The 10 Best Online Schools for Veterans and Military
Personnel: 2021 List

This year has ushered in a new wave of technological trends in education, bringing learning closer to home. Now, nearly all communities can access quality college education remotely and earn a degree. That includes minorities like veterans and military personnel. If you are ready to get your degree remotely, check out the best online military-friendly colleges below.

Top 10 Military-Friendly Online Colleges of 2021 Quick Facts

The United States is home to many online colleges for military personnel and veterans. To choose the best school for you, you should compare tuition costs, veteran resources, and the programs they offer.

Check out the basics about the best military-friendly online colleges and their benefits. The tuition rates and program information below were taken from the websites of each institution. Note that the rates only reflect the tuition and exclude other fees such as housing, books and supplies, and personal costs.

School Average Tuition Veteran Support
California State University, Bakersfield $5,742 CSUB Veterans Success Center
CalVet Fee Waiver
Military Tuition Assistance Program
Veterans Center Services
Florida Institute of Technology $19,295 for In-State
$21,173 for Out-of-State
10% Tuition DiscountGI Bill
Yellow Ribbon Program
Harding University $21,690 Veteran Readiness and Employment
Dependents Educational AssistanceGI Bill
Illinois Institute of Technology $48,670 Yellow Ribbon Program
John Brown University $28,924 Military Tuition Assistance Program
GI BillVocational Rehabilitation
Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program Counseling Services Veterans Care Guide
Samford University $34,198 Vocational Rehabilitation
Veterans Educational Assistance Program
Post-9/11 GI Bill
Reserve Educational Assistance Program
University of Connecticut $14,406 for In-State
$37,074 for Out-of-State
Rogers STEM Scholarship
Post-9/11 GI Bill
National Guard Tuition Waiver
Connecticut Veterans Tuition Waiver
UConn Veterans Community
University of Florida $3,876 for In-State
$16,580 for Out-of-State
Forever GI Bill
Yellow Ribbon Program
Out-of-State Fee Waiver
University of San Diego $21,300-$45,000 (varies by program) Montgomery GI Bill
Vocational Rehabilitation
Post-Vietnam Era Veterans Educational Assistance Program
Post-9/11 GI Bill
Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program
Reserve Educational Assistance Program
University of Texas at Austin $5,291-$6,334 for In-State
$18,835-$22,688 for Out-of-State
Hazlewood Act
Student Veteran Association
Sanger Learning CenterUndergraduate Writing Center
Veteran Affairs Counseling

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There are several reasons to get your degree online if you are a veteran or military personnel. First, online learning is a great choice for veterans who want to learn but are not yet ready for the level of human interaction and learning engagement that on-campus learning demands.

Pursuing an online degree serves as a way for veterans and military personnel to reorient themselves to the civilian lifestyle at a comfortable pace. You should also get your degree online if accessibility and convenience are among your top priorities.

With an online degree program, you can study from home, avoid travel costs, and thus save time. Although not the traditional option, online learning remains a viable pathway to earning an accredited degree and starting a professional career thereafter.

Best Online Military-Friendly Schools of 2021

Best Online Military-Friendly Schools of 2021

Below is a list of the best online colleges for military personnel and veterans in 2021. Read on to gain a better understanding of the programs they offer as well as the benefits they provide for veterans and members of the military.

California State University Bakersfield

State: California
Top Programs: Business Administration, Communication, Education, Management

California State University Bakersfield is one of the most extensive colleges in the United States. This university has more than 400,000 students, many of whom opt to study online. CSUB offers a few online degrees as well as the opportunity to take online classes from any campus. These include both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

California State University Bakersfield Support for Military Veterans

If you are a veteran student at CSUB, you can get access to numerous initiatives built to meet your needs. You will be able to enter the CSUB Veterans Club, where you can meet other studying veterans and attend events and workshops. There is also a Veterans Center that extends career assistance to the veteran population.

CSUB supports the CalVet Fee Waiver, which can cover your full tuition if you are eligible. This school also accepts the GI Bill.

Florida Institute of Technology

State: Florida
Top Programs: Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, Management, Liberal Arts

Florida Institute of Technology offers excellent programs for hundreds of students every year. It offers many degree programs that are 100 percent online. You can access different student resources and get the same experiences as on-campus students. You will also be able to network with FIT’s extensive alumni community.

Florida Institute of Technology Support for Military Veterans

The Florida Institute of Technology offers a 10 percent discount on tuition for veterans and members of the military. It also accepts the GI Bill. Either way, you can access affordable tuition and study online.

Harding University

State: Arkansas
Top Programs: Business, Computer Science, English, Graphic Design, Political Science

Harding University is a Christian college that was founded in 1924. This liberal arts school offers more than 100 areas of study, you can get a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree. Harding emphasizes its flexible schedules and online programming. You can work full-time and stay active in your community while you study.

Harding University Support for Military Personnel

The Harding University online programs accept the GI Bill. In addition to the discounts and funding, the school hosts events on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. You can also access the Veterans Association to meet other veterans at Harding.

Illinois Institute of Technology

State: Illinois
Top Programs: Architecture, Graphic Design, Business, Industrial Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology, better known as Illinois Tech, is a private research university. This college has more than 7,200 students and about 700 academic staff. You can access every program through remote education platforms.

Illinois Institute of Technology Support for Military Personnel

Illinois Tech is one of the best colleges for veterans in the country. It accepts and processes benefits from both the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon program. This will cover your tuition if you were active in the military in the 36 months after 9/11.

John Brown University

State: Arkansas
Top Programs: Business, Liberal Arts, Management, Psychology

John Brown University, also known as JBU, is a private Christian college. It is accredited by both the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

At JBU, you can get some degrees completely online. This school also offers online formats for minor programs and select courses.

John Brown University Support for Military Veterans

John Brown University accepts GI Bill benefits for veteran students. This school also offers many resources for veterans and military personnel. You can enter the survivor’s educational assistance program, access vocational rehabilitation services and counseling services, and get financial support.

Samford University

State: Alabama
Top Programs: Business, Nursing, Education, Legal Studies

Samford University is a highly regarded university in Alabama. You can complete a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctoral degree. It is known for its online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, where you can become a business manager or fulfill any leadership role.

According to PayScale, you can earn up to $111,000 as a business manager.

Samford University Support for Military Veterans

Samford University accepts GI Bill benefits to help you pay for your tuition. This school also has a Veteran Administration Certifying Official to help you navigate your education as a veteran. You can also access the Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic if you need extra help with a legal situation.

University of Connecticut

State: Connecticut
Top Programs: Accounting, Business Administration, Educational Technology, Nursing

The University of Connecticut, also known as UConn, is a public university. Currently, the school has more than 30,000 students and about 7,000 graduate students. UConn offers 27 online certificates and 10 online master’s degrees. Keep in mind that this school does not offer online bachelor’s degree programs.

University of Connecticut Support for Military Veterans

Veteran students or active duty service members can apply for two waivers: the Connecticut Veterans Tuition Waiver and the National Guard Tuition Waiver. UConn also accepts GI Bill benefits. It also has a Veterans Student Association to help you find resources and connect with other students, even online.

University of Florida

State: Florida
Top Programs: Computer Science, Geography, Nursing, Psychology, Sports Management

The University of Florida offers some of the best online bachelor’s degree programs. Currently, it is the third-largest university in the United States with more than 80,000 students. The virtual campus offers high standards and extensive resources for all students. You can study everything from criminology to business administration.

University of Florida Support for Military Veterans

For veteran students, this school accepts benefits from both the Yellow Ribbon program and the GI Bill. You can receive total funding for your enrollment in undergraduate or graduate programs. You can also access the Collegiate Veterans Society Facebook group.

University of San Diego

State: California
Top Programs: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, Data Science, Education

The University of San Diego offers nine different online graduate degrees. These specialized tracks can help you upskill from home. Each program only takes 20 months to finish, so if you want to get a master’s degree quickly, this is a great option for you. You can also access the digital library and other student benefits while you study.

University of San Diego Support for Military Veterans

At the University of San Diego, you will receive many benefits if you are a veteran student. The school accepts benefits from programs like the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon, which allow you to save on tuition costs and other school services. There are also organizations like the Student Veteran Organization and the HERO Club.

University of Texas at Austin

State: Texas
Top Programs: Accounting, Finance, History, Mathematics

UT Austin is a public school with an excellent reputation. If you want to take individual courses online, you can access them without going through the admissions process. You can also consider UT Austin’s online master’s degrees. This school offers an online Master of Science in Computer Science, which is a great option to break into tech from your home.

The University of Texas Support for Military Veterans

The Student Veterans Office at UT Austin can help you navigate your online education. You can find different benefits like a 10 percent discount on online courses. This school also accepts GI Bill benefits. In addition, you can also access mental health services and PTSD plans.

Military and Veteran Benefits Available for University Students

Many online colleges offer support to United States military personnel to reward their work for the nation. If you are a veteran or active member of the US Army, you should take advantage of the numerous benefits offered to military-affiliated students.

Remember to check with your prospective school and the Department of Veterans Affairs to know which of the programs and benefits below you’re eligible for.

Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill, also known as MGIB, is a program created for military service members and veterans. It covers 36 months of academic preparation in qualified courses, universities, technical schools, and more.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill, or Yellow Ribbon program, is available for military personnel who worked in the 30 to 90 days after 9/11. You should check with your advisor to make sure you are eligible. This bill can help you pay for housing, tuition, and educational resources.

Scholarships for Military Personnel and Veterans

If you want to save extra money on tuition for your online studies, you can access educational benefits and scholarships. Read below to learn more about national scholarships for veterans and military personnel.

AMVET National Scholarship Program

If you are a veteran student and have already used your GI Bill resources, you can request this special program. This program only accepts veteran students who have been honorably discharged and are attending a university or technical college. The plan offers $1,000 for each academic year.

Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship

This program is only available to veterans who received the Order of the Purple Heart. It also applies to their immediate family members. You can get financial aid to cover your college tuition. This is a good option if you want to support a family member as well.

Troops to Teachers Programs

This scholarship is run by the US government. Only active military or veterans who want to pursue a teaching or education career are eligible. You must accept a tour of duty at schools in your community to receive funding. According to PayScale, teachers can earn up to $76,000 per year.

Additional Resources for Military Personnel and Veterans

Scholarships and veteran funding programs can help you cover your tuition. However, colleges offer more resources to support you throughout your education. Below you will see additional resources for veterans and military personnel.

Veterans Club

One of the best ways to adjust to a new life as a student is at a veterans club. Many colleges have these spaces where you can talk about your learning experience, hold memorial activities, and more. You can meet like-minded people and create a community while you study.

Veterans Resource Centers

Depending on the school you choose, you can find Veterans Resource Centers. In these spaces, you have access to different resources that can offer you support while you study. You can access mental health support, financial guidance, online tutoring, and much more.


Some colleges offer exclusive courses for active military and veterans. These workshops include topics like computer science, tips for getting a job, entrepreneurship, and more. If you want to keep learning outside of class, you should check to see if your preferred college offers workshops like these.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a veteran or military personnel and want to get a degree later in life, you should try an online college. These schools provide veterans services, extensive resources, and academic support to get you where you need to go. In 2021, online college is an ideal career starter, not just for veterans but for members of any community.

All you need is Internet access to get an online bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. You can receive the same outcomes and support as on-campus students. Your work helping the country will help you become a qualified professional.

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