Finding the Best Online Computer Networking Courses in 2021

Tech careers are constantly growing worldwide, allowing more people to find jobs and better salaries. One of the topics with excellent projections for the coming years is computer networking. It is also known as network engineering or computer network architecture.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer network job opportunities are projected to increase by five percent between 2019 and 2029. If you want to enter this lucrative field, check out our list of the best online computer networking courses in 2021. Learn about each program, benefits, costs, and more.

What Is Computer Networking?

Computer networking refers to maintaining functional connectivity in technical services in a company, specifically communication systems. These include calls, videos, voice, and wireless networks. The person responsible for this task is called a network engineer or network administrator.

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Computer networking also includes infrastructure planning for networking and communication equipment within a company. This position requires technical skills and data analysis. A computer networking online course can help you learn what you need to know.

The Best Online Computer Networking Courses of 2021

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best computer networking courses currently available online. The information on prices and course requirements comes from the official websites of each institution. Before selecting an option, check the terms and conditions of the registration with the provider.

Introduction to Computer Network for Non-Techies by Alton Hardin

Price: $9.99
Length: 15 hours
Certificate: No

To start your journey as a computer network engineer, consider taking this Udemy course created by Alton Hardin. In just 15 hours, you will learn the fundamental concepts of computers, operating systems, hardware, and everything about IT systems. The only requirement for the program is to have minimal computer science experience.

This course is designed for beginners who want to take their first steps into more advanced areas. Some course topics include IP addressing and subnetting, topologies, routers, network security, network planning and design, switches, TCP/IP models, and OSI.

IP Addressing for Beginners - CCNA Preparation by Armin Sarajlic

Price: $9.99
Length: 1 hour
Certificate: No

This short course is available on the Udemy website. IP Addressing for Beginners is a preparation program for Cisco certifications. The structure and content of the course were created by Armin Sarajlic, a software engineer with hardware experience. In this program, you will have access to four video classes.

Some of the things you will learn in this course include IP addressing fundamentals, binary to decimal conversion, private and public IP addresses, static and dynamic IP addresses, domain, IPv6 Addresses, and much more.

Cisco Networking Academy by Cisco

Price: Free
Length: 215 hours
Certificate: No

Cisco Networking Academy, also known as NetAcad, is a Cisco platform that offers education in many IT systems and computer network security. If you choose the self-paced option, the course is completely free.

You can start a 70-hour program called Networking Essentials. One of the benefits of this program is that Cisco offers constant technical support and comprehensive guides for a complete educational experience.

Computer Networks for Beginners | IT Networking Fundamentals by Edoreal Learning Solutions

Price: Free
Length: 1 hour
Certificate: No

The Indian startup Edoreal Learning Solutions, in charge of advising and teaching software engineering students, has an introductory course on the Skillshare platform. This program for beginners consists of a one-hour video class where you will learn the fundamentals of IT and computer networks.

More than 1,000 students have participated in this short course. The content includes topics such as TCP/IP models, multiplexing, circuit switching, and others.

Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass by EpicPython Academy

Price: $9.99
Length: 16 hours
Certificate: Yes

EpicPython Academy is an online school dedicated to teaching Python programming and networking. The Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass course is available on Udemy for people with experience in this field. This course is advanced, and the content is exclusively for professionals.

For the course, you will need to know the basic notions of programming, have access to the Internet, and download the educational contents of the program. You will have access to introductory phases and professional exercises to evaluate your performance as a computer network program.

Computer Networking by Georgia Tech

Price: Free
Length: 3 months
Certificate: No

Udacity offers a unique course called Computer Networking created by Georgia Tech. This intermediate program includes content from the institute’s online master’s degree, although it does not use credits from the degree. During the three-month course, you’ll learn about types of networks, routing algorithms, traffic engineering, and network security.

One of the advantages of this program is that professionals from the industry lead the modules, which helps students understand real-world topics. The course curriculum includes introductory phases, exams, and technical issues such as internet protocols and IP addressing.

The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking by Google

Price: Free
Length: 34 hours
Certificate: Yes, for a fee

If you are a beginner in computer networking, you should consider taking The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking, a course from Google via Coursera. This introductory course has been accessed by two million students worldwide thanks to its practical and educational curriculum.

This online program helps you understand the fundamentals of computer networking from the beginning. Additionally, Google experts created educational videos with subtitles in more than ten languages. This program belongs to a Google field called Google Career Certificates, specialized in platform services and data processing.

Networking in Google Cloud by Google

Price: Free to Enroll
Length: 3 months
Certificate: Yes, with a fee

If you are learning about computer networks and want to access professional content, you should check out Networking in Google Cloud, a Google course published on Coursera. The free program has about 31,000 students worldwide and helps you understand vital concepts of the field.

This course certificate teaches cloud computing, Google App Engine, Virtual Private Cloud, DNS, and much more. The schedule is flexible and all virtual classes are available in six languages. A certificate can be published on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Deep Learning: Convolutional Networks in Python by Lazy Programmer Inc.

Price: $14.99
Length: 12 hours
Certificate: Yes

If you are looking for a high-level course with advanced professional content, check out this option from Udemy. Lazy Programmer Inc. published this course that has helped more than 20,000 computer networking professionals improve their professional skills. The system consists of a 12-hour program divided into 16 lessons and 78 classes.

In the program, you will learn general concepts such as local area network to advanced machine learning topics, CNNs, and multiclass classification. To start this course, you need experience in mathematics and programming with tools such as Python, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

Networking Foundations: IP Addressing by LinkedIn Learning

Price: $34.99
Length: Depends on the option
Certificate: Yes

LinkedIn Learning developed a particular program called Networking Foundations: IP Addressing. This course consists of a free introductory video, which explains the concepts of computer networking quickly. To enter the whole class, you must pay $34.99, a rate that may change depending on your location.

In the program’s curriculum, you will see information about CIDR Aggregation, TCP IP, IP Addressing, internet protocols, and other services such as DNS, DHCP, and NAT. The paid course teaches you problem-solving skills, a fundamental aspect of any job in the tech industry.

Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies by The Linux Foundation

Price: Free
Length: 14 weeks
Certificate: Yes, with a fee

If you want an online course with flexible hours, pay attention to Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies. This introductory program includes courses on software-defined networking, open-source network operating systems, and automated networking tasks.

One of the advantages of this free online course is that you can set your own pace for learning. The experts of the platform advise investing three to four hours per week. If you want to access exclusive content, you can take advanced paid courses. To start this program, you’ll need minimal experience in computer networking.

Introduction to Networking for Complete Beginners by Marius Kuriata

Price: Free
Length: 2 hours
Certificate: No

Introduction to Networking for Complete Beginners is an introductory course created by Marius Kuriata, an expert in IT systems and related areas. This course has taught more than 200,000 students worldwide. The program is available on Udemy and teaches topics like wireless networks, network connectivity, and firewall roles.

The information in this program helps you enter Cisco courses to obtain a license as a computer network architect. This course is primarily for beginners, especially those who wish to begin a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related fields.

Computer Network Security from Scratch to Advanced by Mohammad Adly

Price: $10.99
Length: 8 hours
Certificate: Yes

The best way to go from a novice to a professional level is with the Mohammad Adly course, available on Udemy. This eight-hour program shows you the fundamentals of network security to complex topics, such as firewalls and honeypots, ISO/OSI models, and physical security and incident handling.

The requirements for this course are Internet access, a Windows computer, use of Microsoft PowerPoint, beginner cyber security information, and fundamentals of computer science. You will receive a certificate of completion.

Computer Communications Specialization by the University of Colorado

Price: Free to enroll
Length: 3 months
Certificate: Yes, with a fee

The University of Colorado created this three-month course to teach students about computer communications and related topics. This program published on Coursera helps you understand the skills required for network protocol design and programming.

According to Coursera data, 33 percent of students started a career after completing the program. The schedule is flexible so you can enter classes based on your own needs. In addition, the course is available in several languages.

Computer Fundamentals: Networking by Vlad Catrinescu

Price: Free
Length: 2 hours
Certificate: Yes

Computer Fundamentals is a program created by Vlad Catrinescu, an Office 365 consultant and IT professional. The course published in Pluralsight offers an essential preparation on the concepts of networking and connectivity.

You can access the basic program with a 10-day free trial or access the intensive course, which also offers a certificate and advanced content in this field.

What Do Computer Networking Courses Cover?

In a computer networking course, you will learn basic concepts of software and the definitions of each function or work tool. You will also have access to resources such as guides or short videos. A vital feature of a beginner course is low prices because many offers are free.

The content of the online courses depends on the providers and the target audience. Some intermediate and advanced courses have a more extensive repertoire for students. These programs last between 24 hours and three months, although some professional certifications can take up to a year.

Advanced courses can include longer classes, personalized videos, technical exams, advanced topics, ebooks, access to excellent job tools, hiring alliances, and many other benefits. Almost all of these programs are paid.

How to Choose the Best Computer Networking Course

Cost, content, and reputation are the three most important things to consider when choosing a computer networking course online. If you decide to learn these skills from the Internet, you should invest your time and money wisely.


Considering the price is essential when making any investment. Before choosing a program, consider the average costs and the margins between similar courses. You can get top-notch material for free and mediocre courses at high prices in the online learning industry.

Course Content

Computer network architecture includes many topics, so before choosing a course, make sure that the program meets your needs. Within online course platforms, you can find introductory programs that cover the fundamentals of the career. You can also access more advanced options if you already work in the field.

Program Reputation

The evaluation of the schools is a critical characteristic in determining the success of your offers. Before choosing a course, take a look at feedback from graduates, active students, faculty, and companies. You can see the institute’s ratings in opinion forums, digital reviews, and course ranking platforms.

Computer Networking Certifications

Professional certification is a great way to validate your knowledge in this field. In addition, many companies require these documents to hire new employees or promote their workers to better ranks.

Another benefit of certifications is that they help you have a globally accepted resume, enabling you to get a job quickly wherever you are. Take a look below at the computer networking certifications that you can get.

Cisco IT Certifications

Cisco is a leading tech company offering multi-level certifications for aspiring network architects. This is one of the most famous licenses in this industry.

You can first access the CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate). Then you can get the CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Professional), which focuses on preparing and evaluating applicants on infrastructure and digital facilities issues.

Finally, you can take the CCAr (Cisco Certified Architect) and obtain an international license.

CompTIA Network+

Network+ is a CompTIA certification created for IT workers, especially network engineers. To receive this license, you must pass exams on the installation, operation, and maintenance of IT systems. This is one of the most common certifications in the computer networking field, so it is a great choice.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

The VMware certification is designed for network architects with at least six months of industry experience. For this license, you need to pass digital systems installation, administration, and backup tests. Additionally, the company assesses your data management skills.

Next Steps After Finishing Your Course

After finishing your course, you will be a qualified computer network engineer. The best way to continue with this professional path is to fully access more specialized programs to cover a full network architect profile.

A course is an efficient strategy to enter the industry with better skills. In addition, it allows graduates of computer science or software engineering to expand their curriculum. If you don’t get have a degree, you can get your bachelor’s or master’s degree online.

Freelancers specializing in IT systems and computer science have many opportunities to succeed in remote work platforms thanks to digitization companies. You can use this opportunity to get more work experience and apply for more permanent jobs in the future.

The Bottomline

Updating or increasing your career skills is a fantastic idea, especially as the demand for digital services grows. Free and paid courses improve your technical ability and your professional level.

The Internet makes knowledge more attainable than ever. You can access unlimited content and turn knowledge into job offers or ideas to start your business. The time is now to take an online computer networking course and become a computer network architect or engineer.

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