Skill Distillery Review and Guide

Skill Distillery is a coding bootcamp that offers a well-rounded education centered around Java. Java is a versatile programming language and offers diverse job prospects in full stack engineering, front end development, and server-side coding.

In this review and guide, you will learn about the school’s programs, schedules, and financing options.

About Skill Distillery

Skill Distillery is based in Denver, Colorado. The school offers a fully-fledged Java education for beginners and intermediate learners. All classes are currently online due to COVID-19. Check for updates on the bootcamp’s website.

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Courses last 12 to 16 weeks and can be completed on a flexible basis. The bootcamp offers interactive and immersive courses, designed to help get you the skills needed for a successful career in tech. Classes cap at 20 students per class, making it great for more individualized teaching.

Skill Distillery Programs

Skill Distillery offers two courses. These are Web Development with Java and Full Stack Development with Java. We’ve fleshed out the curriculum of each course below, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Full Stack Development with Java

This is an extensive and challenging course, which lasts 16 weeks. The curriculum is designed to help you reach proficiency in both front end and backend technologies. Modules include object-oriented programming, Java libraries, SQL, HTML, CSS, Angular, and data structures.

The course is structured with labs and lectures, as well as a final capstone project. This project is useful for your portfolio.

Location: Denver, Online

Tuition: $19,950

Web Development with Java

This program lasts 12 weeks and focuses on the front end and client side of web development. Modules include Java fundamentals, object oriented programming, Java libraries, SQL, HTML, CSS, and the Spring framework.

Like the full stack course, this program is structured around lab work, lectures, and a final project. The skills package that you get at Skill Distillery is purposefully designed to get you a job upon course completion. This is apparent by the laser-sharp focus and attention given to the course curriculum.

Location: Denver, Online

Tuition: $14,950

Skill Distillery Application Process

The application process for Skill Distillery starts with an application letter. You will be asked to fill in a form online with your name and location, along with any coding experience. You will then be asked to explain why you would like to attend a coding bootcamp.

You do not need any prior coding experience to apply. If you do, this is considered a plus but will not affect your application. The application process usually lasts a week.

Skill Distillery is mainly looking for motivated students who show proof of determination. You must be over 18 to apply.

Skill Distillery Tuition and Financing Options

Skill Distillery tuition is $14,950 or $19,950. You must pay a deposit of $1,000 to secure your spot. Students can opt for the income share agreement (ISA). This means that you pay nothing upon enrollment. Instead, you will pay your tuition in monthly installments once you secure well-paid work.

A scholarship is also available for students who have already been accepted into a course. To apply, you will need to fill in an online form. This includes a short 500-word essay outlining how you overcame a specific obstacle in your life. If you are successful, up to 50 percent of your tuition will be covered.

Finally, Skill Distillery has partnered with Climb Credit to offer loans. This means you would pay $81 to $175 per month throughout the course, and $479 to $532 for 36 months after course completion.

Skill Distillery is a great bootcamp for Java enthusiasts. The intimate class size and state-of-the-art teaching make it worthy of your consideration.

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