Finding the Best Online Machine Learning Courses in 2021

Machine learning offers automation of activities that facilitate the work of engineers and scientists. If you want to take a machine learning course, there are many online courses available.

Here you will find some of the best online machine learning courses in 2021.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a field of computer science that deals with giving computer systems the ability to learn from data. It has many practical applications in jobs and projects. Through machine learning, machines can learn from data and predict future outcomes without human intervention.

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Analyzing datasets and drawing conclusions are more challenging without using machine learning. It’s even harder to make predictions without the use of technology. Algorithms can detect behavior patterns by using variables that we provide to return valuable results.

The Best Online Machine Learning Courses of 2021

Machine learning is one of the biggest innovations of the century. Learning about this topic can enhance your skills and help you find a good job. Below you will see how this computer science discipline works and discover some of the best courses available.

Learn the Basics of Machine Learning by Codecademy

Price: $15.99/month
Length: 20 hours
Certificate: Yes

Codecademy is an interactive platform that offers courses on, among other topics, programming languages like Python, R, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, and CSS​​.

Learn the Basics of Machine Learning covers the foundational machine learning algorithms to help you analyze a dataset. If you’re a data analyst trying to upgrade your skills, this course is a great place to start. To join the course, you should be comfortable with Python, including its functions and controlling flow, lists, and loops.

Machine Learning by Coursera

Price: Free
Length: 11 weeks
Certificate: Yes, for $79

This course is offered by Stanford University through Coursera. The teacher is Andrew Ng, a Stanford professor and co-founder of the popular learning platform. Ng structured the course for beginners and it is quite easy to follow.

In this course, you will learn about supervised and unsupervised learning with the help of various examples and exercises. You will improve your understanding of all the mathematics behind algorithms. You will also learn to use Octave, a great tool to test these algorithms.

Machine Learning for All by Coursera

Price: Free
Length: Four weeks
Certificate: Yes, for $49

Machine Learning for All is another course you can find on Coursera. Offered through the University of London, it is designed to help you understand the basic concepts of machine learning. Its goal is to guide you through a machine learning project.

You don’t need any programming skills to take the course. Because it is designed for beginners, the course covers the basics of programming and machine learning.

Machine Learning for Everyone by Datacamp

Price: $12.42/month
Length: Two hours
Certificate: Yes

This is one of the most basic courses offered by Datacamp. It is an introduction to machine learning with no coding involved. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of this field, identify the different types of machine learning, and evaluate and improve your models.

Lastly, you will learn about deep learning, beginning with neural networks. These exercises are interactive, exciting, and easy to follow. They will help you build a strong foundation upon which to build a career.

Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction by Edx

Price: $99
Length: Five weeks
Certificate: Yes

Edx was created by Harvard and MIT and hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. This introductory-level IBM course was developed to help students put their theoretical knowledge into practice through real-life examples and hands-on lab exercises.

This course will give you all the tools you need to understand supervised and unsupervised learning. You will also explore various popular algorithms as well as how statistical modeling relates to machine learning.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders by Fast.ai

Price: Free
Length: 12 weeks
Certificate: No

Fast.ai is a platform focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence that provides massive open online courses (MOOCs) for free. Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders is an excellent way to develop your programming skills.

You can enroll in this course if you have at least one year of coding experience and some knowledge of Python. The program is based on lessons recorded at the University of San Francisco for the Masters of Science in Data Science.

The course covers the most essential machine learning models and how to create them yourself. Additionally, you will become familiar with key skills in data preparation, model validation, and building data products.

Machine Learning with Python by FreeCodeCamp

Price: Free
Length: N/A
Certificate: Yes

FreeCodeCamp is an interactive platform where you can join any course for free. By completing FreeCodeCamp’s free and challenging projects, you will demonstrate your foundational knowledge of machine learning.

Machine Learning with Python focuses on the many practical applications of machine learning. You’ll use the TensorFlow framework to build several neural networks and explore more advanced techniques like natural language processing and reinforcement learning. You’ll dive into neural networks and learn the principles behind how deep, recurrent, and convolutional neural networks function.

Understanding Machine Learning with Python by Pluralsight

Price: $29/month
Length: 58 hours
Certificate: Yes

The Pluralsight website can be a great tool for software developers. You can attend its courses by paying a monthly fee of $29. Understanding Machine Learning aims to help you use your data to predict future events using machine learning.

This course will teach you how to create a machine learning prediction solution and introduce you to Python. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own projects. You need some software development and statistics background before you take the course.

How to Think About Machine Learning Algorithms by Pluralsight

Price: $29/month
Length: Three hours
Certificate: Yes

This course digs into machine learning applications in data science and programming, covering how you should approach machine learning algorithms. You will learn to model real-world situations by determining which approach to take to solve a problem. This includes classification, regression, clustering, or recommendation.

Additionally, you’ll learn to plug in a standard algorithm to solve the problem. At the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to recognize opportunities for machine learning applications.

Machine Learning Certification Course by Simplilearn

Price: $699
Length: 58 hours
Certificate: Yes

This online machine learning certification course offered by Simplilearn will provide you with the skills to become a machine learning engineer.

The course offers an in-depth look at machine learning concepts, including working with real-time data, developing algorithms using supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, and time series modeling. You’ll also learn how to use Python to draw predictions from data.

Machine Learning by SoloLearn

Price: Free
Length: N/A
Certificate: Yes

SoloLearn is a platform created to help you enhance your technical skills. It offers courses on machine learning and on how to learn to code efficiently, among other topics. In this course, will learn how to create the intelligent recommendation systems that power our daily lives.

Through evaluations and projects, you will learn many other things as well, from the basics of machine learning to the pros and cons of neural networks. The Decision Tree Model and the Random Forest Model are also covered.

Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

Price: Free
Length: 1 week
Certificate: No

Udacity is an educational organization that offers massive open online courses. In this course, you will learn the basics of machine learning as taught by industry professionals. This course is ideal for beginners.

In Intro to Machine Learning, you will learn through exercises and theory. It is a foundational course, so you don’t need any programming skills to join. After finishing the course, you can attend other courses offered by Udacity to develop your programming and coding skills.

Machine Learning by Udacity

Price: Free
Length: 4 months
Certificate: No

Udacity also offers the course Machine Learning, which is a compilation of three separate programs: Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning. It is part of Udacity’s Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree and Georgia Tech’s Online Master’s Degree (OMS).

Classes are composed of short videos taught by experts on the subject. You should have a good understanding of probability theory, linear algebra, and statistics to complete the course. Students should also have some experience in programming and understand neural networks.

Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 44 hours
Certificate: Yes

Designed by two professional data scientists, Udemy offers this course to guide you through complex theory, algorithms, and coding libraries in the simplest way. The required knowledge you need for this course is a high school-level understanding of mathematics. Through example exercises, you build your own models.

The course covers the basic concepts of the most complex theories, helping you to learn and practice algorithms in Python and R. It is a comprehensive curriculum that will bring your understanding of these two programming languages to the next level.

The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python by Udemy

Price: $94.99
Length: 17.5 hours
Certificate: Yes

This is the longest and best-rated machine learning course on Udemy. This hands-on course was designed to help students build powerful machine learning models for any problem. The teacher will guide you through each step of your learning journey, starting from the very beginning. By the end of this course, you will have a strong portfolio to show potential employers.

The Complete Machine Learning Course, which covers topics ranging from installing applications and creating environments to neural network revision, will help you master machine learning algorithms. Basic Python programming knowledge along with an understanding of linear algebra is necessary to succeed in this course.

What Do Machine Learning Courses Cover?

The vast majority of the courses recommended here cover everything from the most basic skills to programming languages like Python. By attending these courses, you will be able to build a portfolio of algorithms that you can utilize to solve different problems at work.

The most basic courses above have lax requirements. However, the more specialized ones require at least basic mathematics, statistics, and programming knowledge. All courses are taught in English, and some offer subtitles in other languages such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

How to Choose the Best Machine Learning Course

You should choose a course that can help you improve your career and that is interactive and easy to follow. It should cover the techniques available and the most common algorithms. Below are some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing a course.

Programming Languages and Libraries

Each course focuses on different open-source programming languages, like R or Python, and libraries. These libraries are free and easy to use.


The cost of the course varies depending on the number of topics covered and the resources and support available to students. Also, some courses might be free but will charge you for a certificate of completion.

Available Resources

Online courses are often accessible at any time and from anywhere. These courses often provide lectures and assignments to practice that are free or included in the cost of the course.

Machine Learning Certifications

To become a machine learning engineer, you don’t need a professional license. However, a certification can help you advance your career. There aren’t many of them in this industry, but some companies offer certifications that can make you a more attractive candidate.

This machine learning certification offered by Google proves you have fundamental skills like orchestrating machine learning pipelines, developing machine learning-driven applications, and managing data engineering infrastructure.

Understanding Amazon Web Services (AWS) is crucial these days if you want to be a successful machine learning engineer. Cloud services are more in-demand than ever, and you need to know how to apply your machine learning skills to cloud computing.

To earn this cloud computing certification, you will have to pass a 65-question exam that assesses your big data, data security, and machine learning knowledge as it applies to the AWS platform. The certification fee is $300.

TensorFlow is a tech tool that is often used in machine learning. This certification demonstrates you are proficient in areas like Python programming, machine learning models, and finding TensorFlow APIs. You must pass the five-hour certification exam and pay the $100 fee.

Next Steps After Finishing Your Course

A machine learning course will allow you to get a basic understanding of the different techniques and algorithms. However, you will have to practice on your own to get the most of your education and to continue learning other data science principles, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

It is also highly recommended to take more advanced courses in the programming languages of your choice. You can gain more experience by taking some freelance jobs.

The Bottomline

Machine learning is a great career to pursue if you have an interest in technology. Taking an online course is a cheaper way of getting started than getting a degree. An online course will help you build a strong foundation. Also, if you choose to pursue a degree, an online course can help you to prepare for it.

Although machine learning is currently one of the highest-paid fields, remember that you need a strong grasp of basic mathematics, statistics, and programming knowledge to enter it.

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