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Coding Courses in 2021

Joining a coding course online is an excellent way to advance your career. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of part-time programs without the need to move to a different city. Moreover, having programming skills will provide you with career opportunities in the tech sector.

Many schools offer online programs to help students keep their jobs and lifestyles while learning a new skill. We have created this in-depth guide to help you find the best online coding courses out there.

What Is Coding?

Coding is essentially a communication method between humans and computers. We use programming languages like Python, HTML, SQL, and CSS to tell computers what we want them to do.

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Coding is a fundamental skill in many computer science professions like software engineering and mobile app development. Essential coding concepts that you should familiarize yourself with include computer languages, algorithms, and frameworks.

The Best Online Coding Courses of 2021

Demand for online coding courses has been on the rise due to their low tuition costs. In addition, many online courses boast high-quality curricula because they are created by top educational institutions like Columbia University and Harvard. This makes them even more appealing to students.

However, with so many quality online classes out there, it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the best online coding courses out there.

Introduction to Programming by Skillshare

Price: Free basic membership for 14 days. Premium is $19 per month
Length: 22 minutes
Certificate: No

The best way to start your journey into learning how to code is to attend an introductory course. Skillshare offers a short course called Introduction to Programming, where you will learn basic coding concepts.

You’ll write your first C program and learn about header files, libraries, compiling, and running a C file. Through hands-on projects, this course will help you grasp the process of compiling a C program.

Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development by Udemy

Price: Free
Length: 63 hours
Certificate: No

HTML and CSS are the pillars of web development. This course will help you understand how they work and how you can leverage them. You will learn how to build a website from scratch and add images, among other features. It is 100 percent online and gives you unlimited access to all videos and downloadable resources.

Java Programming Masterclass Exams for Software Developers By Udemy

Price: $12.99
Length: 80 hours
Certificate: Yes

Java is another core programming language used in web and mobile development. This introductory course provided by Udemy will give you the general skills needed to master Java.

You will learn how to implement the Spring Framework, Java EE, and Android development techniques in 80 hours. This course features coding exercises, unlimited access to the classes, and a certificate at the end of the program to validate the skills you learned.

2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python by Udemy

Price: $11.99
Length: 22 hours
Certificate: Yes

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and it is a good skill to have because of its many applications. You can use it for software development, automation systems, and data science.

This Python course by Udemy covers essential topics like object-oriented programming, timestamps, and the Jupyter Notebook system. This course is available for remote students and provides you with hands-on practice exercises to develop your coding skills.

Learn JavaScript by Codecademy

Price: Free
Length: 30 hours
Certificate: Certificate of completion available with Pro membership ($15.99/month)

Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a core language of web development. This popular programming language makes websites more dynamic by enabling animations and is a key skill to master as a web developer.

JavaScript is essentially front end, but you can become a full stack software engineer by using a framework called node.js, which allows you to work on the server-side.

Codecademy offers a JavaScript course that will help you master JavaScript. You will learn how to build games, interactive websites, and applications with this programming language. This program will guide you through the process of using arrays, loops, conditionals, and functions.

PHP Tutorial: PHP/MySQL for Beginners by Udemy

Price: 15.99
Length: 30 hours
Certificate: Yes

If you want to master backend languages, this course is for you. MySQL and PHP are two of the most relevant server-side programming languages in the industry. They’re both open-source, free, and used to manage databases in software and websites. Together, they can create a powerful web development foundation.

This Udemy course will help you understand MySQL and PHP so that you can work with user interfaces and databases. The course covers everything from simple PHP commands to more advanced database applications. Each lesson is followed by a lab exercise that will help you retain what you have learned.

Learn Python 2 by Codecademy

Price: Free
Length: 30 hours
Certificate: Certificate of completion available with Pro membership ($15.99/month)

Code Academy also offers an online Python course that dives into the most fundamental principles of Python. You will learn about Python syntax, lists, loops, and functions working on projects that you can use for your portfolio.

This is an introductory course, but, by the time you are finished, you will be comfortable creating programs in Python. After this course, you can join another Python course in Codecademy to reinforce the skills you’ve acquired.

Programming for Everybody by Coursera

Price: Free
Length: 19 hours
Certificate: Yes

This free introductory course in programming is created by the University of Michigan and led by Professor Charles Russel Severance. The goal is to teach the student to develop apps with Python. This course covers core elements of the web and software development process including variables, loops, and functions.

Learn Ruby on Rails by Codecademy

Price: Free
Length: 10 hours
Certificate: Certificate of completion available with Pro membership ($15.99/month)

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework to develop static web applications. Many companies, like Hulu and Airbnb, used this framework to build their websites. This Codecademy course will help you develop a good understanding of Ruby on Rails in just 10 hours.

You will learn about saving data and associations by working on eight full-fledged web applications. The curriculum covers the MVC design pattern and how to communicate with databases to persist data. In this course, you will also practice other key web development skills such as HTML, CSS, and object-oriented programming.

iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp by Udemy

Price: $11.99
Length: 59 hours
Certificate: Yes

Demand for mobile development skills is on the rise because people spend more time on their mobile devices than on the computer. This means companies are investing heavily in mobile development. It’s also important to mention that iOS developers earn more than their Android counterparts, according to ZipRecruiter.

This Udemy course will train you to master iOS development with Swift. This is an intermediate-level program that will teach you about machine learning applied to iOS apps and SwiftUI, Apple’s latest UI framework. You’ll even learn how to build augmented reality apps using Apple’s ARKit.

Full Stack Web Development for Beginners - Part 1: HTML, CSS, Responsive Design by Skillshare

Price: Free basic membership for 14 days. Premium is $19 per month
Length: 5 hours, 36 minutes
Certificate: No

Full-stack developers work on both the front end and backend of an application. These professionals earn higher salaries because the job requires more preparation and effort. According to Indeed, full-stack developers earn an average of $113,349 per year. Some earn as much as $150,000.

This full-stack web development course will teach you how to create websites that run smoothly. You will learn how to use HTML and CSS, and study semantic elements. By the end of this course, you will have mastered responsive design.

Data Science and Machine Learning with R Masterclass by Skillshare

Price: Free basic membership for 14 days. Premium is $19 per month
Length: 28 hours, 14 minutes
Certificate: No

R is a programming language used for analytical processes and a strong computer programming tool for forecasting. This R programming course offered by Skillshare will guide you on how to use R Studio, R vectors, and variables. You will also master data decision-making, data frames, and data visualization with R.

Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages by Khan Academy

Price: Free
Length: N/A
Certificate: No

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of courses in different fields like chemistry and computer science. This course serves as a great introduction to programming that will equip you with basic programming skills.

Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages covers the basics of HTML and CSS. You will do a deep dive into HTML tags, CSS text properties, web development tools, and CSS layout, among other topics. The course is free but donations to keep the platform running are welcomed. Khan Academy does not offer certificates of completion.

Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data by Khan Academy

Price: Free
Length: N/A
Certificate: No

Khan Academy also offers an introductory course on SQL. This course is perfect for those who want to create data-backed websites. You will learn how to manage databases and become acquainted with relational queries in SQL.

By the end of this course, you will be able to design your own databases and organize data efficiently using SQL. Like all other classes on this platform, this course is remote and has a flexible schedule.

Front-End Engineer by Codecademy

Price: Free
Length: 350 hours
Certificate: Certificate of completion available with Pro membership ($15.99/month)

Codecademy also offers a front end engineering course that covers basic and intermediate concepts in software engineering. You will learn how to use tools like React, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and Redux.

This online course dives into design fundamentals to help you create attractive designs. Codecademy also prepares you for job interviews and helps you write a killing resume. You’ll finish your course with crucial hard and soft skills to get a job in tech.

What Do Coding Courses Cover?

Coding courses cover different topics depending on their focus area. After all, there are many types of programming, including web development, mobile development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and game development.

Some programs focus on a particular coding language, like HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, or JavaScript. Others may cover multiple languages at once. You will likely learn about frameworks, which are programming environments to build applications. Others will also teach you design fundamentals for front-end engineering.

How to Choose the Best Coding Course

Before settling on a specific course or platform, there are several factors that you should carefully consider. Below, we have outlined some of them.


A certificate is a good way to demonstrate you have completed a particular course of study. Some schools give you a certificate of completion for free; others will charge you a fee. Yet others do not provide any certificate at all.


Most courses on this list have a relatively low cost, ranging from $9 to $15. However, you will sometimes find non-profit organizations like Khan Academy that offer these programs for free. Consider which price point you are comfortable with but don’t assume that paid courses are better than free ones.


Before signing up for a course, confirm that the curriculum covers the topics you need for your career in programming. While some courses only touch on basic concepts, others go a step further and equip with more advanced skills.

Coding Certifications

Unlike other careers, you don’t need any license or certification to start working as a programmer. However, there are some certifications that prove that you are a qualified professional developer. Below are some of the most relevant programming credentials.

C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA)

This certification awarded by the C++ Institute shows that you are competent in the semantics and syntax of the C programming language. To pass the examination, you must have a good grasp of data types, libraries, and functions. You will have to score 70 percent or more to obtain this credential. The exam costs $295.

Microsoft Technology Associate Developer

The Microsoft Technology Associate Developer certification is offered by Microsoft and proves that you can build Microsoft software such as computer programs, mobile apps, and games.

There are different exams that you can take to earn different certifications. For example, you can earn a Software Development Fundamentals certification by passing Exam 361 or an HTML5 App Development Fundamentals certification by passing Exam 375. Both of these exams cost $127.

CompTIA Security+

This certification focuses on the security aspect of software development. Passing this exam demonstrates that you have cyber security, software development, and encryption skills. This is a more advanced credential and passing the exam requires more than a couple of years of experience and preparation. The exam costs $370.

Next Steps After Finishing Your Course

Many of the courses in this list are introductory, so once you complete them, you should expand your knowledge by attending a more in-depth program. You could even consider pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree at a university.

Moreover, you should practice coding on a daily basis to build a strong foundation. This will make it easier to understand complex topics in advanced courses.

The Bottomline

In this article, we’ve covered a variety of coding courses. They are a great starting point for a career in programming and will help you decide if coding is for you. Most of the courses on this list are held fully online, are self-paced, and have a low price tag.

This means almost anyone can take them. If you are considering a career as a programmer, there is really no excuse not to take one and see if you can indeed become a programmer.

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