The Best Online Python Bootcamps

Python is often hailed as one of the easiest programming languages to learn, even if you’re a first-time programmer. There are many ways to learn Python. One of them is by taking a Python bootcamp online. To help you choose the best learning experience for you, we’ve curated a list of some of the best online Python bootcamps.

Quick Facts About the Best Online Python Bootcamps

School Name Tuition Length
BrainStation $2,950 5 weeks (3 hours per week)
Coding Temple $10,000 12 weeks
Data Science Dojo Dojo: $899
Guru: $1,039
Sensei: $1,199
5 days
Flatiron School Full-time: $16,900
Part-time: $16,900
Self-paced: $9,600
Full-time: 5 months
Part-time: 10 months
Self-paced: 15 months
Galvanize $17,980 13 weeks
General Assembly $3,950 10 weeks
Metis Live online: $14,500
Online flex: $7,700
Live online: 10 weeks
Online Flex: 20 weeks
NYC Data Science Academy $1,590 20 hours
Springboard $8,940 6 months
Thinkful $18,500 Full-time: 5 months
Part-time: 6 months

The Top 10 Online Python Bootcamps of 2021

There isn’t such a thing as the best Python coding bootcamp, as each program is designed to appeal to its particular subset of students. Choosing the best Python bootcamp depends on your learning style, career goals, ability to pay, and schedule.

Searching the web for the perfect school can take days as there are countless bootcamps available. We’ve listed some of the best online Python bootcamps below to help you make your choice.

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BrainStation is an international coding bootcamp that provides training on various tech topics, including data science, cyber security, and web development. The school has in-person campuses in the United States, Canada, and England, but also offers online learning options.

BrainStation offers a Python certificate course that equips students with proficiency in Python programming and a deep understanding of the Python ecosystem. It consists of five units, including the basics of Python, algorithm fundamentals, and data manipulation.

BrainStation offers flexible payment plans, ranging from three to 12 months in length. This course is ideal if you are interested in becoming a data scientist, Python engineer, or web developer.

Coding Temple is dedicated to helping its students prepare for the demands of programming jobs. The school offers career support, which gives students access to a career coach for mentoring sessions and resume reviews. This is an excellent bootcamp if you intend to become a Python developer, business analyst, or web developer.

Coding Temple’s online Python bootcamp teaches all the tools and technologies required for web applications and data analytics. This is an evening, part-time course that heavily focuses on Python and how you can use it to design, build, test, and analyze databases.

Students have the option to pay the course fee in full or through installments. Scholarships are also available for eligible applicants, as well as income share agreements, where monthly payments only begin after you’re in full-time employment.

Data Science Dojo offers online and on-site courses for data engineers, data scientists, and web developers. It has three training plans, known as Dojo, Guru, and Sensei, that will help you acquire the technical skills you need.

The Python for Data Science program offers an interactive environment to help you practice the basics of Python. It’s a comprehensive introduction to data science where you will learn how to handle, store, and analyze complete data.

The cost of the program depends on the training plan you choose. The Dojo plan, which is the most basic, includes pre-training materials, 15 hours of live instruction, course materials, and restricted access to Data Science Dojo’s Jupyter notebooks. The Guru and Sensei plans provide access to extra materials, including recorded sessions and collaboration forums.

Flatiron School is a well-recognized coding bootcamp, offering courses in programming, data science, and cyber security.

Flatiron School’s Online Data Science Bootcamp delivers an extensive data science curriculum designed to turn you into a well-rounded data scientist. The course covers the basics of Python and machine learning. Students have the option to pay tuition costs in installments or through Flatiron School’s financing program.

The school’s jobs report boasts an 86 percent employment placement rate for data science graduates. Most of these graduates have an annual average salary between $75,000 to $98,000, depending on the location.

Galvanize provides bootcamp courses to those who want a career in software engineering or data science. The school’s Data Science Online Immersive bootcamp is a live online course. The curriculum includes Python and statistics fundamentals, machine learning and prediction, and natural language processing and recommenders.

The school’s annual GRAD report shows an 88.1 percent graduation rate for its data science program, with most of its graduates earning an average of $87,500 a year.

The bootcamp comes with a hefty price, but with Galvanize’s income share agreement, students can opt to only begin paying their tuition fees when they’re employed full time. Other payment options include scholarships and financing programs from the school’s lending partners.

General Assembly is known as one of the leading schools for training in data science, UX design, software engineering, and product management. The school offers a free online introduction to Python that anyone can enroll in. This class covers the basics of getting started with Python and the essentials of programming with Python.

After the introductory course, you can move on to the online data science program, which dives deeper into Python programming and machine learning. Various payment options are available, including installment payments and financing assistance from General Assembly’s list of lenders.

Graduates from this bootcamp will be able to become data analysts, marketing analysts, software engineers, or software developers.

Metis provides bootcamps specifically for programmers looking to develop their skills for a career in data science, such as a data analyst, machine learning engineer, or business analyst. Courses are taught live online and promote real-time interaction among students.

The online Data Science Career course is a project-oriented bootcamp and includes modules from Python to web scraping. Students will learn from experienced data scientists and graduate with a project portfolio.

You can choose to enroll for either the live online or online flex format depending on your learning availability. The live online version requires you to attend online classes, while the flex option allows you to study at your own pace. Students have the option to pay tuition fees upfront or opt for the installment and financing plans.

NYC Data Science Academy is a top-rated tech academy providing data-related bootcamps for anyone who wants to become a data scientist. One popular bootcamp is Data Science with Python, a comprehensive course introducing how to conduct data science with the Python programming language.

The bootcamp targets those who have some basic knowledge of programming and want to take their skills to the next level. It teaches students how to work with different data structures in Python, and covers the most popular data analytics and visualization topics, making it a good choice if you’re looking to be a data scientist.

The school offers discounted bundles for students who enroll in more than one bootcamp. You will have to get in touch with the school if you want to discuss other payment options.

Springboard is an online learning platform offering high-quality bootcamps for a variety of career tracks. These programs pair lessons from industry experts with career coaching to guarantee graduate employment in six to nine months.

The Data Science Bootcamp includes the Python Data Science Stack, where you will learn how to program in Python, follow the best coding practices, and start using an ecosystem of powerful Python-based tools. The course also includes unlimited one-on-one mentor support and is ideal if you want to be a data scientist.

Springboard offers a job guarantee refund for eligible students who aren’t able to land a job within six months of graduating from the program. Students are able to save 16 percent on tuition fees by paying in advance. Installment and financing plans are also available.

Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp in New York City providing training in UX/UI design, data science, data analytics, and digital marketing. The Data Science Bootcamp includes a robust curriculum that teaches the basics of Python gathering and how to use Python packages like Scikit-learn and NumPy.

The course includes a special module designed to equip you with more advanced skills for certain types of data. This is a fitting bootcamp if you are looking to become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, or data architect.

The bootcamp is available on a part-time or full-time basis. Students can opt to pay the full tuition amount upfront, in installments, through the deferred tuition option, or via a loan with Ascent.

What Can You Learn at an Online Python Bootcamp?

What Can You Learn at an Online Python Bootcamp?

Online Python bootcamps are intensive and aim to provide you with lots of knowledge in the shortest time possible. While some Python bootcamps solely focus on the programming language, others include modules that complement your Python knowledge. In general, online Python bootcamps will teach you the following.

Core Python Programming Skills

Python is known as one of the basic programming languages that should be studied by web developers, software engineers, and data scientists.

Attending an online Python bootcamp will provide you with a core understanding of Python. Core Python covers the basic elements of the Python programming language and its functions.

Career Skills

Aside from providing a solid knowledge of Python, online bootcamps also aim to ensure their students gain employment after graduation. That’s why most good online Python bootcamps include career mentoring, resume reviews, and interview training.

These aim to equip you with the additional professional skills you need to complement your Python skills.

Other Technical Skills

Python plays a large role in the field of data science, but there are other skills you should develop in order to become a successful Python programmer or data scientist.

You’ll learn a variety of other technical skills in these bootcamps, including other programming languages, machine learning, and various front end and backend frameworks for development.

What to Look For in Online Python Bootcamps

There are so many online Python bootcamps options for both aspiring and experienced developers. While you should consider your interests and career goals, also take the following three factors into consideration when choosing a bootcamp.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates refer to the number of enrollees who completed their courses on time. It’s a transparent metric to hold a school accountable for its practices and can help you measure the quality of the school and its programs.

A high graduation rate implies that not many students have dropped out of the program. It also shows the courses offered are relevant and delivered constructively while giving you the necessary support to complete your studies.

Payment Options

Payment options can work to your benefit, especially for schools with high tuition costs. Most schools provide an installment plan option, with some providing what is known as an income share agreement (ISA) scheme.

An ISA allows you to only begin your payment after you are hired on a full-time basis. It demonstrates the school’s confidence in its program through its graduates’ employability.

Career Services and Job Placement Assistance

Most of the schools we have listed above provide career coaching and job placement assistance. This is an important factor when deciding which school to choose as it will help you in your career path. If you’re hoping to get a job somewhere specific, you should check the school’s website to see whether your dream company is affiliated with the bootcamp.

Post-Bootcamp Salaries

Generally, bootcamp graduates see their salaries grow. Some schools run reports of their own, showing outcomes for each bootcamp and employment location. It’s a good idea to check the school’s website and read the reports before making your decision.

Online Learning vs In-Person Bootcamps

Before you make a decision about in-person or online bootcamps, it’s important to consider your learning style, location, and availability. If you tend to lose motivation quickly and prefer working as part of a team or in a classroom setting, in-person bootcamps may be more suitable for you.

Online bootcamps are normally longer and less expensive than in-person. If you’re in no rush to complete the program or have conflicting work commitments, online bootcamps are the way to go. These are perfect if you like working alone, are organized, and self-motivated.

Are Online Python Bootcamps Worth It?

Online Python bootcamps are often considered good options to advance your career. With generally low tuition fees, shorter completion times, and access to career mentoring, most online bootcamps are worthwhile investments that rival the best computer science schools.

Many online Python bootcamps also give you the ability to study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Plus, the increase in average salary alone can make online Python bootcamps worth it.

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