition, SimplyHired offers a free resume builder feature that helps you create a professional and attractive resume. There are more than 30 free resume templates to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that matches how you want to present yourself.

Local and national salary data are available on the site. You can also look up specific companies and examine the job market situation in a specific city. Over three million employers are registered in SimplyHired all over the world, so there are many more job opportunities waiting for you.


Free to use, LinkUp boasts verified and updated job listings that job seekers can trust. It runs and checks its indices every day to make sure that the job postings are fresh, accurate, and of high quality. This quality filter helps prevent duplicate postings and deceiving opportunities from fake companies.

The LinkUp site is an optimal platform to search for an opportunity using a specific job title, company name, or other keywords. You can also simply turn on an email alert for a job that you want to track. Once you select a job that you are interested in, LinkUp immediately redirects you to the official website of the hiring company.

Job market data is also readily available on LinkUp for your perusal. Since 2007, LinkUp has listed over 150 million jobs, with more than 50,000 companies in its index. It continues to generate data to help job seekers find only quality results and ease the process of job hunting.

Specialized Job Websites

General job websites might be too much for you if you are looking for something specific. Luckily, there are specialized job websites that index jobs within a single industry. Below are the top five free specialized websites that you can check out.


Startup hiring is the specialization of AngelList. Here, you are likely to find job openings for tech startups situated in places like Silicon Valley. It is the go-to hiring platform for startups looking to build their teams.


Web designers and digital creators can rely on Behance to look for job opportunities. Various art and marketing companies use the site to look for creative talent.


Tech professionals can turn to Hired as it boasts more than 10,000 companies using its platform. If you are looking to immediately connect with tech companies, then this is the job search website for you.


Charity, volunteering, and nonprofit jobs can be found on Idealist. Opportunities are available for professionals and students alike. Groups and organizations actively post on the website for all kinds of opportunities, even internships.


Legal jobs or work related to law is the focus of Lawjobs. Here, you have the opportunity to work in leading law firms and other industries that hire legal professionals.

How Do Job Websites Work?

The majority of job search websites are free to use and readily available online for all kinds of users. Job postings are easily accessible as they are mostly pooled from different websites or directly posted by companies. You can simply look for an opportunity using job titles, company names, or specific keywords.

Some job websites, however, offer services that might require extra payment. You have to pay for premium perks like upskilling, resume and interview coaching, advanced search opportunities, and more.

How Much Do Job Search Websites Cost?

Job search websites are usually free to register for. Some of these sites charge companies a fee to use their platforms for posting job ads. If you plan to use a website’s premium service to gain an advantage and training, you will have to pay a subscription charge.

How to Use Job Search Engines

A March 2021 report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that employment in the US rose by 916,000, pushing down the unemployment rate to six percent. This demonstrates that the job market remains active, and job search engines are busier than over.

To make sure that you are utilizing your choice of job search website well, below are some tips that you can consider.

Free Services and Perks

Some job search websites go above and beyond and offer training and lectures for free for a certain period. If you find a free service and perk useful for you, grab the chance to gain an advantage.

Easily Accessible Information

Salary and company information should be easily accessible by job seekers. Any pertinent detail to the job posting must be readily available once you click on it. If it’s not, then you should be using a different platform.

Optimal Platform Design and Interface

A job search website has to be optimal and easy to navigate. As much as possible, the site should readily give you the options that you need. It is better if a website has a mobile app version for added convenience.

Is Using a Website a Good Way to Find a Job?

Finding a job used to be time-consuming, but now there are a wealth of online platforms that put everything at your fingertips.

With the world more reliant on digital spaces, using a website is a good way to find a job. Recommendations are readily available, the application process is fast, and details are immediately visible. Best of all, you can apply for many jobs with just one click.

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