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A graphic designer drawing sketches in a notebook.

Graphic Design: How to Launch Your Designing Career

Combining art and technology, graphic design is one of the most attractive and quickly-growing fields in the country. Designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate the masses.  If you’re interested in turning your passion and creativity for design into a promising career, then a degree in graphic design may be for you. Consider

A group of music students playing in an orchestra.

The 2023 Music School Rankings

Music students have the incredible opportunity to turn their passion into a profession. There are not always clear road signs on the road to stardom, but attending a top school for music in the United States is a great start. Attending the right music school is more important than ever due to the extremely competitive job market

person works on a laptop for an online class

How Do Online Classes Work? The Future of Learning

Online education has become more common than ever in 2020. That said, colleges have been offering online degrees since long before 2020. But if you have yet to join the online learning movement, you may be wondering: How do online classes work? If you’re thinking about starting an online degree but having a hard time picturing exactly how

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