Product Gym Review and Guide

Product Gym is a New York City-based association that teaches product management through courses and workshops. It helps its members build skills to launch or further their careers in the product management industry. Its product management course lasts six weeks and is part time.

If you want to study product management, this Product Gym review will highlight everything you should know before getting started.

About Product Gym

Product Gym is mostly for those who have no experience in product management, and its course covers all the basics. Its classes are taught in-person in New York City, so residents of the metropolis will likely get more out of the program than those who attend online.

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This product management association provides plenty of career assistance to its members. It hosts networking opportunities and employs career coaches who will provide personalized interview feedback, help you negotiate your salary, and help optimize your resume.

Product Gym Programs

Product Gym focuses on teaching product management skills to beginners. It does not offer any prep courses, and the curriculum takes a hands-on approach to learning.

Product Management

This six-week program teaches members the skills they will need to thrive as a product manager. It starts with the fundamentals of product management.

As the course progresses, students will learn how to create a product roadmap and will study minimum viable products, key performance indicators and objectives, and key results evaluations. They will also learn about wireframing, prototype testing, and how to conduct business analysis.

Career assistance is included in the program. During their course, students will get a chance to network with others in the industry and will receive useful feedback from their appointed career coach.

Location: New York, Online

Tuition: $6,000

Product Gym Application Process

The application process at Product Gym consists of a free consultation phone call. Unlike other bootcamps or courses, you do not have to fill out an online application to be admitted to the course. To start, you must call the association and schedule an interview.

The Product Gym team will also ask to see your resume to assess whether your professional background is a good match for the program.

To qualify for Product Gym’s course, you don’t need to complete any technical tests. You will just need to answer questions about your experience, and why you want to learn product management. If you pass this interview, you will be allowed to enroll in the program.

Product Gym Tuition and Financing Options

Product Gym members pay only $6,000 for the six-week training program. Since the tuition is low compared with other bootcamps, the institution doesn’t offer many finance options. Many students pay for their course upfront. If you choose this method, you must pay the $6,000 all at once, as no initial deposit is required.

Students can also opt for an income share agreement. With this option, you can attend the product management course without paying, then pay back the tuition cost after you have landed a job. If you graduate from the course but fail to secure a job, your tuition cost will be waived.

If you agree to an ISA, you will need to repay your tuition only if you are making at least $60,000 annually.

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