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Essential Education, Skills, and Job Interview Prep

Would you like to start a career in information technology (IT) but are unsure of the possible career paths? There is no need to peruse hundreds of web pages. After reading this guide, you will understand why becoming an IT sales professional is worth a thorough look.

Becoming an IT sales professional is a pretty straightforward process, and it is so much easier when you have a proper source of information. Learn about the IT sales profession, its education requirements, salaries you can expect, and interview questions to prepare for here.

What Is an IT Sales Professional?

An information technology sales professional, or simply IT sales professional, is a specialist who sells a company’s software and hardware products and IT services to potential clients. The job role features three sales categories: pre-sales, sales, and post-sales.

During the presale, the IT sales professional provides detailed information regarding a particular product and how it meets consumer needs. During sales, the client and supplier negotiate the best price for both parties. It is during post-sales that an IT sales professional offers technical support to overcome end-user problems.

IT sales professionals should be exceptional at meeting sales targets, developing strategies, and maintaining contracts with clients. Through them, companies can realize their potential in any tech market.

IT Sales Professional Salary and Job Outlook

According to ZipRecruiter, IT sales professionals earn an average base salary of $56,145 per year. This figure is subject to change depending on the level of education and experience you have as well as the company you belong to.

The highest-paid IT sales professionals in the United States earn a salary of $104,500 annually. The bottom 10 percent earners, meanwhile, pocket an average salary of $20,500.

The highest paying cities for IT sales professionals are all in California. You might want to consider working in Sunnyvale, California if you want to earn an annual wage of $67,026. If you are working in Santa Cruz, you could expect an average total of $66,407 a year.


Min Salary


Average Salary


Top Salary

Entry-Level IT Sales Professional Job Requirements

According to PayScale, the entry-level salary of an IT sales professional is $39,348. Companies are keen on employing those with a degree in sales or a related field. That said, you do not need any degree to land an entry-level role.

How to Ace Your IT Sales Professional Job Interview

To succeed in any interview process, you need to be adequately prepared. You must research the hiring company and familiarize yourself with the interview process. Just like any other job position, an IT sales position will take you through a series of screenings to establish your expertise.

Below you will find interview questions to help you ace your job interview.

Common IT Sales Professional Job Interview Questions

  • What is your most successful sales project?
  • How would you handle a conflict with your sales manager?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • How do you keep abreast of new trends in technology?

What Degree Should I Get to Become an IT Sales Professional?

Becoming an IT sales professional entails a pretty direct career path. In addition to sales bootcamps, vocational schools, and community colleges, universities champion a career in IT sales. With software dominating the economy, IT sales is a fantastic career choice in 2021.

Associate Degree in IT Sales Professional

If you are skeptical about signing up for a four-year bachelor’s degree, you should consider getting an associate degree. The two-year program equips students with the foundational knowledge to launch successful careers in IT as sales representatives.

An associate degree in IT sales will take you through the major concepts in marketing. You will learn management, accounting, consumer behavior, communications, and market research. These are key in strengthening your skills to land better job opportunities.

An associate degree program is perfect for providing the right amount of credits to transition to a bachelor’s degree program. If you want a bridge for a better course in university, an associate degree will equip you with the right knowledge, skills, and credits.

You can also easily land an entry-level job position as an IT sales representative or analyst with just an associate degree.

Bachelor’s Degree in IT Sales Professional

Four-year degrees give the proper validation of the specific skill set required to become an IT sales professional. The four-year program will take you through proper training to understand consumer behavior, marketing theories, sales ethics, and consumer relations.

If you want to develop cutting-edge skills and a world-class perspective in IT sales, a bachelor’s degree is your best bet. The program will open up opportunities as an IT sales manager, specialist, or IT sales development representative.

Master’s Degree in IT Sales Professional

If you want to quickly scale up the IT ladder, a master’s degree program may be of help. The two-year degree program is popular among top managerial positions. The degree will equip you with expert skills and information to land any top position in IT sales.

The art of sales is constantly changing. You need to enroll in a program that has taken a comprehensive perspective on IT sales to help you land a better-paying job. These programs will train you on artificial intelligence, the Internet, and even social media to ensure you are updated on the current technological trajectory of the world.

IT Sales Professional Doctoral Degree

Would you like to become a lead researcher in IT sales? A doctoral program will equip you with the proper research skills to impact the IT sales industry. These two-year programs are known to influence the thinking and practices of top practitioners in the field. If you want to finesse your skills, a doctoral program will suit you best.

A doctoral program can also come in handy if you want to pursue a teaching career. The program will help you develop the proper skills to train other practitioners in IT sales and best practices.

What Does an IT Sales Professional Do?

An IT sales representative has a series of responsibilities. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that businesses achieve their sales objectives with high customer satisfaction. Business owners rely on the insight provided by these professionals to promote their business.

Below you will find an IT professional’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Develops Business Opportunities

As a sales agent, it is your responsibility to conduct market research and discover new opportunities. You will be responsible for providing intelligence to business owners of any new market trends that will make them competitive.

Provides Technical Consultation

As a professional, you will be responsible for providing clients with valuable insights into their products and services. It is your job to advise any client on the best installation, servicing, and upgrades for their technology.

Engages with Customers

As an IT sales professional, you will be dealing with customers firsthand. You will need to negotiate prices, payments, and contracts. You are also responsible for maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Promotes New Products

As an IT sales professional, you will be responsible for driving sales by promoting any new products and services by the clients. Your job is to ensure all sales objectives are met.

Essential IT Sales Professional Skills

To be a successful IT sales professional, you must have a good combination of knowledge and expertise. In the sales industry, you may not require a degree as much as communication skills to succeed.

Below are the skills that can land you a job as an IT sales professional.

Research Skills

Without business intelligence, you cannot drive any sales. Your research skills will determine how much profit you can create for the company. You should have in-depth knowledge of the analytical tools necessary to retrieve reliable information.

Conflict Management and Resolution Skills

As a sales professional, you will encounter a lot of different personalities. It is very easy to find yourself amid conflict with clients, stakeholders, sales teams, or management. To be a successful practitioner, you cannot afford to lack expertise in conflict resolution or management.

Communication Skills

In this profession, you must be a good communicator. Other IT professionals may not require you to have any communication skills, but it is inevitable in the world of sales.

If you listen keenly to the clients’ issues, you will be able to recommend effective solutions for the existing problem. It will also help you maintain relationships for the long term, resulting in brand loyalty.

Tech Savviness

As a sales representative in the IT industry, having extensive knowledge about IT products and services is vital. This background knowledge will allow you to offer reliable advice during consultation. It will also keep you abreast of any innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Social Media Skills

You should be able to safeguard the brand of the company online. Make sure that there is excellent customer interaction and a fast response rate. If you are knowledgeable about using social media insights, you can easily streamline your sales focus to a specific niche. Get to know the best practices in Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Time Management

As much as the company you are working for is a priority in your life, you need a proper work-life balance. It is your role to ensure you are not deprived of rest. Having proper time management skills will ensure you have ample time required for high performance at work and personal time.

How to Become an IT
Sales Professional: A Step-by-Step Guide

We took the initiative to compile an easy step-by-step guide to help you launch your career. This guide features the education path and job experience you will need to succeed in the IT industry.


Get a High School Diploma

You must finish high school to land a job in sales. Some companies only require a GED or a high school diploma for the advertised sales positions. If you can learn about new products and expertly demonstrate their purpose to potential clients, you have a good chance of thriving in sales.


Get an Associate Degree

A two-year associate degree will prepare you for an IT sales role. If you want to become an IT sales rep, pursuing an associate degree online or in person is the only requirement most hiring companies seek. This degree will also prepare you for a four-year bachelor’s program.


Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

If you want to have an easier time during your job search, get a bachelor’s degree online or on campus. The IT industry is highly competitive, and professionals tend to have expertise in multiple areas. Getting a bachelor’s degree can easily set you apart during the recruiting process.


Get a Master’s Degree

This step is not necessary to land a job in IT sales. However, if you want to be a top IT sales leader in the company, pursuing a master’s degree online or in person is recommended. This degree program will take you through the proper training on leadership and management to take on any managerial role.


Land a Job

Getting a job is the best course of action to gain practical skills and experience. An IT sales job will help you develop a hands-on perspective when it comes to sales and IT. At this point, you can seek a manager role in any IT company or otherwise.


Continuing Education

The IT industry is relatively dynamic. Market trends and products change every day. It is your responsibility to ensure you are ahead of the curve by attending additional classes. These classes will offer training opportunities for new concepts and practices.

How Long Does It Take to Become an IT Sales Professional?

Becoming an IT sales professional will only take you two years if you attend a community college or a trade school. If you want to increase your annual average salary, you should consider attending a four-year degree program in IT sales.

Should You Become an IT Sales Professional in 2021?

If you know how to turn potential customers into sales, you should consider becoming an IT sales professional. Your sales skills combined with good knowledge of IT products and services can set you up for life.

With more and more businesses producing IT products and services, your job outlook is undeniably stellar. Get to learn the IT sales process by attending any of the mentioned education paths this year.

IT Sales Professional FAQ

How many hours does an IT sales professional work?

The number of working hours varies from one IT sales rep to the next. You can easily change your schedule to meet the company’s sales objectives. You can choose to work overtime or a few hours in the week to achieve those objectives.

What questions should I ask in an IT sales professional interview?

Before signing up for the job position, it is highly recommended that you also make inquiries about the job. You can ask the reasons for the vacant position, the challenges of the job, and the job expectations.

What do you reply if you are asked for reasons to be hired in an IT sales professional interview?

Take this opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Make sure that you correlate the information with the data provided in the job description. This will show the recruiting team your ability to pay attention to detail and preparedness.

When should I apply for a promotion as an IT sales professional?

Most top managerial jobs require at least five years of experience for interested applicants. The more experience you have as an IT sales professional, the higher your chances of becoming an IT sales manager.

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