The Top 10 Digital Marketing Bootcamps of 2021

Do you want to become one of the next top digital marketing experts? You should learn digital marketing at any level of education with a bootcamp. You can access high-quality class exercises, career coaches, and real-world experience with the industry’s most cutting-edge tools. We’ve compiled a list of the best digital marketing bootcamps in 2021.

Brick-and-mortar businesses and traditional marketing are gradually becoming a thing of the past. With the rise of digital platforms, the need for digital marketers is increasing. There are multiple benefits of becoming a digital marketer, and a bootcamp can help you get there.

Why Study Digital Marketing?

You should study digital marketing to gain diverse knowledge about email marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing, content marketing skills, and influencer marketing campaigns. These skills allow you to specialize in numerous jobs in the digital marketing field.

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You can become an SEO specialist, a social media manager, a content writing expert, or an analyst. There are many job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing roles also teach you soft skills like sales capabilities, leadership, communication, and analytical thinking.

Studying digital marketing requires effort, commitment, and time like any other field. There are countless resources and learning methods that make launching a digital marketing career easy. Experience is the key ingredient to a successful digital marketing career.

Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing in 2021

  • Job variety. The digital marketing industry offers a massive scope of professions. You can specialize in social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and many more digital marketing careers.
  • Job demand. Between Glassdoor and Indeed, there are over 70,000 digital marketing job listings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) confirms that marketing manager jobs will increase by six percent between 2019 and 2029.
  • Easy start. Having a degree always makes things easier, but you don’t need one for digital marketing. There are many ways to learn independently. You will also find several freelancing platforms and communities seeking digital marketing novices.
  • Competitive salaries. According to PayScale, digital marketing specialists earn $50,399 per year. Although your earning potential relies on the job you choose, you can expect a decent salary. If you choose to become a freelancer in digital marketing, you can determine your own service fees.
  • Remote work options. There are many remote jobs available to digital marketers, and freelance jobs are also a great option. This allows you to work from anywhere in the world. With a good professional portfolio, you can find business success online.

Why Study at a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Traditional digital marketing programs can be expensive, but this doesn’t mean you can’t study digital marketing. You can enroll in digital marketing bootcamps instead. Bootcamps tend to offer more flexible payment options. Each curriculum focuses on career-ready, hands-on skills. You can prepare to earn certifications like Google AdWords Certification.

Digital marketing bootcamps offer assistance with job placement for every student. You can also find a vast range of career planning services, resume-building guidance, and training for interviews. Many bootcamps don’t require background knowledge of digital marketing tools. They can prepare you to land entry-level jobs after completion.

Below are some of the benefits of enrolling in a digital marketing bootcamp.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Bootcamps

  • Job-specific skills. Bootcamps know what potential employers will want in an employee. Because of this, digital marketing bootcamps will equip you with those specific skills. These include banner creation, buyer personas, and conversion rates.
  • Career services. Most bootcamps teach practical skills to increase your chances of finding a job. These skills include how to build an outstanding resume and interview training.
  • Soft skills. These skills include communication, teamwork, and leadership. Choosing a bootcamp will teach you these soft skills while working among peers and cultivating relationships.
  • Guided curricula. Self-studying digital marketing may seem like a great idea, but bootcamps offer support and a predetermined learning schedule. You will hands-on training faster and more accurately with the help of instructors.
  • Networking opportunities. Attending these bootcamps can help you find career opportunities and collaborate on real-life projects. You will have the opportunity to network with a digital marketing team across the globe. You can also learn how to build relationships with customers.

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Bootcamps of 2021

All the bootcamps below offer vital skills for digital marketing. They teach the basics of a digital marketing operation. There are also financial aid options available and an opportunity to learn in a virtual classroom environment. Below are the best ten digital marketing bootcamps available in 2021.

Boot Camp Digital is ideal for anybody looking to complete hands-on projects in digital marketing. Besides the digital marketing workshop, there are social media marketing and virtual design workshops. You will also find online courses in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, and personal branding.

Boot Camp Digital Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing Workshop

Locations: Online, Ohio, California, Washington, Illinois

Cost: $2,497

Financing Options: Scholarships

2021 Start Dates: September 14, October 5, November 2

This bootcamp runs for four days and is open to 25 students at a time. Boot Camp Digital provides a certificate of completion and digital marketing resources. The bootcamp content covers email marketing, online advertising, search engine marketing, content optimization, and outbound marketing channels.

BrainStation offers bootcamps to learn data science, user experience design, web development, and digital marketing. There are part-time and full-time study options for these bootcamps. You will also find various digital marketing-related courses that cover search engine marketing and social media marketing.

BrainStation Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing

Locations: Online, New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, London

Cost: $15,000

Financing Options: Scholarships, Installments

2021 Start Dates: July 23

For this digital marketing bootcamp, you will learn about digital marketing strategy in email marketing campaigns and similar marketing channels. The program also teaches content marketing, performance marketing, social media, and how to maintain customer relationships.

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies offers various bootcamp programs for remote learning. For its digital skills programs, you will receive career coaching, access to job postings, and resume-building skills to aid your career search. There are also employer information sessions for job placement opportunities.

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp

Locations: Online

Cost: $4,995

Financing Options: Tuition reimbursement, federal agency training funds, tuition assistance program, GI Bill, GoArmyEd, monthly payment plan, private student loans, tuition discounts

2021 Start Dates: September 10

This bootcamp covers multi-channel marketing, marketing campaign efficiency, analytical thinking, and database marketing. Students will also learn about maintaining customer loyalty and customer personas. You will gain basic knowledge of a customer acquisition funnel and digital marketing resources to help you thrive in digital marketing.

Programs at Georgia Tech Boot Camps are similar to many other university-offered courses from Trilogy Education Services. There are coding, data science, cyber security, UI/UX design, and digital marketing options. Georgia Tech also provides career services like resume building, job search materials, portfolio reviews, and interview preparation.

Georgia Tech Boot Camps Key Information

Program: Georgia Tech Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Locations: Online

Cost: $10,000

Financing Options: Monthly payment plan

2021 Start Dates: October 14

This digital marketing bootcamp runs for 18 weeks. You will learn about interactions with customers, customer behavior, conversion funnels, and brand building. There are also lessons on social media advertising, domain authority, WordPress, and conversion tracking. The best digital marketing tactics and analytics are covered in this program.

Jelly Academy logo

Jelly Academy

Jelly Academy is a Canadian bootcamp that specializes in digital marketing. The bootcamp requires 18 hours of studying over six sessions. Students will complete hands-on projects to hone their digital marketing skills. You can also complete additional training for certificates offered by Google, Facebook, and Hootsuite.

Jelly Academy Key Information

Program: 6 Week Digital Marketing Course

Locations: Online

Cost: $3,250

Financing Options: Scholarship

2021 Start Dates: October 5

You will learn about implementing an advertising strategy through social media channels, the role of SEO in a digital marketing funnel, and Google Ads Editor and Google Adwords. Students will also cover digital marketing roles in Instagram and Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and outbound marketing.

New Jersey Institute of Technology logo

New Jersey Institute of Technology

If you enroll in the New Jersey Institute of Technology, you can access career services like training for interviews, professional networking, resume planning, career advising, and LinkedIn profile building. This bootcamp is primarily for traditional marketers who want to expand their skills as well as entrepreneurs and digital marketing newbies.

New Jersey Institute of Technology Key Information

Program: New Jersey Institute of Technology Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Locations: Online

Cost: $14,500

Financing Options: Federal loans

2021 Start Dates: Not disclosed

In this program, you will learn HTML, digital marketing for ecommerce, automation, and social media marketing. The content also includes customer relationship management, search engine marketing, and digital strategy. This digital marketing program follows an experience-based learning method to help you create digital marketing campaigns.

NEXT Academy logo

NEXT Academy

Based in Malaysia, NEXT Academy focuses on providing digital marketing, front end development, and backend development bootcamps. The courses are taught in English, and you will earn a certificate of completion. This is a great choice for students who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing in the digital world for a decent price.

NEXT Academy Key Information

Program: Malaysia’s No.1 Digital Marketing Course

Locations: Online

Cost: MYR 2800 (about $669)

Financing Options: Monthly payment plan

2021 Start Dates: August 2

Although the program runs for 12 weeks, students have one year of access to the learning portal. You will join an online Discord community to exchange digital marketing efforts and meet new peers. Students will learn marketing basics, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, growth hacking, and digital ad campaigns on social networks.

Thinkful offers immersive bootcamps teaching data analytics, software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, project management, and digital marketing. Through remote learning, you gain hands-on experience and have access to various career services. The career services include interview preparation, resume building, and insights into exclusive roles.

Thinkful Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing

Locations: Online

Cost: $4,900

Financing Options: Monthly payment plan, deferred tuition, private student loan

2021 Start Dates: Immediately

Students will learn about creating a content strategy, setting campaign objectives, building customer personas, and defining the behavior of customers. The three-month curriculum covers branding and marketing on social networks. To complete this bootcamp, you will finish a capstone project and build a digital marketing portfolio.

UT Austin Boot Camps offers training in digital marketing, coding, cyber security, data science, UI/UX design, and product management. You can also receive interview training, networking opportunities, and job placement assistance. Students do not have to be enrolled at the University of Austin or have prior experience.

UT Austin Boot Camps Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Locations: Online

Cost: $11,995

Financing Options: Monthly payment plan

2021 Start Dates: July 29, August 24

Over 18 weeks, this bootcamp will teach you about in-demand tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, WordPress, and effective marketing with content. You will also learn about building an advertising campaign on social media platforms, display advertising, marketing automation, and customer relationship management.

Wyncode offers bootcamps in UX and UI design, full stack development, front end web development, and digital marketing. This bootcamp’s target audience is tech professionals. Within 12 weeks, you will complete a hands-on digital marketing project and learn the necessary soft skills to stand out from other candidates.

Wyncode Key Information

Program: Digital Marketing

Locations: Online, Miami

Cost: $15,000

Financing Options: Scholarships, private student loans, federal grants, GI Bill

2021 Start Dates: Not announced yet

Students will learn about digital marketing resources, strategies, and channels. The content also covers metrics, analytics, search engine optimization, and retargeting ads. This program is a great way to understand how to optimize a customer’s journey and a customer acquisition funnel for maximum customer engagement across all advertising platforms.

Should You Enroll in a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Should You Enroll in a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Yes, every aspiring digital marketing professional should enroll in a digital marketing bootcamp. These programs offer immersive learning to help you gain career-ready skills. Through the career coaching services available, landing your dream digital marketing job can be much easier.

The digital marketing experience that you get at a bootcamp is invaluable for digital advertising jobs. Beginning a digital marketing career offers you a wide variety of occupations to choose from. As traditional marketing is phasing out, the need for digital marketers is increasing. There is no better time to become a digital marketer than now.

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