Evolve Security Academy Review and Guide

Evolve Security Academy is one of the best cyber security bootcamps in Chicago. It is an extension of Evolve Security, a world-class cyber security company. The 20-week cyber security academy offers in-person and online classes, depending on your preference.

However, due to COVID-19, Evolve Security Academy has temporarily converted all in-person classes to virtual classes. However, the quality of education and job services remain above par. Do check the academy’s website for updates.

Evolve Security doesn’t just offer technical training to students. It also encourages you to participate in the apprenticeship program that comes afterward as it further strengthens your portfolio.

About Evolve Security Academy

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Evolve Security Academy was founded in 2016 to bridge the talent gap in the rapidly changing cyber security space. Each program is divided into 12 comprehensive modules, and each one covers a unique aspect of cyber security and computer science. Students are required to complete all modules before they can graduate.

Evolve Security Academy Programs

As stated above, the bootcamp programs at Evolve Security Academy are primarily cyber security and related fields. Students are encouraged to take the prep course first to understand basic concepts and frameworks before proceeding to the main courses.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Whether you have prior knowledge of cyber security or not, you can kick-start your Evolve Security Academy journey with this prep course. Think of it as an advanced introduction to cyber security covering all the critical aspects of the field.

You will learn about ethical hacking, computer networking, and Linux. There is also a class that teaches you how to use the bootcamp’s CyberLab for real-world simulations.

Location: Online

Tuition: Free (attached to regular tuition)

In-person Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This 20-week program starts right after the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Course for those who register for the in-person classes. The first four weeks are held online with instructor-led live classes. In usual times, the remaining 16 weeks take place in the Chicago campus.

During the intensive course, you will learn about threat modeling, python fundamentals in cyber security, security operations architecture, penetration testing, and scripting. You will also take a deep dive into everything you learned in the prep course.

Location: Formerly in-person, temporarily remote

Tuition: $14,500

Remote Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The remote bootcamp offers everything the in-person bootcamp offers. However, you will be taught through pre-recorded lectures and live sessions. You will be expected to devote at least 20 hours a week to your studies.

You will also take a verbal competency test at the end of each module. This is to make sure you have fully understood the concepts that have been shared. Both bootcamp programs are wrapped up with apprenticeship offers.

Location: Online (remote)

Tuition: $12,500

OSCP Bootcamp

While the other programs are designed to give you a holistic understanding of cyber security, the OSCP Bootcamp takes you on a more specific route. The academy is Offensive Security’s Authorized Training partner and will prepare you for the OSCP exam. If you pass, you will be a certified offensive security professional.

Classes include ethical hacking, network security, and a professional perspective of Linux and penetration testing. It runs for 18 weeks and is less expensive than the other programs.

Location: Online

Tuition: $7,250

Evolve Security Academy Application Process

Evolve Security Academy offers only 20 spots per cohort. So, you will need to pull out all the stops during the admissions process to make the right impression. You can fill in the application form online to start the process. Then, a representative will contact you for an interview.

The interview usually includes questions about your background, work experience, and knowledge of cyber security. Most importantly, the interviewer will want to know your level of commitment to completing the program successfully.

If you qualify for admission, you will receive an email a few days after the interview. This allows you to start the enrollment process and to sign up for the Cyber Security Fundamentals Course.

Evolve Security Academy Tuition and Financing Options

The tuition cost is $7,250, $12,500 or $14,500, depending on program choice. You can either pay upfront, apply for loan financing through Ascent Funding, or pay in installments.

Veterans can use the GI Bill for part or full tuition. Also, students with solid educational backgrounds can apply for merit-based scholarships.

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