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DevOps integrates the fields of development and IT operations to speed up the delivery of services and applications. You can kickstart your journey to becoming a DevOps engineer through a bootcamp program. Here’s our guide to the best online DevOps bootcamps.

Quick Facts About the Best Online DevOps Bootcamps

School Name Tuition Length
App Academy $20,000 24 Weeks
BrainStation $15,000 12 Weeks
Claim Academy $10,000 12 Weeks
Codesmith $19,350 38 Weeks
Code Fellows $12,000 10 Weeks
DigitalCrafts $14,950 26 Weeks
Sabio $15,000 12 Weeks
Tech Talent South $13,500 12 Weeks
The Tech Academy $7,950 15 Weeks
Nucamp $1,880 22 Weeks

The Top 10 Online DevOps Bootcamps of 2021

Below we take a look at the top 10 online DevOps bootcamps in more detail. Most of these bootcamps teach the principles of DevOps as a part of a wider program. These programs will give you the training you need to thrive in a DevOps team along with other industry-relevant skills.

App Academy is an online coding bootcamp that prepares students for software engineering roles. The bootcamp has full-time programs available in person and online. It also offers a four-week coding bootcamp prep course for prospective students.

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During the software engineering program, students learn how to build apps with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, React, and HTML. The program also covers front end and backend development and deployment to the Internet.

App Academy has several payment options for online students. You can use an income share agreement (ISA), which means you don’t pay back your tuition until you get a job earning at least $50,000. You also have the option to pay the entire sum upfront or pay some and use an ISA for the rest.

BrainStation offers training and diploma programs in subjects like data science, web development, UI/UX design, and product management. The bootcamp includes courses for experienced professionals who want to enhance their skillset.

This bootcamp’s web development program is a great route into DevOps. Students learn to build software solutions for the web. The course focuses on JavaScript with NodeJS runtime, so students gain a well-rounded understanding of programming concepts.

The bootcamp has different financing options. You can pay upfront or in installments. BrainStation also offers scholarships for women, veterans, and entrepreneurs. You may also be eligible for a scholarship if you’re planning to work in the non-profit sector.

Claim Academy logo

Claim Academy

This bootcamp offers software and coding training online and onsite. Students learn the fundamentals of .NET, Java, Angular, data structures, functional programming, object-oriented programming, and full stack development.

They also learn software engineering best practices, production-grade engineering, whiteboarding, technical project management, and communication.

You pay tuition upfront or use a loan company such as Climb Credit to cover it. The school offers a $500 scholarship for women in the full stack cohort. Recent high school graduates are also eligible for a $1,000 scholarship.

Codesmith offers immersive, 12-week software engineering programs online and on campus. It has online introductory and preparation courses to bring students to the level required for the program.

The program condenses the main elements of a computer science degree. It focuses on data structures, algorithms, programming paradigms, and design patterns. You’ll also receive guidance on building your portfolio and preparing for interviews.

This bootcamp has a payment plan that allows you to pay in monthly installments. Student loans are also available through Ascent Funding.

This intensive bootcamp equips students with the essential skills to become software engineers. You can choose to study online or in person at their Seattle campuses. There are both full-time and part-time study options.

Students learn core data concepts such as object-oriented programming, data modeling, and functional programming. The bootcamp will also advance your knowledge of data structures, algorithms, languages, and environments.

You can take out a low-interest loan from Climb Credit or Skills Fund to cover tuition. Both have different repayment plans, depending on your credit history. CodeFellows also offers need-based scholarships that can cover up to 70 percent of the tuition cost.

This web development bootcamp teaches students about backend and front end development. You’ll have the opportunity to build up a portfolio of full stack development projects. The curriculum covers React, JavaScript, NERP stack, and Node.js.

DigitalCrafts has several campuses and also offers online training. It has both part-time and full-time programs. The bootcamp offers free career support, including mock interviews and portfolio guidance.

They have partnered with Skills Fund and Sallie Mae to offer affordable financial payment options for students. Scholarships are offered to underrepresented people in tech including female, black, and Latinx students.

Sabio’s immersive full stack .NET course aims to prepare students for a career in software engineering within just 13 weeks. On top of the weekday sessions, you’re also expected to spend half a weekend day on coding.

Students first learn front end development with a focus on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. They also advance their knowledge of backend and database development, taking part in multiple team projects. As well as developing their skills through real-world scenarios, these projects also enhance their professional portfolios.

The program offers a deferred tuition payment plan where students don’t pay any tuition until they start earning a salary. Upfront payment is available as well. There is an option to take out a student loan from Sallie Mae or Skills Fund.

Tech Talent South offers a DevOps and continuous integration bootcamp ideal for aspiring DevOps engineers. You can take it as a standalone course or pair it with one of their other courses, such as UX design.

The curriculum covers powerful tools for configuration, deployment, and automation. Students learn how to organize a project team with version control. They also learn how to keep the product in the production stage and update it with continuous integration techniques.

Attendees can pay tuition in 12 monthly installments. The bootcamp also has partial scholarships for women, veterans, and other underrepresented groups.

This bootcamp teaches the technical skills needed to get a job as a developer. The course covers front end, backend, and software development. Students have access to more than 1,000 hours of course content.

Students learn in-demand programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, C#, HTML, and SQL. They also take part in two team projects aimed to give them real-world experience.

The Tech Academy is based in Portland, Oregon, and offers courses on campus or online. Attendees in the program can pay the tuition upfront or use an ISA. You also have the option to take out a loan through Climb Credit to cover tuition.

Over 22 weeks, the Nucamp full stack bootcamp will teach you how to build fully responsive websites, and develop complex web and mobile applications. You’ll get to know code libraries such as Bootstrap, React, and React Native.

The curriculum also covers backend languages, how to store data, and how to integrate databases with applications. Students are also taught how to use Git and GitHub for version control.

You can pay tuition upfront, use the Fair Student Agreement payment plan, or pay with a personal loan from Climb Credit. NuCamp offers a few scholarships. Most qualifying students will get 25 percent off their tuition. They can also receive a laptop from Reskill America.

What Can You Learn at an Online DevOps Bootcamp?

What Can You Learn at an Online DevOps Bootcamp?

An online DevOps bootcamp will teach you the entire software development process. You’ll need to learn how to use different programming languages to develop software and apps. Bootcamps should also prepare you with the soft skills needed to aid collaboration between development and operations. Here are the key things a DevOps bootcamp will cover.

Programming Skills

In order to excel as DevOps engineer you’ll need to know how to script in different programming languages. DevOps use programming skills for both front end and backend development. On top of learning Python, you’ll need to learn JavaScript, Ruby, and C.

Communication Skills

A DevOps engineer works to continuously integrate development and operations. This requires excellent collaboration and communication skills. As a DevOps engineer, you’ll need to understand the business’s operations needs, support the operations team, and set out each development process.

Version Control

Most DevOps roles use Git or a similar software for version control. Version control helps teams collaborate seamlessly so that developments can be rolled out more quickly. It also helps get to the bottom of bugs in a more targeted way.

What to Look for in Online DevOps Bootcamps

There are a few factors to consider before choosing the best online DevOps bootcamp for you. Bootcamps can be expensive, so it’s worth checking whether they offer payment options. You should also consider how good the provider is and whether they offer career guidance. Below we’ve rounded up the essential considerations when choosing a bootcamp.

Graduation Rates

The graduation rate of a bootcamp shows how many students graduate on time after enrolling. A high graduation rate indicates that students were highly engaged with the course. It also suggests they received the right amount of support to help them complete their studies.

Payment Options

Most bootcamps offer multiple payment options. You may be able to pay in installments. Students often take a low interest loan from a financing partner like Skills Fund. Income share agreements (ISAs) are also popular. They allow students to pay zero tuition fees until they get a job earning over a certain amount.

Some bootcamps also offer scholarships to certain students. For example, some have scholarship schemes for women, veterans, and other groups who are underrepresented in tech. Scholarships may cover the entire tuition or just a part of it.

Career Services

Some bootcamps offer career services and job placement assistance. Career services may include resume rewriting, LinkedIn optimization, job interview training, and even salary negotiation. Job placement assistance may include job seminars and mass interviews during the program. This gives students an opportunity to network with potential employers.

Practical Training

Some bootcamps offer hands-on training for students. It allows them to put theory into practice through group projects and real-world scenarios. Pair programming is also another effective learning method where two programmers work together on a project. Both are a great way to get practical experience and boost your portfolio.

Online Learning vs In-Person Bootcamps

Both online learning and in-person bootcamps have their advantages and disadvantages. In-person courses involve more one-on-one collaboration between students and instructors. It is easier for instructors to follow the progress of each student.

However, an increasing number of people are turning to online bootcamps, especially within the tech field. Online bootcamps offer flexibility for working professionals. You can learn at your pace and have time to keep up with your other commitments. It also means you can attend the best bootcamps without having to commute or relocate.

Are Online DevOps Bootcamps Worth It?

An online DevOps bootcamp is definitely a good move. It’s a quick and affordable way to pick up the skills needed to work in a DevOps role. The programs are immersive and flexible so you can attend from the comfort of your home. Within a few weeks, you could be ready to take on entry-level roles.

Bootcamps are excellent for learning the latest skills needed in the industry. If you are studying DevOps, you are likely taking a course that is part of a larger program. This means you’ll learn other tech and development skills. As such, if you’re interested in career in tech, a DevOps bootcamp is an excellent way to boost your career prospects.

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