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How Much Does a Coding Bootcamp Cost?

Coding bootcamps are becoming a popular choice of education for people interested in starting a career in the tech industry. They are easy to fit into your schedule, with plenty of remote learning options, and most schools in the bootcamp industry focus their curricula on relevant and specialized skills. 

Bootcamps are also popular because they are much more affordable than colleges, and take much less time to complete. This article contains detailed descriptions of some of the best coding bootcamps, including the programs they offer and how much they cost.

How Much Is the Average Coding Bootcamp? 

The average bootcamp costs about $13,583, but the price varies depending on the bootcamp and the program. Some bootcamps are even free, while others can cost up to $30,000. These figures are based on information collected and reviewed for this article. Read on for a detailed summary of the costs of various types of tech bootcamps. 

Is a Coding Bootcamp Cheaper Than a College Degree Program? 

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Yes, a coding bootcamp is cheaper than a college degree program. The cost of a college degree program differs based on the type of college, the program, and the degree level, but on average the cost of tuition and required fees is $13,360 per year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). 

This means that, even without room and board, the average cost of a two-year associate degree is $26,720 and the average cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree is $53,440. Meanwhile, the average cost of a coding bootcamp is only $13,583. 

Cost of Coding Bootcamps at a Glance

Bootcamp Programs Available Formats Cost Range Average Tuition Cost
General Assembly
Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Marketing, Data Science, Product Management, Software Engineering, User Experience, Web Development,
Software Engineering
Flex, online, in-person, full-time, part-time $950 – $15,950 $5,792
BrainStation Coding, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Project Management, UI/UX Design, Web Development Full-time, part-time, online $2,450 – $15,000 $5,794
The Tech Academy Coding, Cyber Security, Data Science, Project Management, UX/UI Design, Web Development Full-time, part-time, self-paced, online, in-person $5,300 – $14,000 $9,921
Georgia Tech Boot Camps Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Full Stack Web Development, UX/UI Design Full-time, part-time, online $7,995 – $10,000 $9,666
Thinkful Data Analytics, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Technical Project Management, UX/UI Design Online, full-time, part-time $4,600 -$16,000 $9,700
Springboard Coding, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning Engineering, Software Engineering, UI/UX Design, Tech Sales Online, part-time $7,900 – $11,900 $10,350
Flatiron School Cyber Security, Data Science, Product Design, Software Engineering Online, in-person $16,900 $16,900
Hack Reactor Software Engineering Online, full-time, part-time $17,980 $17,980
New Jersey Institute of Technology Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, UX/UI Design Part-time, online $18,000 $18,000
Lambda School Backend Development, Data Science, Full Stack Web Development Full-time, online $15,000 – $30,000 $25,000

How Much Do Different Types of Coding Bootcamp Cost? 

Based on the bootcamp programs surveyed in this article, the average cost of coding bootcamps is $17,954, the average cost of data bootcamps is $11,519, and the average cost of cyber security bootcamps is $15,120. Digital marketing bootcamps cost an average of $10,298, and web design bootcamps cost an average of $13,192.

As you will see, the cost of a bootcamp varies according to both the type of program and the method of delivery. In what follows, we list a few specific schools for each of our major subjects, with details about their programs and tuition costs.

Coding Bootcamp Programs

Coding bootcamps include programs that cover software engineering or web development in any of its forms, whether that be front end, backend, or full stack. Read below to find out more about bootcamps that offer coding programs and their costs, curricula, lengths, and career services. The average cost of the bootcamps listed in this section is $17,954. 

General Assembly | Software Engineering 

Tuition: $14,950 (full-time), $14,950 (flex) 

The General Assembly Software Engineering program is conducted in both online and onsite formats. The flex program lasts 24 weeks with an 18-hour weekly commitment, and involves evening and weekend classes. The full-time program lasts 12 weeks.

The curriculum covers software engineering fundamentals, front end development, front end frameworks, APIs, and backend development. The school also offers career services to its students, including a team of experts to help them along their coding journey, improve their interview skills, and build a personal brand.

BrainStation | Web Development

Tuition: $15,000

At BrainStation, your online bootcamp experience will consist of a 12-week program introducing you to the technical skills and tools required for web development. Classes emphasize project-based learning and hands-on training. 

In the program, you will learn HTML, CSS, flexible layouts, responsive design, and advanced web concepts. BrainStation’s career services team is available to meet with students to prepare them for a fulfilling career journey.

Flatiron School | Software Engineering 

Tuition: $16,900 (full-time, online), $16,900 (full-time, in-person), $16,900 (flex, online)

The Software Engineering Program has two paces, full-time and flex. The full-time program is a 15-week fast-track program featuring live lectures, either online or in person, nine hours a day. The flex program is self-paced and lasts for 20, 40, or 60 weeks depending on the student’s availability. Students have campus and online access with optional study groups. 

The program teaches front end web development, programming skills, backend development, backend web APIs, and various projects. The school also offers career services to its students, including individual career coaching, access to a vast employer partner network to make career connections, and a proven job-search framework.

Hack Reactor | Software Engineering Immersive

Tuition: $17,980 (full-time, in-person), $17,980 (full-time, online), $17,980 (part-time, online)

The Hack Reactor Software Engineering Program has three formats. The full-time in-person coding bootcamp lasts 12 weeks and is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Austin, and Denver. The online immersive program is also 12 weeks, with full access to the instructors six days a week. The part-time program is nine months, three days a week. 

The curriculum includes computer science fundamentals, full stack software engineering with JavaScript, and leading-edge and production-grade technology.

Lambda School | Full Stack Web Development 

Tuition: $30,000

Lambda School’s full stack web development program is a six-month online coding bootcamp that covers web foundations, web application development, advanced web development, backend development, and computer science.

The school also offers career services that include job search support, career coaching, job sourcing, and fellowships. The fellowship program allows you to work with a real company for four weeks while being paid by Lambda. The school’s tuition is structured as an income share agreement (ISA), which means you don’t pay until you get hired.

Data Bootcamp Programs

Data science bootcamps include any school that offers programs in data science, data analytics, data engineering, or data analysis. The bootcamps on this list offer one or more of these subjects. The average cost of bootcamps in this section is $11,519.

Thinkful | Data Analytics Bootcamp 

Tuition: $8,000 (part-time, online), $12,250 (full-time, online)

Thinkful offers full-time and part-time online data analytics programs. The full-time program is four months at 50 hours per week, and it includes live video mentor sessions and daily live online lectures and workshops. There is a mandatory self-paced prep course before the main program. The part-time program is six months at 20 to 30 hours per week, with no introductory courses. 

The curriculum consists of data analytics, business intelligence, data visualization, Excel, MySQL, SQL, and Python. Thinkful’s career services consist of career support from the beginning of the course until six months after graduation, one-on-one mentorship, a professional portfolio of projects, in-depth interview practice sessions, and access to a professional network.

Springboard | Data Engineering Career Track 

Tuition: $13,140

Springboard offers a career-focused online part-time data engineering program that lasts for six months. The weekly class time commitment is 15 to 20 hours. The curriculum includes lessons on big data engineering, data engineering in the cloud, data pipelines and orchestration, data virtualization, APIs, and coding for data engineering. 

The school’s career resources include coaching, professional network building, online branding, interview prep, one-on-one mentorship, and job search assistance, all of which are intended to help you reach your professional goals.

BrainStation | Data Science 

Tuition: $15,000 (full-time), $15,000 (part-time)

BrainStation’s data science program comes in part-time and full-time formats. The full-time program is 40 hours per week for 12 weeks. The part-time program is 3 hours per week for 10 weeks. 

The programs all focus on data science foundations, data cleaning, data visualization, data analysis, statistics and modeling, and machine learning. BrainStation career services include meeting with career team members and access to a vast range of services, all of which have helped bootcamp grads land job opportunities.

General Assembly | Data Science 

Tuition: $15,950 (full-time, in-person), $15,950 (full-time, online), $15,950 (flex, online), $3,950 (part-time, in-person), $3,950 (part-time, online)

This data science program has three scheduling options, which are part-time, full-time, and flex. The full-time program is 12 weeks at 40 hours per week, while the part-time program is 10 weeks at 6 hours per week. The flex program is a 24-week program that is fully online and uses tools like Zoom and Slack. 

They all teach data science fundamentals, exploratory data analysis, classical statistical modeling, machine learning models, and advanced topics and trends. The school also offers career services, which include helping students with their career goals, interview prep, building a personal brand, portfolio reviews, and networking opportunities.

Cyber Security Bootcamp Programs

Cyber security bootcamps offer courses in all the core skills you need for a cyber security career. The format of each bootcamp is a little different. Some bootcamps are full-time, some are part-time, while some offer both formats. The average cost of the cyber security bootcamps on this list is $15,120.

The Tech Academy | Cyber Security Boot Camp

Tuition: $10,600 (full-time, in-person), $13,300 (part-time, in-person) 

At its campuses in Utah and Oregon, The Tech Academy offers part-time and full-time cyber security programs. The full-time in-person program lasts 20 weeks with 40 hours of class time per week, and the part-time bootcamp lasts 38 weeks at 20 hours per week.

The curriculum includes computer and technology basics, software development, version control, hardware and network security basics, ethical hacking, Snort 3, and more. The final part of the program is a job placement module that teaches resume writing, interviewing skills, and job market navigation, as well as gives you access to the job placement staff.

Springboard | Cyber Security Career Track

Tuition: $14,340

Springboard’s cyber security bootcamp is an online part-time program that lasts six months. The curriculum covers cyber security fundamentals, identity and access management, security assessment and training, a capstone project, and CompTIA Security+ exam prep.  

The program requires a commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week and offers one-on-one mentorship. Its career services include assistance with your job search, tips on building a professional network and establishing an online presence, and mock interviews.

Flatiron School | Cybersecurity Engineering

Tuition: $16,900 (full-time, online), $16,900 (full-time, in-person), $16,900 (part-time, online), $16,900 (part-time, in-person)

Flatiron School offers part-time and full-time programs either online or in person. The full-time, in-person bootcamp lasts 15 weeks at 45 hours per week. The part-time program lasts 20, 40, or 60 weeks depending on your schedule. 

The curriculum covers network security, system security, Python, governance, risk, compliance, logs and detection, threat intelligence, application security, applied cryptography, and a capstone project. The school also offers career services that include individual career coaching, a vast employer network, and a proven job-search framework.

Web Design Bootcamp Programs

Web design bootcamps offer design programs that provide students with core skills in user experience and user interface design (UX/UI), product design, and more. The following list includes a few great bootcamp options with necessary information about each school. The average cost of the web design bootcamps on this list is $13,192.

Thinkful | UX/UI Design Bootcamp 

Tuition: $9,500 (part-time, online), $12,150 (full-time, in-person)

Thinkful offers a 20-week full-time and 26-week part-time UX/UI design bootcamp, at 50 hours per week and 20 hours per week respectively. The full-time course includes a mandatory four-week prep course. 

The curriculum includes user experience design, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and front end design. It also offers full-time career support from day one, including interview prep, online branding, resume writing, exclusive access to open roles, and industry and salary insights.

Springboard | UI/UX Design Career Track

Tuition: $14,310

Springboard is an online bootcamp that offers a UI/UX design program for nine months at 15 to 20 hours per week. The program is flexible and personalized, with each student being paired with a career coach. 

Students will build a strong foundation in design thinking, synthesizing user research, ideation and design, heuristics and interaction design, UI practice exercises, and sketching and wireframing. Its career services include career coaching, job search strategies, building a professional network, online branding, and interview prep.

BrainStation | User Experience Design 

Tuition: $15,000 (full-time), $15,000 (part-time)

BrainStation offers a user experience design program in two formats. The full-time program is a 12-week program at 40 hours per week, while the part-time program is 10 weeks at 3 hours per week. 

The curriculum includes UX design fundamentals, UX research, strategy and planning, user interface and app design, applied design thinking and responsive website design, and professional development. The school’s career services include one-on-one career support and a demo day, where students meet potential employers and build a professional network.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Programs

Most bootcamps with digital marketing programs offer it as a part-time course. This list includes a few bootcamps that are strong choices for this career. The curriculum mostly covers SEO and digital marketing. The average cost of the digital marketing bootcamps on this list is $10,298.

Thinkful | Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Tuition: $4,900

This digital marketing bootcamp is a three-month program designed to equip students with digital skills for 15 to 20 hours each week. The program is part-time, online, and self-paced and covers SEO, growth hacking, digital marketing, and data analytics. Career services include interview prep, online branding, resume writing, and industry and salary insights.

Georgia Tech Boot Camps | Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Tuition: $7,995

Georgia Tech Boot Camps partners with Trilogy Education Services to offer a part-time online digital marketing program that runs for 18 weeks. It is an intensive program that offers a dynamic learning experience with hands-on instruction. Topics include social media marketing, SEO, product management, email marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing. 

New Jersey Institute of Technology | Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Tuition: $18,000

New Jersey Institute of Technology’s digital marketing program runs for nine months at seven hours per week. The curriculum covers social media marketing, user experience design, email marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and data analytics.

Its career services ensure student success with interview coaching, custom resume planning, professional networking, internship placement assistance, LinkedIn profile building, and career path advising.

How Much Do You Make After a Coding Bootcamp?

Woman in white shirt sitting at a desk and reading bootcamp reviews on her computer Coding Bootcamp Cost
Coding bootcamps are more affordable than traditional universities.

Salary outcomes depend on various factors, but the best bootcamps set their students up for lucrative careers in tech. According to Hack Reactor’s published outcomes, coding bootcamp graduates make an average of $80,000. Meanwhile, Flatiron School graduates make an average starting salary of $70,546, and Thinkful graduates have a median salary of $64,873

If we zoom out and look at the tech industry as a whole, we see that the earning potential for bootcamp graduates is high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a software developer is $110,140. And according to PayScale, a data scientist earns an average of $96,501 annually.

To get the most bang for your buck, make sure to research your options before committing to a particular bootcamp or a particular type of bootcamp program. You may not earn a high salary right away, so keep your expectations realistic. Use the following table as a guide to the high-growth careers and salaries that lay open to recent bootcamp graduates. 

Common Tech Jobs for Bootcamp Graduates

Job Title Type of Bootcamp Program Average Entry-Level Salary
Data Scientist Data Science $85,164
Software Engineer Coding $77,166
Cyber Security Engineer Cyber Security $76,521
Product Designer Web Design $71,719
UX Designer Web Design $63,947
Information Security Analyst Cyber Security $60,402
Business Intelligence Analyst Data Analytics $59,899
Data Analyst Data Analytics $56,453
Web Developer Coding $50,693
Digital Marketer Digital Marketing $47,828

Is a Coding Bootcamp Worth It? 

Yes, a coding bootcamp is worth it if you want to start a career in tech or advance your coding skills. Many bootcamps offer flexible intensive programs that make it easy to learn even while working or doing other things. Coding bootcamps are short-term programs, which means you can quickly learn relevant skills to meet the high market demand for new tech workers.

Coding bootcamps also offer many job placement services that ensure you are hireable for a tech job in our increasingly digital economy. They are also more affordable than traditional universities, and the salary outcomes are promising. All things considered, coding bootcamps are an excellent investment. 

Coding Bootcamp Cost FAQ

How do you pay for a coding bootcamp?

You can pay for a bootcamp through various payment plans, including deferred tuition, ISAs, installments, loans, and scholarships.

Is coding bootcamp free?

Some bootcamps are free and most bootcamps also offer financing options to make learning easier for students.

Are coding bootcamps expensive?

Coding bootcamps may be expensive depending on your choice of bootcamp or program. However, they are less expensive than other school options, with the average coding bootcamp costing $13,583.

Can coding bootcamps get you a job?

Coding bootcamps are very good at helping students find jobs. Many offer career services, job assistance, job guarantees, or have employer partners to help students get hired after graduation. Some bootcamps report their high job placement rates as proof of their effectiveness. Flatiron School, for instance, has a job placement rate of 86 percent.

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