Fullstack Academy Review and Guide

Fullstack Academy is a New York City-based coding bootcamp that gives people the necessary training to start a career as a software engineer. This Fullstack Academy review will highlight everything to know about the coding bootcamp.

About Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy specializes in teaching coding and cyber security. The coding bootcamp offers programming classes and workshops that also promote collaboration among students.

Fullstack Academy cares about empowerment. Its Grace Hopper program helps women and non-binary persons break into tech. The program is project-based and includes lectures and workshops, which aim to increase the retention of knowledge with hands-on practice.

Fullstack Academy Programs

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Fullstack Academy prepares students for their programs through compulsory self-paced pre-work exercises. These include topics covering CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Students take time to learn recursion, prototypal inheritance and scoping. The Fullstack Academy curriculum also focuses on full stack development.

Software Engineering Immersive

This program teaches HTML, CSS, scoping, advanced JavaScript closure, web development environment, and introduction to full stack development. This program teaches students React, Node.js, and other web application technologies. Learning these topics prepares students for a future as professional software develops.

Location: Online

Tuition: $17,910

The Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper Program offers women and non-binary people an opportunity to enter the workforce with confidence. The program begins with a four-week training on the foundations of JavaScript. After that, there’s hands-on learning through workshops, pair programming, and projects.

The Grace Hopper Program is special because it also prepares students for entry-level positions. It isn’t focused on how to code alone, students also learn to stand out among others to secure the best positions during their job search. It offers career services to help you find a job.

Location: Online and New York City

Tuition: $17,910

Web Development Fellowship

This fellowship follows a project-based curriculum. It prepares students for careers in software engineering by equipping them with the technical skills to navigate the industry. The program lasts 24 weeks and involves workshops, lectures, and projects.

Location: New York City and

Tuition: $17,000

Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp

This program focuses on cyber security, and offers flexibility in how you learn. Students here can tailor their schedules through part-time and full-time options to pick up the technical skills they need to work in the cyber security field.

Students enrolled in this program undergo skills training and study current cyber trends. Students learn with simulated cyber attacks using hands-on approaches.

Location: Online

Tuition: $17,910

Fullstack Academy Application Process

Those interested in enrolling can apply online, take an assessment test and undergo a behavioral interview.

Know before you apply that it is important to note you must be familiar with computer science concepts like loops, variables, functions, conditionals, and recursion.

The assessment test involves five coding challenges. If you pass this exam, you will be invited to a behavioral interview. If you pass, you’ll be accepted into the program and you can pay your tuition.

Fullstack Academy Tuition and Financing Options

Fullstack Academy’s tuition cost depends on the location of the training. Each of the online coding programs costs $17,910, while each of the on-site ones costs $$17,000.

There are also financing options for students through lending partners like Ascent Funding. This service offers several loan options and repayment plans. You can choose one that suits your particular situation.

There is also an income sharing agreement option for this program, allowing you to learn skills now and pay later. Women and armed forces veterans also receive $1,000 scholarships if they are eligible.

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