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Would you like to become a data scientist or a business analyst? We’ve compiled a list of the best online SQL bootcamps to jumpstart your career in tech. These top SQL bootcamps offer training for students who aspire to develop exceptional analytical skills.

Find out why SQL is important in starting a career in data science or business intelligence. These 10 online SQL bootcamps provide adequate training opportunities. Find out the tuition, curriculum details, and bootcamp job placement rates.

Quick Facts About the Best Online SQL Bootcamps

School Name Tuition Length
CareerFoundry $8,800 8 months
The Data Incubator $10,000 8 weeks
DevMountain $7,900 16 weeks
Divergence Academy $17,000 10 or 20 weeks
Galvanize $17,980 Self-paced
General Assembly $15,950 (full-time)
$3,950 (part-time)
Noble Desktop $975 18 hours
Springboard $8,400 6 months
Thinkful $12,240 4 months full-time
6 months part-time
UC San Diego Extension
Boot Camps
$725 2 months

The Top 10 Online SQL Bootcamps of 2021

SQL is one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. Learning SQL will set you up for a wide range of opportunities in tech. Read below to learn more about the best online SQL bootcamps to spearhead your career.

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The benefits of a CareerFoundry bootcamp include mentorship sessions, career services, and coaching. If you want a program that is flexible and effective, you should consider attending CareerFoundry’s bootcamp in data analytics.

CareerFoundry is popular due to its high job placement rate. According to its official website, this school has a 96 percent job placement rate within 180 days of graduation. Graduates work for top tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

The data analytics program will get beginners job-ready in a matter of months. The school designed a project-based curriculum to help students cover all essentials of data analytics and SQL. You will master SQL and Python, which are key coding languages in data analytics.

The Data Incubator will help jumpstart your tech career by providing adequate training. The school provides a combination of live lectures, small class sizes, and a project-based curriculum to adequately equip students with SQL skills.

In the data analytics program, you will learn how to use SQL to extract and evaluate data from different databases. You will also learn how to integrate it with Python. The general curriculum will take you through data communication, data wrangling, and machine learning.

To attend the Data Incubator’s data analytics program, you must pay $10,000. If you cannot pay the whole amount upfront, you should consider taking advantage of the bootcamp’s Data Analytics Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship is designed for women, veterans, marginalized communities, and LGBTQ+ students.

The data analytics program at DevMountain covers all the bases for data analysis tools, processes, and best practices. You will learn Python, SQL, pandas, data modeling, data cleansing, and data visualization.

DevMountain combines a comprehensive curriculum, relatively inexpensive tuition, and extensive career support. The school will help you upskill or land a new job successfully.

In addition to the coursework, you will complete a capstone project before graduating. Once you complete the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you’re looking for a comprehensive curriculum and an immersive learning experience, DevMountain will not let you down.

Divergence Academy provides learning opportunities to students who want to become product managers, web developers, or data scientists. It features academic, career, and job placement services. If you choose Divergence Academy, you will surely land a job after your training.

The data science immersive will help you land a job as a database administrator or a project analyst. The course features the basics of SQL and will help you develop the foundation you need to explore more complex data programming languages.

You will learn how to use SQL, work with the server database, issue SQL commands, and transfer data or files to different database management systems. It’s a complete SQL bootcamp that will help you familiarize yourself with Oracle, DB2, and MySQL databases.

Galvanize features a series of educational paths for students who want to start careers in technology. The school provides software engineering and data science courses online and in person. You can choose to attend an immersive course or a bootcamp prep, depending on your skill level.

If you want to learn SQL, you should consider signing up for the data science online immersive. The expert instructors will help you learn SQL, Python, and machine learning skills necessary for a career in data science.

General Assembly provides a remote SQL bootcamp to help students master various skills to succeed in tech. You will master SQL commands and functions that are essential in data collection, data analysis, and data cleaning of large data sets.

The program will also help you develop a proper perspective in utilizing data to make business decisions. This means you will also learn data visualization and creating dashboards to present to relevant stakeholders.

The beginner-friendly program does not require you to have any knowledge of SQL. You will have initial access to three hours worth of pre-work. After you are done, you can take on the online class. The class mimics the same benefits as an on-campus program.

You can master SQL by attending the Noble Desktop SQL course online or in New York City. The bootcamp specializes in transforming tech professionals into experts in the field. This short bootcamp can help you land a job in tech.

You will master different concepts such as data types, tables, and search queries. You will also learn how to combine different amounts of data from different tables using join statements. In addition, you will cover subqueries and timestamp functions.

The school allows students to retake the program in case they are not confident in their skills. If you decide to retake the online course, it will be free. You can also consider taking up the SQL server bootcamp, which costs $915 to upskill after completing this program.

The SQL bootcamp will help you develop a solid foundation in different concepts. As most companies move towards data-driven business practices, learning SQL at Noble Desktop is a fantastic choice.

Springboard has fantastic opportunities that help students develop skills to maneuver in the tech industry. At Springboard, you will find aspiring data scientists, business intelligence analysts, data engineers, machine learning engineers, data analysts, cyber security engineers, cyber security analysts, UX designers, and software engineers.

If you want a tech career, you should put Springboard at the top of your list. The school can help students build successful careers. You will complete a capstone project for your portfolio.

In addition to programming languages and tools, you will also learn best programming practices. By attending the program, you will come out a well-rounded professional in the field. You will learn data visualization, social network analysis, predictive statistics, R for statistical analysis, and big data.

The data analytics program from Thinkful guarantees a learning experience that allows you to explore your technical and soft skills. Through the program, you will learn Excel, Tableau, Python, and statistical analysis.

The program is known to help students become research analysts, data journalists, marketing analysts, or business intelligence analysts. Through the mentorship program, students can develop exceptional career choices toward their dream job.

Take advantage of Thinkful’s flexible tuition payment plans. You can choose to cover your fee upfront. However, if it will be too strenuous, you can choose to pay in monthly installments, defer the tuition fee, or through the Ascent Loan provider.

UC San Diego Extension has a strong reputation. It can give you a university-level learning experience in only a couple of weeks.

UC San Diego Extension’s Introduction to SQL Programming will help give you the proper foundation for a successful career. You will learn basic SQL operators. If you want to become a database administrator, this will be an exceptional program.

What Can You Learn at an Online SQL Bootcamp?

What Can You Learn at an Online SQL Bootcamp?

At an SQL bootcamp, you can learn SQL fundamentals, MySQL, and more. An exceptional SQL course will give you hands-on experience to land a job as a database administrator or SQL developer. Take a look at the major takeaways to look for in SQL programs.


A good program will help you learn the theoretical and practical areas of SQL. You will get to run queries through databases to establish the presence of an error in your code. It will also help you fix the issue at hand. Instructors should help you learn how to improve your code.

Data Sets

An effective SQL program will help you learn how to solve real-world problems. The course should be instrumental in dealing with various data sets. You should receive training on how to integrate new databases or data sets in a table.

SQL Operators

You must learn how to add, subtract, multiply or divide data on a table. These are referred to as SQL operators. They determine the actions on the table. Whether you want to add or delete a user or information, an SQL operator is vital. There are SQL arithmetic operators, SQL comparison operators, SQL compound operators, and SQL logical operators.

What to Look for in Online SQL Bootcamps

There are plenty of online programs offering courses on SQL. It can be overwhelming to select the best platform to learn industry-standard skills. The list below will help you narrow down the list of the top 10 SQL bootcamps to the most suitable one for you.

Graduation Rates

You should research the rate at which students graduate from the bootcamp you’re interested in. This information will indicate the quality of education, the commitment of the instructors, and the effectiveness of the curriculum.

Payment Options

Check whether the SQL bootcamp features multiple tuition payment plans for students. Most of the bootcamps listed above do provide various flexible payments and scholarship options.

Some coding bootcamps offer income share agreements (ISAs). These plans allow students to attend the bootcamp for free and pay once they have landed a job. There is often a particular threshold for each bootcamp when it comes to the amount paid back.

Other fantastic tuition payment plan options are monthly installments, deferred tuition payments, or GI bills. There are also SQL bootcamp that offer students scholarships and allow government aid.

Career Services

Instead of spending months trying to land an opportunity at your popular tech firm, go for a bootcamp that features career services. Career services are exceptional at helping students land jobs after they graduate. These sessions train students to develop a proper perspective of the industry. It also helps them develop soft skills relevant to their career choice.

Post-Bootcamp Salaries

The best SQL bootcamps have alumni earning high salaries. If you want to earn more money in the industry, consider the reputation of the program’s graduates. You can easily determine the capability of a bootcamp by checking the average salary of the graduates.

Mentorship Programs

There are a few SQL bootcamps that offer students mentorship sessions in addition to career support. These mentorship programs are essential to help the student develop a sense of direction in the industry. The expert mentors are usually practitioners from the industry with extensive experience.

Online Learning vs In-Person Bootcamps

Online programs are different from in-person programs simply because they are virtual. The online courses help students to save on transport and accommodation. They also give an excellent opportunity to working professionals to work in tandem study. In most cases, you can still access career services and networking opportunities.

Are Online SQL Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, online SQL bootcamps are worth it. They allow students to upskill while still maintaining their regular schedules. Students can access the learning platforms from wherever they are as long as they have stable internet access.

If you want a career as a data scientist, business analyst, database administrator, or researcher, you should enroll in an SQL bootcamp.

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