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Linux is a popular open source operating system. As such, it receives requests from software programs and relays them to the computer hardware. Learning Linux is an excellent idea because it is a skill highly sought-after by hiring managers. If you want to become a Linux expert, the best online Linux bootcamps can be a starting point.

Quick Facts About the Best Online Linux Bootcamps

School Name Tuition Length
Code Fellows Contact the school for pricing 12 weeks
Codesmith $19,350 12 weeks
Codeworks $8,900 12 weeks
Digital Crafts $15,950 16 weeks
Evolve Security Academy $12,500 20 weeks
Flatiron School $16,900 15 weeks
Fullstack Academy $15,980 13 weeks
Ironhack $10,000 12 weeks
NYC Data Science Academy $17,600 16 weeks
The Tech Academy $10,600 full-time
$13,300 part-time
20 weeks

The Top 10 Online Linux Bootcamps of 2021

Most of the Linux bootcamp programs on our list offer an introduction to Linux and UNIX fundamentals. These courses are often part of a web development, software engineering, or cyber security program. Without further ado, this is our top ten Linux bootcamp list together with all the essential information you need to know for each entry.

Code Fellows is a training academy for students who want careers in cyber security and software development. It offers part-time and full-time programs. Students can choose to attend online or in person.

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The bootcamp offers training in the evaluation and configuration of network adapter settings. Students learn to automate tasks in Linux with Bash scripting. The curriculum also covers how to perform basic GitHub operations.

Code Fellows offers income share agreements (ISAs). This means students can attend risk-free without paying any tuition. When they find a job, they begin to pay monthly until the tuition is covered. You can also pay through a low-interest loan from the bootcamp’s lending partners, Ascent and Climb Credit.

This software engineering bootcamp offers immersive programs on its campuses and online. It has intro and online prep courses for newbies. Graduates from the program are prepared for mid-level software engineering roles.

The curriculum covers how to build modern web pages with the Linux operating system. Students learn how to create a responsive modern web page. They also learn to optimize their apps considering efficiency and user experience.

Codesmith has installment payment plans. Students can also choose to pay with a personal loan from Ascent Funding, who offers several repayment options. Students have access to deferred repayment loans as well as to interest-only repayment loans. Upfront tuition payment is also accepted in this bootcamp.

Codeworks offers both web development and software engineering tracks. This tech bootcamp teaches students in person and live online. Before starting the program, students take a prep class to prepare for the training, which includes the basics of Linux, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

The software engineering program is divided into two parts. The first part covers theory and advanced programming topics. In the second part, students apply the knowledge they’ve gained to build complete products and add them to their portfolios.

This bootcamp offers several payment methods, including upfront payment. You can also make a deposit and pay the rest in small installments before the first day of class. Likewise, Codeworks partners with financial institutions to offer personal loans. Finally, it also offers ISAs, which allow you to defer payment until you find a job in the industry and earn over a certain amount.

DigitalCrafts offers online and in-person training in part-time or full-time formats. The cyber security program covers how operating systems work. The curriculum addresses key security concepts. An important area of study is how Linux and Windows operating systems differ in terms of cyber security.

If you are unable to pay the full amount upfront, you can make a deposit and pay the rest at a later date. The bootcamp also works with Sallie Mae to offer loans to students to cover tuition.

This bootcamp focuses on cyber security. It offers an immersive and hands-on experience to give students all the skills needed to enter the industry. It has both online and onsite programs.

Students learn how to find information on victims and craft phishing campaigns. These offensive techniques help them to understand how hackers work and how they can defend against phishing attacks. The curriculum covers open source digital forensics and penetration testing tools like Kali Linux.

Students can pay the full tuition upfront for a $250 discount. There is also an option to pay in two installments. One is due immediately after acceptance and the other before the first day of class. The bootcamp has also partnered with Ascent Funding to offer personal loans with low interest.

Flatiron School is one of the oldest coding bootcamps. This educational program has in-person and online classes. The main programs in this bootcamp are data science, software engineering, UX design, and cyber security analytics. You can choose to attend full-time or part-time.

The cyber security program focuses on Kali Linux and Metasploit pen-testing tools. Students learn how to use these tools to prevent attacks against networks and apps. It also covers countermeasures once an attack has taken place.

The payment options include upfront payment and personal loans from Climb Credit and Ascent. The bootcamp also has scholarships for students that qualify.

This bootcamp is focused on training students for roles in cyber security and software engineering. It has part-time and full-time programs. The cyber security analytics bootcamp covers the Linux command line, encryption, system architecture, networking, cryptography, and risk detection, among other topics.

Full-time students of the program can choose to pay via an ISA, which means their tuition is delayed until they have landed a job and are earning over a certain threshold. The bootcamp also has loan partners that offer low-interest loans. An upfront payment option is available as well.

Ironhack has onsite training in several countries. It also offers online data analysis, web development, and UX design programs. You can opt for a part-time or full-time schedule. The remote classes are live and students receive one-on-one support.

The cyber security program focuses on Linux operating systems. It covers conduct compliance and vulnerability scanning. It also goes over how to perform damage assessments, incident response, and incident triage. Reporting and tracking are part of the curriculum.

Students can fund their tuition with Skills Fund. This company also offers a loan to cover living expenses, which can be customized to fit your needs. Ironhack students can also pay for their tuition upfront.

The NYC Data Science Academy is known for its immersive data science training programs. Programs cover beginner and intermediate data science concepts, with topics ranging from Python, R, SQL and Hadoop to Spark and GitHub. It offers online and onsite programs with different schedules to accommodate all students.

Its data science course teaches students to communicate with computers through the command line environment. Also, it introduces the SQL database as well as GitHub, which is used by programmers for version control.

This academy doesn’t have many payment options. You can pay upfront by credit card, cash, or wire transfer. Students also have the option to pay with a low-interest personal loan from Climb Credit or Skills Fund.

This bootcamp helps people gain technical skills to work as junior software engineers and data scientists. The Tech Academy has online and onsite training options.

Its cyber security program focuses on how to secure computer networks and hardware to prevent attacks. It covers the basics of hardware and network security as well as Linux.

To cover tuition, students can defer payment by using an ISA. The bootcamp also offers an option for personal loans from Climb Credit. The loans have low interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

What Can You Learn at an Online Linux Bootcamp?

What Can You Learn at an Online Linux Bootcamp?

Some of the topics you will learn are Linux basics, Linux security fundamentals, and Linux networking and administration.

Introduction to Linux

This topic explores the techniques and tools commonly used by end-users and system administrators to achieve their goals in a Linux environment. Students gain a working knowledge of this operating system and learn to navigate through common system configurations, distributions, and graphical interfaces. You may also learn common Linux applications and basic command line operations.

Students that complete a bootcamp attain a good understanding of Linux from a command line and graphical perspective. This makes it easier to use major Linux distributions.

Linux Security Fundamentals

Students at a Linux bootcamp generally study the security challenges that affect all operating systems. Most bootcamps give an overview of computer security and cover its effects during the development, administration, and implementation process.

By the end of the bootcamp, students are qualified to assess the security needs of a potential employer. They will also be able to implement their security strategy of choice.

Linux Networking and Administration

Linux bootcamp students learn to build, deploy, and maintain networks running under Linux. They study how to administer network services and securely configure network interfaces, and they master the skills required to deploy and configure web, file, name, and email servers.

This is a bit more advanced than the previous topics and is generally one of the last things students learn.

What to Look for in Online Linux Bootcamps

Before choosing an online Linux bootcamp, there are several factors to consider. One is job placement rates. Most bootcamps publish their job placement rate, so check their website before you apply.

Teaching Style

The teaching style of the program will determine how well you’ll be able to grasp the material. Some programs are project-based while others may be more theoretical. Similarly, some are instructor-driven while others are self-paced.

Everyone learns differently, so these are important questions to consider when choosing the right Linux bootcamp for you.

Payment Options

Bootcamps often offer several payment methods. Most bootcamps include an option to pay the entire tuition upfront. In most cases, you’ll need to deposit a smaller sum to secure your seat in the program. Another payment method is monthly installments. Some bootcamps allow you to pay your tuition in small amounts spread out across the training period.

Deferred tuition plans and income share agreements (ISAs) are also popular options. They often involve delaying payments until the student secures a job earning over $50,000 a year. There is also the option to take out personal loans from a lending service such as Ascent Funding or Climb Credit. The loans they provide are low-interest and customizable to reduce the financial burden on the student.

Career Services and Job Placement Assistance

Most bootcamps offer career services in the form of resume reviews, mock interviews, and technical interview training. Some even hold seminars to guide their students on how to handle interviews.

In the same vein, you need to look for a bootcamp that offers job placement assistance. Bootcamps often partner with companies that hire graduates as interns or full-time employees. Even a short internship or entry-level position will look good in your resume.

Availability of Scholarships

Bootcamps are not cheap. Some can cost up to $20,000. However, a scholarship can lessen the financial burden. Unfortunately, not every student may be eligible for a scholarship at a given bootcamp.

Many bootcamps offer scholarships to women, veterans, and other underrepresented groups in tech. There are need-based scholarships as well for low-income students. Most bootcamps offer partial scholarships that don’t cover the entire tuition.

Online Learning vs In-Person Bootcamps

You have the option to learn online and in person in most bootcamps. Both delivery methods are effective; the best one for you depends on your personality and how you learn best. If you prefer learning face-to-face, an in-person bootcamp is the right choice for you.

However, if you are looking for a flexible schedule and pre-recorded lectures, an online bootcamp course would suit you better. Many bootcamps have lower tuition rates for remote students.

Are Online Linux Bootcamps Worth It?

Online Linux bootcamps are worth it if you want to master the operating system within a few weeks. From the basics to advance topics, these programs cover everything you need to thrive in the field. In addition, some of these bootcamps have online options, giving you the flexibility to learn from home.

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