Ironhack vs BrainStation

Ironhack vs BrainStation

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Ironhack vs BrainStation detailed comparison as of July 2024

Choosing an online school is a massive decision. You'll be studying for months, perhaps years, and your studies may be costly. That's why it is important to consider all your options.

Ironhack and BrainStation are both online course providers. The difference stops there. Each of these degree providers offers their own payment plans, syllabus, and Pacees.

Let's consider the programs offered by these schools. Ironhack offers both Full-time and Part-time in Software Engineering, Design and Data Science. BrainStation offers Full-time and Part-time in Software Engineering, Design, Data Science, Product Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity.

We'll also need to think about the financing options available: online courses can be costly. Ironhack offers Upfront, Financing and Income Sharing plans. BrainStation operates Upfront, Financing and Scholarships plans.

What about the cost of tuition? That's a good question. As a student at Ironhack, you can expect to pay between depending on your field of study. BrainStation charges between for their offerings, depending on the course.

Overall Rating

Price Range



Programs Available

Software Engineering, Design, Data Science

Software Engineering, Design, Data Science, Product Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time

Full-time, Part-time

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing

Upfront, Financing, Scholarships

Contact Info

120 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130, United States mia@ironhack.com (305) 907 7086

503 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City, New York 10012, United States of America 800-903-5159

Ironhack VS BrainStation is based on 17 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
9 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
Ironhack was a great experience: sharing about UI/UX with classmates and having the Teacher and TAs supporting us. It also feels a very open environment to talk about anything we need. The encourageme

8 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
BrainStation was one of the best experiences of my life. It introduced me to the tech industry in such a fantastic way. I hit the ground running and have been set on an incredibly positive trajectory

BrainStation Review and Guide

BrainStation is a global coding bootcamp that trains students in an array of tech fields, such as data science, cyber security, and web development. Find out if this bootcamp offers the course and curriculum that will help you reach your goals by reading our BrainStation review and guide. Below, we’ll look at the school’s classes, application process, and tuition financing options.

About BrainStation

BrainStation is a coding bootcamp that offers diplomas and certifications in several areas of tech. These include UX/UI design, data science, web development, product management, digital marketing, and more. The school has campuses in the US, Canada, and England, and its courses are also available online. After graduating, many BrainStation alumni have found their dream jobs in tech. Today they work as data scientists, UX designers, and software developers at a number of high-profile companies.

BrainStation Programs

BrainStation offers certification programs in data, web development, design, marketing, product, and business. Within these broad categories, the school offers more specific courses. For example, you can choose to study cybersecurity, search engine marketing, iOS development, and more. Below are details of the main bootcamp diploma programs offered by BrainStation.

Data Science Bootcamp

BrainStation’s Data Science bootcamp will prepare you for a role as a data scientist or analyst. The bootcamp covers all aspects of data science and big data concepts. Throughout the course, you will learn Python programming and will study machine learning, Hadoop ecosystems, and neural networks. You will also complete projects that you’ll be able to add to your data science portfolio. Location: Online Tuition: $15,000

Web Development Bootcamp

In the Web Development program at BrainStation, you will learn how to build a modern web application. Upon completing this course, you will be ready to apply for a job as a front end or backend developer, web developer, or even as a data administrator. You will learn JavaScript and various web frameworks, and will also get familiar with web servers, databases, and server-side programming. You will also complete projects in pair programming, API development, and website creation. Location: Online Tuition: $15,000

UX Design Bootcamp

BrainStation’s UX Design bootcamp is your ticket to a career as a user experience designer, researcher, or web architect. This bootcamp will walk you through all of the fundamentals of web design. You will study the Sprint Method of problem solving, information architecture, product design, and responsive design. The course even touches on marketing skills and how they related to web design. Location: Online Tuition: $15,000

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The Digital Marketing bootcamp at BrainStation covers real-world marketing strategies and analytics. You will learn about social media marketing campaigns, Google analytics, and SEO concepts. You will also gain insight into the industry and will receive plenty of digital skills training from experts. Location: Online Tuition: $15,000

BrainStation Application Process

BrainStation has a reputation for being difficult to get into. However, if you study the prep material provided by the training institute, your chances will increase. You should begin by filling in an online application. Then, you’ll be invited for an interview. The interview consists of technical and general questions, including some about your technical experience and goals. If you pass the interview, the school will ask you to take an admissions challenge test. This test will determine whether you have the necessary background knowledge to succeed in the program you have applied to. If you pass, you will also be asked to take an English proficiency test. If you succeed with this final assessment, you will be admitted.

BrainStation Tuition and Financing Options

BrainStation does not offer many financing options for its students. It does not have an income share agreement, nor does it offer loan financing. However, you can apply for a plan that will allow you to pay your tuition in installments throughout your course. The school also offers several scholarships for women, entrepreneurs, members of communities that are underrepresented in tech, veterans, and college graduates.

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