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What Is the Average Teacher Salary in Arizona?

Working as a school teacher is a rewarding career essential to the development of a well-educated and successful society. Teacher salary and career opportunities for classroom teachers vary in different cities and districts. So, what is the average teacher salary in Arizona? 

This article outlines the average teacher salary in Arizona and discusses the qualifications you need to work in education in the state. Just like any profession, there are certain educational and job requirements to become a teacher in Arizona. Your qualifications, experience, and skills determine your average yearly salary as a teacher.

What Is the Average Teacher Salary in Arizona?

According to the annual report by the National Center for Education Statistics, the average salary of public elementary and secondary school teachers was $52,157 in Arizona in 2020-21. The salary can vary from district to district. Teachers earn more in high-demand areas and teacher salaries in urban districts are higher than in rural areas. 

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The teacher salaries may also differ based on promotional levels, qualifications, and subjects taught. Post-secondary teachers working in colleges, universities, and professional schools earned a $73,940 median salary in Arizona in May 2021. 

What Is the Average Salary of a Teacher in the United States?

According to the recent annual report by the National Center for Education Statistics, teachers earn an average salary of $65,090 in the United States. Public school teachers earn a higher average salary than private school teachers. 

Due to the large number of public schools, the demand for teachers has increased. The salary is higher in public schools because of the difficult work environment with high class numbers of dozens of students. You might get an increase in salary as you gain more experience. 

Average Teacher Salary in Arizona: K—12

Level Number Employed in Arizona Average Salary in Arizona Average Salary in the United States
Kindergarten Teachers 3,030 $50,830 $64,490
Elementary School Teachers 24,370 $51,150 $67,080
Middle School Teachers 9,710 $50,580 $66,880
High School Teachers 18,390 $55,180 $69,530

Basic Requirements to Become a Teacher in Arizona: K—12

  • College Degree: You are required to get a bachelor’s or associate degree in early childhood education or a specific subject. College degrees in behavioral sciences are helpful for kindergarten and elementary school teachers, as they play an important role in these levels of education.
  • Educator Preparation Program: This is a 12-week program of student teaching training which leads to certification. The Arizona State Board of Education approves the certification and it is required to obtain a full-time teacher position.
  • Teaching License: After completing your degree and preparation program, apply for your teaching license. It is mandatory to have a license approved by the Arizona State Board of Education to work in a public school.

How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher in Arizona

The general requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education or 45 semester hours of education courses and eight semester hours of internship credits. Public schools also require a state-issued teaching license or certificate. Kindergarten teachers must have social skills and patience to promote the social development and academics of young children.

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher in Arizona

Being an elementary teacher in Arizona requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences or Early Childhood Education. If you don’t possess a teaching license or prior experience in teaching, an alternative teaching certificate is eligible for landing a job. Elementary teachers use various activities to stimulate the students’ brains and develop their skills and learning process. 

How to Become a Middle School Teacher in Arizona

To work in middle school, earn a bachelor’s degree in a major you wish to teach. Arizona has faced teacher shortages in recent years, so a subject-specific bachelor’s degree without teaching certification may be sufficient. Instead of the traditional educator preparation program, various advanced degrees from an accredited institution are also an option.

How to Become a High School Teacher in Arizona

A bachelor’s degree in a subject area and an education training program is required to become a high school teacher in Arizona. In case you don’t have a teaching certification, a master’s degree or an alternative teaching pathway can be beneficial. A teaching license isn’t mandatory in private schools, but most schools prefer it.

Average Teacher Salary in Arizona: Other Types of Teachers

Type Number Employed in Arizona Average Salary in Arizona Average Salary in the United States
Preschool Teachers 7,490 $32,930 $36,460
Career and Technical Education Teachers 980 $57,010 $68,960
Adult Basic Education Teachers 300 $50,880 $60,650
Substitute Teachers 3,410 $29,180 $34,680

Requirements to Become a Teacher in Arizona: Preschool

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Degree: Most preschool teachers are required to have a bachelor’s in early childhood education or a closely-related field. This degree includes childhood development, teaching strategies, and other basic courses.
  • Developing Social Skills: The job responsibilities of a preschool teacher include preparing their students for elementary school. They help children develop social skills such as listening, cooperation, working in groups, and asking questions.
  • Supervising Activities: Along with creating activity plans, they monitor the progress of students in the activities. The activities may include play, snack time, and field trips. 

Requirements to Become a Teacher in Arizona: Career and Technical Education

  • Subject-Specific Degree: Earn a bachelor’s degree in the subject area to be taught. Many institutions have also started offering bachelor’s degrees in career and technical education. 
  • Experience: Teachers are required to have experience in the field they wish to teach. Experienced teachers are preferred by schools, which opens more job opportunities for professionals with industry experience.
  • Career Skills: Since the job revolves around practical career skills, the teacher should be an expert in career insights. They assess the performance of students based on their knowledge and skills.

Requirements to Become a Teacher in Arizona: Adult Basic Education

  • Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in your field of specialty is the general requirement. Some institutions like community colleges may require a master’s degree as well.
  • Preparing Instructions: Adult basic education teachers prepare lesson plans, lectures, and assignments for adult students. They may have to review course material and administer the course budget as well.
  • Graduate Degree: It is mandatory to attend a teacher preparation program or get a master’s degree. If you plan to teach at a post-secondary level like university, a doctoral degree is the required level of education.

Requirements to Become a Substitute Teacher in Arizona

  • Minimum Degree Level: A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification required for a substitute teacher. In case schools don’t have enough substitute teachers, teachers with a high school diploma and an emergency substitute certificate offered by Arizona are allowed to work.
  • Teacher License: It is required to complete the educator preparation program and earn a teaching license. While you can work with an emergency substitute certificate, you may earn lower wages than those with a regular teaching certification from Arizona.
  • Experience: Practical experience, such as teaching internships, can help you land a job as a substitute teacher. The school district will look at your level of teaching experience and prefers educators who have knowledge of teaching practices. 

Average Teacher Salary in Arizona: Special Education

Special Education Level Number Employed in Arizona Average Salary in Arizona Average Salary in the United States
Preschool 360 $52,650 $71,970
Kindergarten and Elementary 3,260 $54,440 $67,090
Middle School 1,140 $52,780 $68,860
High School 2,120 $54,780 $79,100

Requirements to Become a Teacher in Arizona: Special Education

  • Qualification: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in special education is usually expected in all institutions. If someone has a bachelor’s degree in a different subject, they should gain a master’s in special education to become a special education teacher.
  • Patience: Special education employees are responsible for instructing children with different disabilities, which requires patience and understanding. The students have different needs, and some may require you to teach them basic life skills.
  • Communication Skills: Special education teachers may deal with disabled children who have communication difficulties. It is critical to understand their needs to ensure their success in school.

Is a Teacher’s Salary in Arizona Worth My Time and Money?

Yes, the competitive school teacher salary in Arizona offers a comfortable lifestyle. According to Arizona’s two-tier system, educators initially obtain a 3-year provisional certificate and a 6-year standard certificate after earning teaching experience. The average college tuition fee in Arizona is $12,316, and the teacher certification enrollment costs around $60.

After completing the requirements to become a teacher in Arizona, you can expect to earn an annual salary between $29,000 and $50,000. Many cities in Arizona are an affordable location to live in, so the teacher salary in Arizona is sufficient to live a financially secure life. 

Teacher Salary in Arizona FAQ

In which state do teachers get paid the most?

Teachers in Washington earn the highest teacher salary in the United States, with an annual salary of $69,914. Post-secondary educators are the highest paid, whereas teacher assistants are paid below the national average. New York also has a wide range of job opportunities with competitive salaries for teachers. Keep in mind that cost of living will affect relative earnings for teachers. 

Are there enough teachers in Arizona?

According to the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association (ASPAA), 78.7 percent of teacher positions remained vacant or were filled by people who don’t match the qualifications. Currently, Arizona has many long-term substitute teachers due to the teacher shortage, so there are many job openings. The United States is now offering many online teaching degrees to manage the teacher shortage.

How do teachers influence their students’ lives?

Teachers have a huge impact on their student’s academic achievements, attitude, and mindset. They employ key teaching skills to help youngsters develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The majority of teacher salaries do not reflect how important they are to society. Teachers encourage and assist students in reaching their goals, which leads to career success, higher education, and strong interpersonal skills. 

Will teachers get a pay raise in the coming years?

Teachers in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and other states are expecting a raise after July 1, 2022. Arizona may see a 2.4 percent increase in teacher salaries in 2021-2022, while Mississippi has announced a $5,100 raise for teachers. Overall, teachers will get a pay rise in several states in the United States. 

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