Holberton School Review and Guide

Holberton School is a fast-paced computer science academy for those looking to start a career in tech. It is one of the best bootcamps in the industry, as you’ll see in this Holberton School review. The bootcamp has on-site locations in more than 15 major cities globally, including San Francisco.

Apart from the on-site locations, Holberton School has an online program that is just as effective. The curriculum is designed like that of an online computer science degree program, and the entire program runs for about two years.

About Holberton School

The comprehensive curriculum at Holberton School is not a walk in the park. It covers every critical aspect of software development, starting from the foundations of computer science. The programs are divided into different sections, which Holberton fashions as sprints.

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Apart from offering several tech courses, Holberton School has a Career Sprint program. It prepares students for the tech industry, but it is not available in San Francisco. Keep in mind that most Holberton School programs in the United States are now online.

Holberton School Programs

The computer science program at Holberton School is designed to accommodate the needs of both experienced and inexperienced students. All students begin with a year-long Foundations course.

After that, students can choose from six career pathways to specialize in. These are Backend Development, Front End Development, Full Stack Development, Low Level & Algorithms, AR / VR, and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Pathway at Holberton School takes you beyond the fundamentals of machine learning. It is divided into six semesters, starting with the foundations of computer science and software engineering. Among other subjects, it covers deep learning, advanced probability, and Hadoop.

During the two-year course, you will discover the many applications of machine learning, from data science to software development.

Location: San Francisco, New Haven, Tulsa, Online, several international campuses

Tuition: $85,000


The AR / VR Pathway covers the various applications of augmented and virtual reality beyond gaming. It is also divided into six semesters, from the foundational course to more advanced concepts like Shader Graph and shader programming. You will study for a two-year period.

The AR and VR market is expected to see an annual growth of 77 percent between 2019 and 2023. This statistic comes from the International Data Corporation, an industry-respected analysis company. You can tap into the sector’s projected success by becoming an expert in both AR and VR.

Location: San Francisco, New Haven, Tulsa, Online, several international campuses

Tuition: $85,000

Low Level & Algorithms

This program is specifically for people who want to advance their knowledge of the C programming language and get a comprehensive understanding of Linux. During the last semester, you will learn about different aspects of blockchain technology, including cryptocurrency, data structures, and mining.

Location: San Francisco, New Haven, Tulsa, Online, several international campuses

Tuition: $85,000

Front End, Backend, and Full Stack Web Development

Holberton School has programs for front end and backend web development, but you can opt for full stack web development, too. It takes you on a deep dive into React, Redux, Node.js, and Redis. Most importantly, you will learn to use JavaScript for full stack web development.

Like all the other programs at the school, it is divided into six jam-packed semesters over a two-year period.

Location: San Francisco, New Haven, Tulsa, Online, several international campuses

Tuition: $85,000

Holberton School Application Process

Holberton School has an acceptance rate of just three percent, so the admissions process is rigorous. It involves several coding projects and assessments. If you pass all of the tests, you may be shortlisted for admission.

You can turn in an online application form to get started. If you pass the first set of tests, you will move forward to a more comprehensive exam. For this part, Holberton School will expect you to create a basic website. You will have two weeks to create it.

If your website is satisfactory, you will be invited for an interview. The interview is the final stage.

Holberton School Tuition and Financing Options

At $85,000, tuition at Holberton School is on the high side. The most realistic way to pay your tuition is with Holberton School’s income share agreement (ISA). You will have to pay 17 percent of your monthly salary for three-and-a-half years after you secure a job that pays a minimum of $40,000.

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