FlockJay Review and Guide: Programs and Tuition Costs

Would you like to be job-ready for a position in an established tech company? With FlockJay, you might just be one step closer to that dream.

Graduates of this sales bootcamp have secured jobs in top companies such as Zoom, Slack, LaunchDarky, and Plaid. If you’d like to take a similar path, read this in-depth FlockJay review to learn more about what it can offer.

About FlockJay

FlockJay is a sales bootcamp that offers an online sales training program for people who want to break into the tech industry. The bootcamp seeks to train rookies into professional tech sales representatives so you don’t need prior education or experience to qualify.

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With a rigorous curriculum, FlockJay teaches you the latest software sales industry techniques and tools you’ll need to thrive in the field. Flockjay also offers great support to ensure you land the right job after the program.

Its support includes helping you craft industry-worthy resumes, preparing you for interviews, and teaching you how to negotiate your salary. This process lasts two weeks.


FlockJay only offers one immersive program, with classes held remotely and part-time. Read below to learn more about the FlockJay tech sales program.

Tech Sales Program

FlockJay condenses the study of essential tech sales concepts into 10 weeks, after which you’ll be ready to take on sales jobs. Following the schedule, you will learn remotely from Monday to Thursday for three hours. Despite being held online, you’ll still get to enjoy classroom engagement courtesy of the live online lectures.

Eight weeks of the program will be dedicated to equipping you with the technical skills and knowledge you’ll need to keep up with today’s tech sales industry. You’ll begin with learning the art behind sales, particularly the best sales practices. Then, you’ll move on to inbound and outbound sales.

The last two weeks will be reserved for your job placement training. This prepares you for the job search that follows after completing the program. You will be exposed to mock interviews, live sales practice, sales leaders of emerging companies, and FlockJay’s large network of hiring partners.

Unlike other coding bootcamps, FlockJay only specializes in training aspiring tech sales professionals. If you want to learn Python, JavaScript, React, or any other technical skills, consider looking into other coding bootcamps.

Location: Online

Tuition: $6,000-$7,600

FlockJay Application Process

The FlockJay application process consists of three steps. Start by visiting the school’s official website and filling in the online application form. Filling in the online application form can take 15 to 20 minutes.

After submitting your form, a representative from the school will contact you to schedule an interview. Many coding bootcamps require you to sit through an interview, so this should not be a surprise. The interview will cover your personal motivation for applying to FlockJay as well as your ability to commit at least 12 hours of your week to the program.

Assuming you pass the interview, you will then need to move on to the third step: the waiting game. FlockJay will decide whether to give you a seat in its program or not. What if you fail? Well, FlockJay does not put a cap on the number of times you can apply so you’ll have plenty of chances to try again.

FlockJay Tuition and Financing Options

FlockJay provides you with two tuition financing options to cover your fee. It is important to note that the tuition amount you pay depends on where you live. FlockJay students in states outside California pay an upfront fee of $6,000. If you are in California, your tuition fee will be $7,600.

You can also opt to sign an income share agreement. An ISA is a form of deferred payment plan where you do not have to pay any tuition fee until you land a job that pays at least $40,000. Once you do, you’ll need to pay $425 for 18 months. The payment caps at $7,650 regardless of your state of residence.

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