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Sabio is a coding bootcamp and developer community in Southern California. It has three campuses and an online offering. You are taught by high-level tech industry professionals, who help you become part of the next generation of software engineers.

Unlike online colleges and the majority of tech schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sabio offers top-notch in-person courses. Community is a big part of the school’s ethos. Meeting and interacting with your fellow students and teachers is key to its approach.

About Sabio

Sabio is a coding bootcamp that goes beyond technical training. In addition to learning to code, you will walk away from Sabio with a global network of Sabio alumni and a clear career path. You will also gain soft skills and confidence to help you grab your dream job in tech.

Sabio Programs

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Whether you choose to study full-time or part-time, in person or online, Sabio offers a variety of courses to cater to your schedule.

Full-Time Coding Bootcamp

Sabio’s in-person, full-time 13-week Coding Bootcamp trains you in full stack web development. The intensive experience requires you to study for five weekdays and part of Saturday. Your commitment will transform you into a professional software engineer.

During the program, you will cover front end and backend development, learning JavaScript and HTML5 among other programming languages. Other topics include source control, data structures, and debugging.

You’ll also undergo two weeks of intensive job preparation. You’ll complete a number of team projects as well as a development project, which can become part of your professional portfolio. If you don’t live in southern California, you can choose the weekend remote learning option.

Location: Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, Irvine, Online

Tuition: $15,000

Part-Time Coding Bootcamp

If you need to combine study with work, the 20-week part-time program is a good option. You will study for two days a week in class and have 10 hours of homework to complete. You can also choose to study remotely.

Although it will take you longer to complete, the part-time curriculum mirrors that of the full-time program. So, you will get to grips with both front end and backend development, database development, and source control solutions. You will also become adept at using a raft of development environments.

Location: Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, Irvine, Online

Tuition: $9,900

Part-Time Coding Bootcamp – Evenings & Saturday

This option offers further flexibility. Over the space of 24 weeks, you will study on weekday evenings and on Saturdays. You must be able to commit to 14 hours of in-class study and six hours of homework each week to complete the program.

Location: Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, Irvine, Online

Tuition: $9,900

Prework: Introduction to Front End Web Development

Sabio also offers a free online prework course. Once you enter the provided passcode, you will have a month to complete it. This course is perfect for those with little or no professional development experience.

You will also perform a series of exercises to put your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the test.

Location: Online

Tuition: Free

Sabio Application Process

Sabio has a straightforward application process, making it easy to start your journey towards a successful tech career.

You begin by putting your details into a simple application form on the Sabio website. Then, you are encouraged to attend a free information session, where you can meet instructors and ask questions about the program.

After the Q&A session, you can take the free prework course for an overview of front end web development. This is a good idea for tech newbies and will help you decide if the bootcamp is right for you. More experienced coders can skip the theory and take the tech assessments.

Sabio Tuition and Financing Options

Sabio’s full-time Coding Bootcamp costs $15,000. Both part-time programs have tuition fees of $9,900. Luckily, the school has a variety of financing options if paying the tuition cost upfront isn’t an option.

The Zero Payments financing scheme means you will pay no tuition until you land your first well-paid job after graduation. Once you start working, you will pay Sabio $199 monthly until tuition is repaid. For veterans interested in a career in tech, Sabio also accepts VA benefits.

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