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What Is the Average Teacher Salary in West Virginia?

Being a teacher is a noble profession that takes passion and courage. You get to see students of different backgrounds, intelligence, and personalities learn and apply knowledge. If you live in the state, you’re probably wondering, what is the average teacher salary in West Virginia? This article outlines everything you need to know about the teacher salary in West Virginia.

In this detailed post, we will discuss the requirements to become a teacher in West Virginia. The salary ranges as compared to national averages, and why this is a profession worth your money and time. Let’s jump right in!

What Is the Average Teacher Salary in West Virginia?

The average teacher salary in West Virginia will differ depending on whether you are in the public or private sector. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the estimated average annual salary of teachers in public elementary and secondary schools in West Virginia was $50,261 in 2020-2021. 

What Is the Average Salary of a Teacher in the United States? 

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According to NCES, elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers in the United States public schools are paid an estimated average annual base salary of $65,090

Average Teacher Salary in West Virginia: K—12

Level Number Employed in West Virginia Average Salary in West Virginia Average Salary in the United States
Kindergarten Teachers 900 $52,010 $61,350
Elementary School Teachers 6,160 $50,130 $61,400
Middle School Teachers 4,460 $50,190 $61,320
High School Teachers 3,870 $53,540 $61,820

Basic Requirements to Become a Teacher in West Virginia: K—12

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from accredited college or University. You’ll be exposed to foundational skills and knowledge in your specific area of study and pedagogy. Your degree will include coursework and fieldwork, in which you should excel. 
  • Attend a teacher certification program. This involves classroom skills, education theory seminars, fieldwork aspects, and job responsibilities of student teaching.
  • Take required tests. To be a fully licensed teacher in West Virginia, you should pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators series of exams in mathematics, reading, and writing. Each subject area has its required tests. 

How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher in West Virginia

To become a kindergarten teacher in West Virginia, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree from a state-accredited university or college and complete West Virginia’s approved educator preparation program to learn essential teaching skills, especially if you want to become a high school teacher. You’ll be recommended the right certification course through this educator preparation program. 

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher in West Virginia 

An aspiring elementary school teacher in West Virginia needs a bachelor’s degree from a regionally recognized academic institution with a major in education. You also need to pass the teacher preparation program and complete certification for elementary education tests. 

How to Become a Middle School Teacher in West Virginia

Middle school teachers in West Virginia require middle-level endorsement and general education specialization in some instances. Beyond that, aspiring teachers must pass the general content knowledge test and a single-subject Praxis II content test to get a license. 

How to Become a High School Teacher in West Virginia 

To become a certified high school teacher in West Virginia, you should earn a professional teaching certificate by completing a bachelor’s degree and passing the teacher preparation program. You should also pass a background check as well as the Praxis exams. High school teachers should have patience, adaptability, and passion for thriving in their profession. 

Average Teacher Salary in West Virginia: Other Types of Teachers

Type Number Employed in West Virginia Average Salary in West Virginia Average Salary in the United States
Preschool Teachers 1,980 $ 32,050 $36,460
Career and Technical Education Teachers 790 $ 52,610 $61,160
Adult Basic Education Teachers 42,910 $ 59,810 $59,720
Substitute Teachers 2,390 $ 42,970 $38,410

Requirements to Become a Teacher in West Virginia: Preschool

  • Earn a degree in early childhood development. You need a bachelor’s degree and a preschool program teaching certificate from the West Virginia education department. For blended programs with a daycare option, you need at least an associate degree and to be in the process of getting a teaching certification from the department of education. 
  • Gain a certificate for teaching preschoolers. West Virginia’s department of education has three tests that you must pass. They include an early childhood education exam, principles of learning and teaching test, and a core academic skills for educators exam. 
  • Maintain teaching qualifications. Preschool teachers need to complete 15 hours of staff development annually to maintain their qualifications. The local county is tasked with determining the content of the development. 

Requirements to Become a Teacher in West Virginia: Career and Technical Education

  • Bachelor’s degree. Career and technical education teachers should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and score well. 
  • Educator preparation program and certification. This is a program designed to help teachers deliver content well and interact with students. After completing the educator preparation program, you should pass the recommended certification. 
  • Praxis series tests. All career and technical education teachers should pass the relevant Praxis series tests to get certified and be allowed to teach. 

Requirements to Become a Teacher in West Virginia: Adult Basic Education

  • Bachelor’s degree. Prospective adult basic education teachers should have at least a 2.5 GPA for all university or college coursework. You may then apply and get an adult license and a valid professional teaching certificate.  
  • Educator preparation program. This program prepares teachers to deliver and instruct students by applying the best mode of instruction. You need to pass the tests and get the recommended certification.  
  • Pre-service training.  Depending on the ABE (Adult Basic Education) type, you should have completed 8 to 14 hours of pre-service training. 

Requirements to Become a Substitute Teacher in West Virginia

  • GPA of at least 2.0. Substitute teachers in West Virginia need to have a GPA of 2.0 and above to instruct students. 
  • Bachelor’s degree. Aspiring substitute teachers should have a bachelor’s degree or higher to practice teaching.
  • 18 hours of training by the school district. Aspiring teachers must show they have a good grasp of classroom management, an overview of school law, content standards and objectives, and state and local policies. 

Average Teacher Salary in West Virginia: Special Education

Special Education Level Number Employed in West Virginia Average Salary in West Virginia Average Salary in the United States
Preschool 20,300 $68,110 $61,030
Kindergarten and Elementary 2,770 $47,960 $61,030
Middle School 420 $49,930 $61,030
High School 430 $54,500 $61,030

Requirements to Become a Teacher in West Virginia: Special Education

  • Bachelor’s degree. You can major in special education or pursue a degree in education and have a minor in special education. This will depend on the education level you’ll be teaching and your subject combination.
  • Pass a background check. You should pass a background check that ascertains your ability to teach. You should be free of serious mental disorders or criminal records.
  • Pass a general teaching certification course. You must demonstrate a good grasp and possession of skills in the subjects you’ll be teaching. When you pass the certification course, you’ll receive a license. 

Is a Teacher’s Salary in West Virginia Worth My Time and Money? 

Yes, a teacher’s salary in West Virginia is worth your time and money. Besides the stated salary, there are additional benefits that come at little to no cost. Such annual benefits include health care insurance, a flexible spending account, and disability insurance. Also, the job guarantee by the state is something that makes the teaching profession worthwhile.  

The cost of living in West Virginia is lower than that of many states in the US. With the mean hourly wage, teachers can manage their salaries to take care of their budgets comfortably. Aspiring teachers can also spend less on their education if they apply for federal student aid to ease the financial burden as they study and follow their dreams of being teachers. 

Teacher Salary in West Virginia FAQ

How much does a teacher make per hour in West Virginia?

Public school teachers in West Virginia make an average hourly rate of $21.99. Private school teachers will make more than this. 

Is there a teacher shortage in West Virginia?

Yes, public schools in West Virginia have teacher shortages which have been affecting the instruction of students and teachers’ workload. It is difficult to have a good work-life balance as a teacher, so not many people want to pursue this type of career. There are concrete plans underway to mitigate this problem. 

What is the average base salary of a special education teacher in West Virginia?

Special education teachers are paid an average base salary of $61,030 per year. You can choose to teach in preschool, elementary school, middle school, or even high school. Adult basic education or a substitute teacher are also options you can explore. Your average starting salary can increase with years of experience. You can also attend West Virginia University if you want to enhance your skills and gain access to positions with a higher annual salary range.

Is being a classroom teacher a rewarding job in West Virginia?

Yes, being a classroom teacher is a rewarding job in West Virginia, as you have the opportunity to earn a good annual income. You’ll also enjoy additional benefits like medical insurance and long holidays. Finally, there are many career change options for teachers, should you ever feel it’s time to do something different. 

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