Data Science Dojo Review and Guide

Data Science Dojo offers on-site and online training for aspiring data engineers and data scientists. It has three training levels with different prices to help you get the technical skills you need.

About Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo has three levels of training: Dojo, Guru, and Practicum. These equate to basic, intermediate, and expert training. The program is ideal for people who have experience in statistics and data. Before you start, you should know about assigning variables and call functions. It has a prep course for this purpose.

Data Science Dojo Programs

If you want to learn data science, Data Science Dojo is the best place to go. You can learn languages like R programming and Python. Read below for some examples of programs at this bootcamp.

Data Science Bootcamp

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This program discusses best practices in data processing, acquisition, transformation, and cleaning. The curriculum covers ratios, binning, quantizing, and grouping. You will have access to hands-on exercises with interactive discussions. You can also use different datasets to learn data visualization and exploration.

Location: Online

Tuition: $2,799 to $9,999

Python for Data Science

This Python program is taught live online. It offers a dynamic and interactive environment to help you practice the basics. You will learn other advanced techniques and finish a project to put the knowledge to use. Within a few days, you can acquire new skills and use them for data analysis and data science.

Location: Online

Tuition: $1,199


After 16 weeks of classes, you can join an internship as a data scientist trainee. You can also access career services such as mock interviews and job applications. Your internship responsibilities include attending meetings, building dashboards, learning project management tools, checking codes, and meeting deadlines.

Location: Online

Tuition: $7,999

Data Science Dojo Application Process

To apply for this bootcamp, you have to register and pay the tuition. Data Science Dojo does not have a formal application process like other bootcamps. There are no interviews or coding challenges to pass before getting accepted.

To pay for Data Science Dojo when you apply, you can use a wire transfer, credit card, or even a check. If you want other payment options, you should speak to an enrollment officer to help you create the custom plan.

Data Science Dojo Tuition and Financing Options

Data Science Dojo has different tuition costs depending on the level of training. It also has a few financing options like upfront tuition and loan financing. If you pay upfront, you pay full tuition at once with no required deposit.

If you choose to pay through a lending partner, you can use Ascent Funding. It has a low-interest installment plan spread out over several months. You can pay as little as $81 per month. Ascent Funding also offers deferred payment options.

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