Lambda School vs Ironhack

Lambda School vs Ironhack

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Lambda School vs Ironhack detailed comparison as of June 2024

Choosing an online school is a massive decision. You'll be studying for months, perhaps years, and your studies may be costly. That's why it is important to consider all your options.

Lambda School and Ironhack are both online course providers. The difference stops there. Each of these degree providers offers their own payment plans, syllabus, and Pacees.

Let's consider the programs offered by these schools. Lambda School offers both Full-time and Part-time in Software Engineering, Design and Data Science. Ironhack offers Full-time and Part-time in Software Engineering, Design and Data Science.

We'll also need to think about the financing options available: online courses can be costly. Lambda School offers Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing and Living Stipends plans. Ironhack operates Upfront, Financing and Income Sharing plans.

What about the cost of tuition? That's a good question. As a student at Lambda School, you can expect to pay between depending on your field of study. Ironhack charges between for their offerings, depending on the course.

Overall Rating

Price Range



Programs Available

Software Engineering, Design, Data Science

Software Engineering, Design, Data Science

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time

Full-time, Part-time

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing, Living Stipends

Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing

Contact Info

250 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States 415-262-4219

120 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130, United States mia@ironhack.com (305) 907 7086

Lambda School VS Ironhack is based on 16 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
7 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
Like many others, I’ve researched a lot of code schools for cost and remote options. I’ve looked over hundreds of reviews, youtube videos, articles and it was really difficult to choose. I actuall

9 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
Ironhack was a great experience: sharing about UI/UX with classmates and having the Teacher and TAs supporting us. It also feels a very open environment to talk about anything we need. The encourageme

Ironhack Review and Guide

Ironhack is a popular coding bootcamp that teaches technical skills across the world. You can learn data science, web development, cyber security, and UX/UI design.

About Ironhack

Ironhack is an international coding bootcamp. This school has campuses in Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Barcelona, Paris, and Madrid. It accepts beginners and intermediate learners alike, even if you have no experience. Ironhack offers prep courses to help you get ready for every course.

Ironhack Programs

Ironhack bootcamp has several programs both on-site and online. It can also help you learn English or other languages, depending on where you decide to enroll. Some courses are offered in French, Spanish, and even Portugese.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

The data analytics bootcamp combines math and coding to help you learn data science. You will learn SQL, Python, and Tableau. At the end of the program, you will be able to develop datasets using an analytical model. You can also learn to clean, load, extract, and explore valuable insights from different datasets. Location: Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Online Tuition: Varies by campus

Web Development Bootcamp

This web development bootcamp teaches full stack development with CSS, HTML, React, APIs, and JavaScript. You will also learn server hosting and version control using GitHub and Git. This program includes a final project where you can create full stack applications and showcase what you have learned to prospective employers. Location: Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Online Tuition: Varies by campus

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

This program focuses on Agile methodologies, design thinking, lean structuring, HTML, and CSS basics. You will learn how to create interactive and aesthetically pleasing websites. The final project involves creating digital products to include in the Ironhack showcase. You can boost your portfolio and prepare for a job in UX design. Location: Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Online Tuition: Varies by campus

Cyber Security Bootcamp

This program can teach you everything you need to know about cyber security. You start with a basic introduction and move on to hands-on practice and advanced concepts. The project involves creating and analyzing critical network servers and topologies. You will also get to encrypt, decrypt, and recover data. Location: Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Online Tuition: Varies by campus

Ironhack Application Process

The application process on Ironhack includes an interview, a technical assessment, and pre-work. Start by applying online and scheduling a technical interview. After the interview, you have to complete a technical assessment. This can show Ironhack if you’re prepared to enroll. The pre-work can also help you get ready.

Ironhack Tuition and Financing Options

Ironhack has different tuition costs depending on the class schedule. You can pay upfront for your tuition if you can. However, every applicant is expected to pay a deposit immediately after they are accepted into the program. The coding bootcamp partners with Ascent Funding and Climb Credit to help American students fund their tuition and living expenses. If you’re from somewhere else, you should check with Ironhack to see what’s available. Financing options vary according to the program and campus.

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