The Best Online Database
Administration Schools in 2021

To become a professional database administrator (DBA), study at any of the best online database administration schools. These schools will provide you with the skills you need to excel in the database administration industry. You will also find that some degree programs offer additional guides, resources, and career support.

You can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees at database administration schools online. Many schools have trusted partner programs to offer students guaranteed transfers. There are many benefits to attending the best online database administration schools.

In Brief: Top 10 Online Database Administration Schools in 2021

Take a look below to learn more about the best database administration schools. Check out what they offer, how much they cost, and what accreditations they have.

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The information in this table has been sourced from each school’s respective website.

School Degrees and Tuition Accreditation
Baker College Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Data Analytics
$425 per credit hour
Boston University Graduate Certificate in Database Management &
Business Intelligence
$505 per credit
Capella University Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,
Minor in Data Management
$357 to $411 per credit hour
Colorado State University Global Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,
Data Management and Analysis Specialization
$350 per credit hour
DeVry University Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science,
Database Management Specialization
$514 per credit hour
Master of Science in Information Systems Management,
Database Administration and Management Concentration
$776 per credit hour
Ivy Tech Community College Associate of Applied Science in Database
Management & Administration
$150 per credit hour (in-state)
$293 per credit hour (out-of-state)
Liberty University Bachelor of Science in Information Systems – Database
$390 per credit hour
University of Denver Master of Applied Science in Information and
Communications Technology, Database Design and
Administration Concentration
$35,712 per year
Graduate Certificate in Database Design and Administration
$11,904 per year (four courses)
$17,856 per year (six courses)
Walden University Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,
Database Administration Concentration
$325 per quarter hour
Graduate Certificate in Data Management
$880 per semester hour
Western Governors University Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Data Management
$3,520 per semester

Why You Should Attend a Database Administration School Online

Attending an online school for database administration is a fantastic idea. The schools mentioned here ensure you have all the technical and leadership skills you need. They will help you secure a job. Any of the best online database administration schools will allow you to form global relationships.

Online studying offers many more benefits for students. You don’t have to stress about finding a database administration school near you. Online tuition is also significantly cheaper, and studying at your own pace means you can earn your degree faster.

Choosing the Best Database Administration School for You

Not every database administration school is created equal. You should consider a few different factors when deciding which school is best for you. Take a look below at the factors you should consider to choose a database administration school.


Although online schools offer a more customized learning experience, not all of them offer flexible schedules. Some online schools schedule their classes for students to attend at specific times. You need to determine whether you prefer a self-paced approach.

The flexibility to transfer credits is also essential. Even if you have no intention of changing schools, choosing one that allows transferable credits is always the safest option.

Program Dates

You should know when programs start and how long they will last. A few programs might only start in summer, while others might start in the fall. The same goes for program length. You don’t want to commit to a program that you don’t have time to complete.

Before you start, determine how long your database administration program will take and how it can influence your academic and professional goals.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can be crucial. Check every school’s requirements so you know if you can apply. However, if you don’t meet all the entry requirements, speak to the school. Many schools offer additional courses to equip you with the required skills.

In-Depth: The Best Database Administration Schools of 2021

To choose the best database administration schools online, you must first know what your options are. Read below to learn more about the top database administration schools for 2021.

Baker College

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s
Graduation Rate: 18%

Baker College offers an advanced Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Data Analytics comprising 120 credit hours. Students will have to complete 150 hours of work experience. According to this college’s official website, 86 percent of students receive financial aid, grants, or scholarships.

This online program covers programming languages like JavaScript and C++, data structures, database management, and computer architecture. Baker College also offers disability and tutoring services.

Baker College Database Administration Key Takeaway

Students at Baker College will have hands-on experience. There are also ample student resources available.

Boston University

Degree Levels: Graduate Certificate
Graduation Rate: 87%

With a notably high graduation rate, Boston University offers a comprehensive Graduate Certificate in Database Management & Business Intelligence. After completing this program, you will be proficient in database modeling, data mining, and database design.

You can study at your preferred pace and complete this online program in eight to 12 months. Boston University offers payment plans, federal loans, and scholarships.

Boston University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Boston University is a fantastic choice for experienced professionals. Students can determine their study schedule and access financing options.

Capella University

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s
Graduation Rate: 12%

Degree programs at Capella University teach students broadened concepts of information technology and data analytics. The school’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offers a Minor in Data Management to help you study database administration.

Students will also complete a capstone project for hands-on experience. You can choose from a few different minors and have access to career services.

Capella University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Capella University offers a capstone project in their bachelor’s degree programs. The programs from this university also teach broader skills to help you get a well-rounded education.

Colorado State University Global

Degree Levels: Certificate, Bachelor’s
Graduation Rate: 67%

Colorado State University offers career services, payment plans, and a tuition guarantee. You can also access an online library, tutoring services, and disability services. It also has an above-average graduation rate among online schools.

Colorado State University has an impressive faculty and many trusted partner programs with global organizations. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Data Management and Analysis Specialization is a great way to learn database administration.

Colorado State University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Colorado State University provides ample student resources and academic support. This school is well-suited for experts in data administration.

DeVry University

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s
Graduation Rate: 17%

DeVry University students can complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree program for database administration. Despite the low graduation rate, DeVry University provides in-depth programs to help you enter the tech field.

What’s great about this school is that its online programs cover more than just data administration. This advantage allows you to explore different fields in the tech industry. DeVry University also has countless career resources and financial aid solutions.

DeVry University Database Administration Key Takeaway

This university is ideal for beginners and professionals, and it offers career resources too.

Ivy Tech Community College

Degree Levels: Associate
Graduation Rate: 13%

Ivy Tech Community College offers an in-depth online degree program in database management and administration. You can get this degree in four semesters, which makes it a great choice if you want to avoid a four-year bachelor’s.

This community college has enough student services to equip students with genuine support. A few of these services include career services, disability services, tutoring, and social awareness services. It does have a low graduation rate, but you can still dedicate yourself and get a database administration degree.

Ivy Tech Community College Database Administration Key Takeaway

Ivy Tech Community College offers an associate degree with an opportunity to transfer to a four-year degree through its partnership programs.

Liberty University

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s
Graduation Rate: 34%

Liberty University offers an in-depth online degree program in IT with a specialization in database management. You can obtain this degree in less than four years. Tuition hasn’t increased in six years, which means you can access a lower rate than most online degrees.

This university also has over five different accreditations. Keep in mind that it is a faith-based school.

Liberty University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Liberty College is a widely recognized school with many financial aid options.

University of Denver

Degree Levels: Master’s, Graduate Certificate
Graduation Rate: 79%

Attending the University of Denver for database administration is best for professionals. This university offers a master’s degree and graduate certificate specializing in database design and administration. You should already know how to use Python, data structures, data modeling, and data mining.

Students can complete the programs offered at this university at their own pace. The university also has finance services like payment plans, scholarships, federal loans, and a tuition waiver.

University of Denver Database Administration Key Takeaway

The University of Denver offers a graduate certificate and a master’s degree for professional data administrators. The university also offers plenty of financial aid solutions.

Walden University

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Graduate Certificate
Graduation Rate: 26%

Walden University only offers federal loans for its degree programs. However, students are assigned personal student advisors, and the university has 24/7 support. Walden University’s career services are highly impressive. A few of their career tools and services include webinars, resume building, and professional assessments.

This school’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offers a database administration concentration. It can help you learn everything you need to know. If you want a graduate program, you can try the Graduate Certificate in Data Management.

Walden University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Walden University is a brilliant choice for data administration beginners and professionals. There are more than enough student services, and the faculty is top-notch.

Western Governors University

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s
Graduation Rate: 21%

Last but certainly not least is Western Governors University. This degree is suited to beginners, and you can study at your desired pace. You can complete your degree much faster and save on tuition fees because of this feature.

There are scholarships and federal loans to fund your studies at Western Governors University. Spread across the US, this university has a faculty with over 4,000 members. Students also receive guidance from a program mentor.

Western Governors University Database Administration Key Takeaway

Although Western Governors University lacks student services, the university is a superb choice for beginners. You can study at your own pace and access many funding options.

Types of Online Degrees in Database Administration

To study database administration, there are many types of degrees. Choose your degree based on your availability, experience, and personal ambitions. For database administration, you can earn an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Online Database Administration Undergraduate Degrees

Online Associate Degrees in Database Administration

An Associate Degree in Database Administration equips you with basic skills, like how to use SQL. These degree programs take two years to complete, and you’ll find them at most community colleges. An associate degree is an ideal choice if you don’t have the time, money, or commitment to get a four-year degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Database Administration

Study for your bachelor’s when you know database administration is a field you want to pursue in the long term. A bachelor’s degree requires four years to obtain, and you will learn complex techniques and systems for database administration. Once you have this degree, you can apply for most jobs in the industry.

Online Database Administration Graduate Degrees

Online Master’s Degrees in Database Administration

A Master’s Degree in Database Administration is what you need to increase your earning potential. You can apply for expert roles, and you will have proficient skills in database administration. It should take about two years to complete this degree program.

Online Doctoral Degrees in Database Administration

After five to seven years of studying and research, you can earn your doctoral degree. Although you don’t have to obtain this degree, it’s an invaluable addition to your resume. You can pursue a long list of high-paying careers, including positions in research and academia.

What Can You Do With a Database Administration Degree

What Can You Do With a Database Administration Degree?

With a database administration degree, you can pursue careers in data management, network administration, data analysis, and more. This degree allows you to transfer your skills to many different roles.

Below are the top database administration degrees and their career options.

Database Administration Associate Degree

Average Salary: $82,625
Top Careers: Database program designer, network administrator, database programmer

An associate degree is best for students who want to study for two years. This degree might not be the most sought-after for database administration, but you can apply for entry-level positions. This allows you to get your start in the field in only a short amount of time.

Database Administration Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $79,970
Top Careers: Computer network architect, software developer, financial analyst

You can apply for most database administration positions with a bachelor’s degree. Many of these will be entry-level positions. However, you will have a better chance of finding higher quality jobs with a bachelor’s than only an associate degree.

Database Administration Master’s Degree

Average Salary: $93,808
Top Careers: Political data analyst, health information systems administrators, social database administrators

Having a master’s degree will make it possible to land jobs in almost any industry. Whatever your dream job in database administration is, chances are, you can achieve it with a master’s degree. You can also get a graduate certificate.

Database Administration Doctorate Degree

Average Salary: $99,342
Top Careers: Market research analyst, data engineer, senior software engineer

With a doctorate in database administration, there is no job in this industry you can’t do. You will have seasoned, expert skills in database administration, and employers will seek you out. You can pursue high-level data research positions as well.

The Best Database Administration Careers: How Much Can You Earn With a Degree in Database Administration?

Profession Minimum Education Average Salary
Computer and Information Systems Manager Bachelor’s Degree $151,150
Computer Network Architect Bachelor’s Degree $116,780
Software Developer Bachelor’s Degree $110,140
Information Security Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $103,590
Computer Systems Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $93,730
Computer Programmer Bachelor’s Degree $89,190
Operations Research Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $86,200
Financial Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $83,660
Market Research Analyst Bachelor’s Degree $65,810
Computer Support Specialist Bachelor’s Degree $55,510

Does It Matter What College I Go to for Database Administration?

Yes, it matters what college you attend for data administration. You need a school that paves the way for you to accomplish your career goals. Not all online schools offer the same quality of student services and financial aid solutions. To excel in data administration, study at any of the best online data administration schools.

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