The 5 Best Dallas Coding Bootcamps in 2021

In 2020, Dallas rose as the second most attractive destination in the United States for tech professionals and businesses alike, outranking both Silicon Valley and San Francisco. With its tech field getting more competitive, so does the city’s need for tech talent. Among the top choices for tech training are the best Dallas bootcamps.

In this review, we give you a list of the five best coding bootcamps in Dallas. Through these coding bootcamps, you will learn web and mobile development, software development, and more. Expect to undergo intensive training and receive invaluable career guidance to secure that sought-after job in tech.

The Top 5 Dallas Coding Bootcamps and Tech Education Programs

Learn all about full stack web development and more in any of these bootcamps in Dallas, TX. While these bootcamps previously offered both online and in-person programs, the majority of the classes are currently held online in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Despite this, the quality of learning remains the same. In a matter of weeks, you will have your certificate and project portfolio at hand just in time for your job interview.

Coding Dojo’s software development program starts with web building using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Eventually, you will also learn Python and SQL to ensure that a website or mobile application remains functional.

This program also teaches you how to code in C# using the NET Framework. C# is known for its versatility, making it the go-to programming language for developing web and mobile applications as well as games.

The program culminates with a capstone project where you are expected to build your own application from scratch. Students who take Coding Dojo’s onsite program in Dallas will receive live online instruction plus a guaranteed two-month on-campus learning once in-person classes resume.

14 weeks (Full-Time); 16-32 weeks (Part-Time)

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C#
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Software Development

$7,995 (Part-Time); $15,995 (Full-Time)

Devmountain offers programs in web development, iOS development, and software quality assurance (QA). Its web development program tackles both front end and backend development. You’ll learn all about React, JavaScript programming, NodeJS, Git, and Github.

In its iOS development course, you will learn how to build mobile applications for iOS through XCode and Swift. Meanwhile, the software QA program enhances your app testing skills to ensure that an application is bug-free and works as expected.

Devmountain has campuses in Dallas, Texas and Lehi, Utah, although all its programs are currently offered online.

13 weeks (Web Development and iOS Development); 6 weeks (Software QA)

  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • Software QA

$7,900 (Full-Time Remote, Web & iOS); $9,900 (Full-Time In-Person, Web & iOS)

$4,900 (Full-Time Remote, Software QA); $7,500 (Full-Time In-Person, Software QA)

General Assembly offers full-time courses in software engineering, user experience design, data science, and digital marketing. It also offers a variety of part-time courses in JavaScript development, Python programming, product management, and more.

The coding bootcamp also hosts hundreds of workshops and events for those who only wish to get a brief preview of what it’s like to work in tech. Examples of General Assembly’s workshops include free introductory classes to UI design, project management, and Photoshop. Keep in mind that these only last one to two hours.

Since 2011, General Assembly has trained over 40,000 students. All of General Assembly’s classes are currently held online. However, you can join a specific community dedicated to students living and working in Dallas.

12 weeks (Full-Time); 10 weeks (Part-Time)


  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Engineering
  • User Experience Design


  • Front End Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • React
  • Visual Design

$15,950 (Full-Time); $3,950 (Part-Time)

Nucamp is a web and mobile development bootcamp that teaches the most fundamental concepts of the field up to the most advanced topics. Depending on your career goal, you can either opt for a short course in web development fundamentals or one of the immersive programs.

The coding bootcamp offers two immersive programs: the Front End Web + Mobile Development program and the Full Stack Web + Web Development program. The former focuses on the client side of web development. You will learn how to build fully responsive websites and publish them as mobile applications to the Apple Store or Google Play.

The latter focuses on both front end and backend development. In 22 weeks, you will build three main projects. You will learn how to build a responsive website with Bootstrap. You will then package and publish this website as a mobile application. Finally, you will learn how to store your data and integrate it with your responsive website and mobile application.

Nucamp offers online-only classes, but you can set your community to Dallas.

4 weeks (Web Fundamentals); 17 weeks (Front End Web); 22 weeks (Full Stack Web)

  • Front End Web Development
  • Full Stack Web Development

$349 (Web Fundamentals)

$1,480 to $1,880 (Front End and Full Stack)

The Southern Methodist University (SMU) Boot Camps offers programs in coding, data science, cyber security, and fintech. The SMU Boot Camps is based in Dallas and specifically aims to create a pool of qualified tech talents in the city.

SMU Boot Camps’ coding program teaches full stack web development. Its data science program covers both data science and data analytics, with a focus on Python. Finally, the courses in fintech and cyber security integrate some of the concepts learned in the first two programs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are conducted virtually.

24 weeks (Part-Time); 12 weeks (Full-Time)

  • Coding
  • Data Science
  • Fintech
  • Cybersecurity

$12,995 (Full-Time); $11,995 (Part-Time)

Dallas Coding Bootcamp Graduate Job Outlook

The Dallas coding bootcamps above report good outcomes for their graduates, with a majority reportedly finding jobs within six months from graduation. Two factors contribute to this.

First, the coding bootcamps listed above offer comprehensive job placement services. These career services include career coaching sessions, resume preparation, and even mock interviews.

Second, since Dallas is one of the most appealing cities in the United States for tech professionals businesses, opportunities are everywhere. According to the Tech Town Index of CompTIA, Dallas boasts around 178,579 job openings in information technology alone. This number is expected to grow by 11 percent in the next five years.

Dallas Software Developer Average Salary

CompTIA reports that the average salary of an IT professional in Dallas hovers at $94,044. Software developers earn an average salary of $104,140 per year, according to Glassdoor.

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