Make School Review and Guide

Would you like to get an online degree in computer science? Sign up for Make School’s fast-track degree program and start your career as a software engineer.

About Make School

Make School can help you earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science in only two-and-a-half years. The school has helped thousands of students start their careers as software engineers. Over 1,200 Make School graduates work at top tech companies. Make School combines computer science and liberal arts for a unique learning experience.

Make School Programs

Make School offers students with no coding experience a chance to learn about computer science. Below are the programs you can enroll in at Make School.

Bachelor’s in Applied Computer Science

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This computer science degree program can help you learn industry-led skills. You can enroll at the San Francisco location or online. It may seem too good to be true, but this Make School program lasts less than three years.

This bachelor’s program will teach you about iOS development, data science, full stack web development, and software product management. You will learn programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. These foundational languages will help you build applications. This program also covers essential tools in computer science.

Locations: San Francisco, Online

Tuition: $15,000

Online Academy

If you are new to coding, you should consider attending Make School’s Online Academy. It can teach you the fundamentals of computer science and iOS development. You will learn how to build iOS games and applications in an online self-paced format.

You will learn how to use variables and loops to build different programs. You can also learn Python and other programming languages to help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Location: Online

Tuition: Free

Make School Application Process

The Make School application process is relatively similar to applying for a university degree program. You will provide your past academic transcripts in addition to your personal details.

If you are an international freshman or transfer student, the application process is different. Transfer students must submit previous academic transcripts and a letter of recommendation.

Make School Tuition and Financing Options

Make School features different tuition costs for the courses it provides. Depending on the time you apply, your tuition cost can be higher or lower than $13,000.

If you can afford it, you can pay the tuition fee upfront for the semester or the entire program. The school also partners with various loan providers to help you secure your seat. You can opt for private or federal loans. Most students prefer scholarships and income share agreements. The Extended Income-Based Repayment (EIBR) will help you get lenient rates.

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