Finding the Best Online
MATLAB Courses in 2021

MATLAB is one of the most popular computing languages in academic research. It allows analysts to work efficiently with large amounts of data. It is a great skill to learn because of the quality of work it brings to any organization.

Joining an online MATLAB course in 2021 is a great choice. You will learn how to use this special-purpose language for developing moderate-size programs and solving math-related problems. The language design makes it easy to create a robust program with just a few lines of code.


MATLAB is an abbreviation of the term matrix laboratory. It is a programming and numeric computing platform. Millions of engineers and scientists use it to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models.

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MATLAB combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that directly expresses matrix and array mathematics. It includes the Live Editor for creating scripts that combine code, output, and formatted text in an executable notebook.

The Best Online MATLAB Courses of 2021

Here you will find a list of the best MATLAB courses that you can join in 2021. These courses are very helpful. If you are an engineer or scientist looking to enhance your abilities in computer science or if you want to learn a new programming language to upskill, consider taking one of the courses listed below.

Introduction to Programming with MATLAB by Coursera

Price: $49/month
Length: 9 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider. It works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses. The Introduction to Programming with MATLAB course is offered by Vanderbilt University as part of the MATLAB Programming for Engineers and Scientists Specialization.

This course teaches computer programming to those with little to no previous experience. It focuses on the programming system and language MATLAB because it is easy to learn, versatile, and beneficial for engineers and other professionals. Students are evaluated in each lesson.

Mastering Programming with MATLAB by Coursera

Price: $49/month
Length: 7 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

This course picks up where Introduction to Programming with MATLAB left off, and it is part of the same specialization. It covers more advanced programming concepts such as recursion, vectorization, function handles, and algorithm efficiency.

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with more advanced computer programming concepts. You’ll be able to write more efficient code and create object-oriented MATLAB applications with graphical user interfaces. There is also a final project to complete.

MATLAB and Octave for Beginners by edX

Price: $139
Length: 4 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

You can find this course at edX. It is offered by EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), which is ranked first in Europe in the field of engineering by the Times Higher Education. You will learn MATLAB and Octave in this course and start experimenting with matrix manipulations, data visualizations, functions, and mathematical computations.

Both MATLAB and Octave allow users to experiment with advanced mathematical functions and produce exciting matrix visualizations. In this introductory course, students will learn how to use these mathematical tools to write functions, calculate vectors and matrices, and plot graphical representations of results. No background in programming is needed, but some experience with relevant math concepts is necessary.

Learning MATLAB by LinkedIn Learning

Price: $29.99/month
Length: N/A
Certificate: Yes

At LinkedIn Learning, you can find video courses in software, creative, and business skills taught by industry experts. LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of the popular social networking site created to help users learn skills and advance their careers.

Steven Moser, an engineering educator, is the instructor for Learning MATLAB. He will show you how to harness MATLAB tools and create programs to model your own data and hypotheses.

The course covers how to create basic variables and cell arrays, illustrate your findings, create 2D and 3D plots, add annotations, and incorporate images. The final chapter covers the MATLAB block diagram tool Simulink.

MATLAB 2018 Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning

Price: $29.99/month
Length: 3 Hours 15 minutes
Certificate: Yes

This is another MATLAB course available at LinkedIn Learning to help you learn MATLAB from scratch. Students learn to use MATLAB for numerical analysis, data analysis, data modeling, and data visualization.

The instructor of the course is Curt Frye. He covers creating MATLAB scripts, accepting user input, extending MATLAB with user-defined functions, and controlling flow with conditional logic and loops. The class also goes over managing text strings and other data structures like numbers, performing advanced plotting, and summarizing data using statistical analysis functions.

MATLAB Onramp by MathWorks

Price: Free
Length: 2 Hours
Certificate: No

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. It offers a variety of courses on its website. MATLAB Onramp is an introductory course that teaches the fundamentals of MATLAB.

This free, two-hour introductory tutorial focuses on commonly used features and workflows. Lessons cover the basic commands and how to write programs that execute code based upon some condition. At the end of the course, you will apply everything that you have learned to a final project.

MATLAB Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Price: $29/month
Length: 3 Hours
Certificate: Yes

Pluralsight can be an excellent tool for software developers. By paying a monthly fee, you gain access to as many courses as you want on the platform.

MATLAB Fundamentals is an introductory course that teaches you how to get started using MATLAB as a language and platform. The course covers the basics of MATLAB syntax, explains computational mechanisms including work with arrays and matrices, shows means of data visualization, and demonstrates object-oriented principles.

Performing Feature Engineering with MATLAB by Pluralsight

Price: $29/month
Length: 1 Hour
Certificate: Yes

In this course offered by Pluralsight, you will learn foundational knowledge for MATLAB as it applies to data science.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of performing feature engineering within MATLAB. You will learn what feature engineering is and why it can be helpful. Next, you will tackle how to organize and clean raw data and how to preprocess text and image data with MATLAB. Finally, you will study how to extract features for analysis within MATLAB.

Become a Good MATLAB Programmer in 30 days by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 30 Days
Certificate: Yes

Udemy is an online learning platform with a large library of courses covering all levels. The Become a Good MATLAB Programmer in 30 days course gives you an introduction to the functions, workflows, and operations of MATLAB.

You will learn how to work with M-files, simulation files, functions, and scripts. No programming experience is required; you only need to have MATLAB software and the willingness to learn.

Master MATLAB through Guided Problem Solving by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 38 Hours
Certificate: Yes

With this course offered by Udemy, you will become an expert in MATLAB programming and scientific computing. This course will help you to advance your career and gain confidence in solving real-world problems in MATLAB coding.

The course covers the basics, including loops, functions, input, and output. Intermediate and advanced topics include 2D and 3D plotting, data animations, image and time series segmentation, and spectral (Fourier) and time-frequency analyses. To join the course, you should have some prior experience in MATLAB programming or other programming languages.

MATLAB Basics for Beginners - Learn from Top Experts by Udemy

Price: Free
Length: 3 Hours
Certificate: No

This is another course offered by Udemy to learn the basics of MATLAB and transition from beginner to expert. The course was developed by Hristo Zhivomirov, one of the top 50 MATLAB contributors worldwide.

The structure and content of this course suit both beginners and those with some MATLAB experience. There is a lot of material for everyone. All you need to have is MATLAB installed on your computer. No prior coding knowledge is required.

MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert in MATLAB by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 38 Hours
Certificate: Yes

This is one of the most comprehensive courses of its kind online. It is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of MATLAB. You will learn many skills and techniques, including MATLAB programming, data analysis, visualization, and report generation.

The course also covers scripting, data science, graphical user interfaces, and regular expressions. It includes challenging practice exercises, quizzes, and code templates.

MATLAB onramp 2020: coding, concepts, confidence, and style by Udemy

Price: $19.99
Length: 11 Hours
Certificate: Yes

Learn the key MATLAB programming skills that separate experts from novices, such as debugging, functions, and visualization. This is a course offered by Udemy that doesn’t require prior experience with MATLAB or any mathematics background. However, experience with a programming language is helpful.

In this course, you will learn to use and customize the visual MATLAB environment. You will also learn MATLAB programming basics, control statements, how to make your own MATLAB functions, and how to create and edit data visualizations using the MATLAB graphics engine. Additionally, this course covers how to write clean code, general strategies for debugging, and recognizing and avoiding common coding mistakes.

MATLAB/SIMULINK Bible | Go From Zero to Hero! by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 5 Hours
Certificate: Yes

This course offered by Udemy covers the basics of Simulink. Students learn to create Simulink models and run simulations of physical systems.

It boasts a unique project-based learning approach, with 10 practical projects to master Simulink. By the end of the program, students are able to develop fun, useful, and practical Simulink models from scratch. No prior experience is required; you can join even if you have never used MATLAB or Simulink before. Engineers and scientists who are curious about control systems and system modeling will find this course interesting.

Ultimate MATLAB Programming +MATLAB Simulink For Engineering by Udemy

Price: $24.99
Length: 17 Hours
Certificate: Yes

In this Udemy course, you will learn about numerical and symbolic computing using MATLAB. This class will enhance your problem-solving skills in programming and teach you how to build algorithms and implement MATLAB in your work and research.

The course covers MATLAB programming, 2D and 3D graphics, 2D animations, Simulink, and algorithms. It is composed of lectures, quizzes, and assignments. A mathematical background is required.

What Do MATLAB Courses Cover?

MATLAB courses cover the basics of the MATLAB environment and the most complex operations. It is recommended that you know mathematics. It is not essential to have experience with other programming languages.

You must have MATLAB installed on your computer to practice and complete the activities. All classes are taught in English, and some offer subtitles in other languages like Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

How to Choose the Best MATLAB Course

Here are some of the things you should consider when looking to enroll in a MATLAB course. There are many courses out there, so pick one that covers the topics you feel can help you progress in your career or that fits the professional path you have in mind.


The course should provide exercises to give you some practice and consolidate what you are learning. For example, it should include code-writing exercises and a final project to apply the concepts you have learned.


The cost of the course varies depending on the breadth of the curriculum as well as the resources and support provided. While there are many excellent free courses out there, there are not likely to be as in-depth as paid ones. In addition, many paid courses offer a certificate of completion. Think carefully about which type of course is best for you.


Different courses have different formats. Some are synchronous, which means you will have to follow a predetermined schedule; others are based on prerecorded material, so the student can choose when to study. Choose a course with a format that suits you.

MATLAB Certifications

A MATLAB certification shows customers, colleagues, and employers that you are proficient in using MATLAB. A certification can set you apart in the job market and accelerate your professional growth. MathWorks offers two MATLAB certifications.

Certified MATLAB Associates

Earning this certificate demonstrates your proficiency in MATLAB. You will need to master the fundamentals of MATLAB. The exam can be taken at any MathWorks testing center around the world. This credential is a stepping stone toward the next level of certification: Certified MATLAB Professional.

Certified MATLAB Professional

This certification shows that your MATLAB skills can rival those of even the most advanced members of the MATLAB community. To sit the test, you will need to first obtain the Certified MATLAB Associates. You won’t pass the test unless you have attained expertise in data processing and visualization and MATLAB programming techniques and are able to build interactive applications.

Next Steps After Finishing Your Course

A MATLAB course will help you increase your programming knowledge and solve mathematical operations. It will also help you manage and analyze large amounts of data. If this is your first programming language, you may want to learn others.

To deepen your understanding of computer science, you can follow your MATLAB course with a class on data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

The Bottomline

Learning MATLAB is an excellent choice if you are interested in programming. Data analysis tools like MATLAB are in high demand for careers in engineering and science.

There are a plethora of MATLAB courses you can take online, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. They will all equip you with valuable skills, set you apart in the job market, and accelerate your professional growth.

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