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Side Hustle Ideas for Teachers: How to Earn Some Extra Cash in 2022

Teaching is a difficult, yet highly satisfying job. Teachers work in a high-stress environment and the money they earn does not always equate to the work they put in. As such, side hustles for teachers can help alleviate some of this financial stress and complement their main job.

In this article, we examine the best side hustles for teachers and discuss practical steps to find the most suitable ones. We hope these side hustle ideas for teachers will help you attain career satisfaction as you earn from legitimate side gigs. 

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an additional job that supplements your full-time income. If you are worried about job security, a side hustle is a great way to earn additional money. Side hustles can turn your hobbies into money and give you something to do in your spare time. Freedom outside of school hours and a long summer break give teachers the freedom to pick up additional work.

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Side hustles are very well suited to teachers, as a teaching job often doesn’t pay as well as it should. Teachers are also highly skilled and knowledgeable, so they already have the qualifications needed for supplementary work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, elementary teachers earn an average wage of $60,660, and high school teachers earn $62,870.

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Hustle

If you can turn your hobby into a lucrative side hustle, you can say you love what you do for a living. So, why not take something you already enjoy doing for free and turn that talent into extra cash? With some extra time on your end and general know-how, many hobbies can be turned into a successful side hustle.  

If your hobbies are a creative outlet, then your search for a side hustle might be straightforward. For example, if you’re an English teacher and your hobby is writing, then you’re in luck. There are several ways for you to make some extra income, such as freelance writing, writing blog content, and writing for social media platforms.

How to Side Hustle From Home

There are several different ways you can side hustle from home. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, then working from home is easy. For example, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, and freelance proofreading are some options you can consider.

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, this is another way you can side hustle from home. You can set up an Etsy store or an Amazon marketplace to sell your products. If your business starts to boom, you can ask local stores to stock your products.

How to Start a Side Hustle as a Teacher

Teachers usually have summers off and may have extra time on weekends when they aren’t lesson planning. This time off is the perfect opportunity for teachers to start a side hustle. So, how exactly do you find a side hustle? Read on, follow our step-by-step guide, and find out to get started.

Organize Your Free Time

Free time is invaluable. But, if you are serious about pursuing additional work, then you must organize your free time accordingly. Make sure you set aside enough time for your side hustle, even if it’s only a couple of hours a week. It might help to write out a schedule and pin it up on your wall. 

Find Your Talent

Make a list of your interests and figure out which ones you do best. You can ask your partner or friends to help you with this. It doesn’t have to be something you love, but it should be something you are good at. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as you might discover a hidden talent. 

Figure Out What You Want to Do 

Once you have organized your free time and discovered your talents, it’s time to figure out exactly what you want to do. For example, if you love writing, you might decide to write a book, seek out freelance writing gigs, or even offer private tutoring to fellow writers. ZipRecruiter reports that tutors make an average of $22 an hour, which can add up. 

Get Used to the Landscape

While it sounds ideal to turn your interests into a career, you will need time to adapt. It is important that whatever job you choose to pursue, you endeavor to learn any new skills required.

Get Started

Now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to get started. You can use the Internet to look for work, talk to your fellow teachers at school, or use the bulletin board in the teacher’s lounge to advertise your new project. 

Best Side Hustles for Teachers

A teacher conducting an online class with a video camera and a laptop in a classroom environment.

Side hustles for teachers are a great way to make passive income.

If you are unsure what you want to do, or you need some inspiration, then read on as we offer you our top tips on the best side hustles for teachers. There may be an idea here that fits into your schedule and can help you earn a few extra bucks. 

Curriculum Development

This is a pretty straightforward option for teachers. While improving an entire curriculum can seem like a daunting task, it is something teachers can do uniquely well. Creating lesson plans is already something teachers do, so adding curriculum development to your day might be manageable.

Private Tutoring

Tutoring is another excellent side hustle for teachers and requires no additional training. There are several tutoring agencies you can look into, and you can also offer private tutoring online. Upwork is a great place to look for potential clients.

Create an Online Course

Capitalize on the knowledge you already have and create an online course. You might be able to put your course on accessible learning platforms like Skillshare. Research what other courses are available and try to find a gap in the market. 

Get a Part-time Job

If you have a lot of free time on the weekends or are willing to work in the evenings, a part-time job might be your best option. There are plenty of part-time jobs that pay well, and you might be able to find one that allows you to work from home. 

Online Survey Taker

Partaking in online surveys is a very flexible option for those looking to earn some extra money. Although the pay is not great, there is very little required of you. This is something a teacher could do between lessons or during a coffee break. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another potentially profitable side hustle for teachers. As a freelance writer, you have the flexibility to write at convenient times. It’s a hustle that you can fit around any schedule.

Food Delivery Driver

If you own a car or a bike, you can easily become a food delivery driver. With more people now working from home, there is an increase in demand for this type of job. If you live in a densely populated area, this can be a useful source of income.  

Teaching English

English teachers are always in high demand. As an English-speaking teacher, you could give lessons to a foreign student who may be struggling with their English, or even tutor someone online.

Write a Book

Writing a book is by no means an easy task, but it can be a creative outlet. You can hone your craft and discover your voice by starting off with blog posts. If you are successful, this side hustle could make you more money than your full-time job as a teacher.


If you have a good ear, high attention to detail, and are focused, then transcribing could be the side hustle for you. Unlike writing, you aren’t creating any content yourself, which is less of an intellectual burden. All you have to do is listen to audio files and write down what you hear.

Side Hustle Apps You Can Use to Earn Extra Cash

There are plenty of side hustle apps out there you can use to earn extra cash, no matter what avenue you are planning on taking. Below, we have picked the five best apps to boost your income and help you discover new opportunities.

  • Upwork. Upwork is a freelancing platform. Use Upwork to create an online profile, post a job and connect with clients.
  • Fiverr. Much like Upwork, Fiverr also provides freelancers with access to jobs of all skills, allowing them to work over the Internet and connect to clients easier. 
  • Instawork. Instawork is an online platform that links businesses and workers for part-time and temp-for-hire jobs. 
  • Uber. Uber is a taxi service. If you have a car, you can become an Uber driver and earn money on your schedule. 
  • Uber Eats. Uber Eats is a food delivery service. You can earn money as a food delivery driver if you have a car, a motorbike, or a bicycle. 

What Is the Best Side Hustle for Teachers?

The best side hustle for teachers is often any job closely related to education. Private tutoring, curriculum development, or teaching English are the top recommendations. These side hustles take advantage of a teacher’s skills and require no additional training. 

These jobs can be done online or in-person and often allow you to design your own schedule and choose your own hours. This allows you to fit the work around your current responsibilities and avoid taking any financial risks.  

Side Hustles for Teachers FAQ

Can I start a side hustle without experience?

Yes, you can start a side hustle without experience. Most side hustles allow you to learn on the job and if you already have the required skills for the job you will have no issues.

Will a side hustle affect my main job?

No, a side hustle will not affect your main job if you choose the right one. You don’t want to sacrifice your full-time job for something you are doing on the side, though taking on the extra work does come with sacrifices.  

What side hustles should I avoid?

You should avoid side hustles that take up too much time, interfere with your main job, or cause you extra stress. If you turn a hobby into a side hustle, you want to avoid killing your passion. A side hustle should add to your life, not take away from it.

When should I start a side hustle?

You should start a side hustle when you need extra income. For example, if you want to save up to buy a new car, a side hustle is the perfect way to do so. Also, if you are considering a new career then you can use a side hustle to test out different jobs.

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