Codesmith vs App Academy

Codesmith vs App Academy

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Codesmith vs App Academy detailed comparison as of September 2023

Choosing an online school is a massive decision. You'll be studying for months, perhaps years, and your studies may be costly. That's why it is important to consider all your options.

Codesmith and App Academy are both online course providers. The difference stops there. Each of these degree providers offers their own payment plans, syllabus, and Pacees.

Let's consider the programs offered by these schools. Codesmith offers both Full-time and Part-time in Software Engineering. App Academy offers Full-time and Self-paced in Software Engineering.

We'll also need to think about the financing options available: online courses can be costly. Codesmith offers Upfront, Financing and Scholarships plans. App Academy operates Upfront, Income Sharing and Scholarships plans.

What about the cost of tuition? That's a good question. As a student at Codesmith, you can expect to pay between depending on your field of study. App Academy charges between for their offerings, depending on the course.

Overall Rating

Price Range



Programs Available

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time

Full-time, Self-paced

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing, Scholarships

Upfront, Income Sharing, Scholarships

Contact Info

68 White Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York 10013, United States of America hello@codesmith.io 917-789-1749

825 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States admissions@appacademy.io (415) 968-8558

Codesmith VS App Academy is based on 15 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
5 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
A great and accurate descriptor for the experience I’ve had and the people I’ve met on this journey! There are three things that I think set Codesmith apart, and are things that I would like to

10 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
I’ve never learned as much about proper coding as I had with App Academy. Being accepted to the online course allowed me to work and grow without having to move to Northern California or New York. I

App Academy Review and Guide

Starting a career in software engineering can be challenging. One way to go about it is by enrolling in a top-tier bootcamp like App Academy that will equip you with the right skills to pursue the tech role of your dreams. If you have done some research on bootcamps, chances are you might have stumbled upon App Academy reviews. To help you better understand your options, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this bootcamp in the review below.

About App Academy

App Academy is a coding bootcamp that offers software engineering courses. Although the school has campuses in New York and San Francisco, all classes are now delivered online because of COVID-19. One of the most appealing features of this bootcamp is its deferred payment tuition model. This allows students to only pay their tuition when they have secured a job. If you’re looking for ways to finance your tech ed, App Academy’s deferred payment plan may just be the answer.

App Academy Programs

App Academy offers two programs: 16-week software engineering immersive and 24-week software engineering immersive. Both courses are taught online with varied learning schedules.

Bootcamp Prep

This is a preparation course designed to help you get accepted into App Academy or any other bootcamps. This four-week, part-time course is recommended for those with little to no coding experience. You will learn basic coding concepts, including an introduction to web development and JavaScript fundamentals. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday between 6:30am and 9pm. If this schedule doesn’t work for you, you can opt for the self-paced option. Location: New York, San Francisco, Online Tuition: $2,999

16-Week Software Engineering Immersive Course

This program can help you gain the skills to become a software engineer in just 16 weeks. You will learn how to build and manage applications using tools like Python, React, Redux, Rails, and JavaScript. The school offers career services as part of the course. You will meet with a career coach who will help you prepare for your job search. Location: New York, San Francisco, Online Tuition: $17,000 (Upfront), $28,000 (Deferred Payment)

24- Week Software Engineering Immersive Course

This course is ideal for advanced programmers looking to become full stack web developers. You will be exposed to JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Python, and HTML. You will also learn how to accelerate your projects using SQLAlchemy, ReactJS, Flask, and Express. Location: San Francisco, New York City, Online Tuition: $20,000 (Upfront), $31,000 (Deferred Payment)

App Academy Application Process

App Academy’s application process is fairly straightforward. Start by filling out an application form available on the school’s official website. You will then take a personality, logical reasoning, and typing test. Once you’ve passed this stage, the school will schedule a 25-minute non-technical video interview. This is followed by a practical test to determine your understanding of programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. The school will then decide if your application is successful.

App Academy Tuition and Financing Options

App Academy has several financing options. The first option is an income share agreement (ISA) that allows students to go through the course first and pay the tuition after securing employment. The school also offers a deferred payment plan which shares similar features as its ISA. The main differences are the amount, rates, and terms of the repayments. Students can also apply for loans through Climb to cover their tuition and living expenses up to $8,500. Eligible students can apply for the Access Scholarship, offered through a partnership with Facebook. It is open to members of the underrepresented communities in tech including women, African Americans, Hispanic/ Latino, and Native Americans. If you are an aspiring developer, you should consider this coding bootcamp. Not only does App Academy offer comprehensive software engineering courses, but it also offers career support to help you land a job after graduation.

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That's a great question! Online schools have a long history of successful outcomes.

Online schools have been offering online courses since the internet started to become popular. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have studied toward a degree online.

Many online courses platforms include job support services such as career counseling and job matching as part of their offering. These services will help you start your career on the right foot.

What's more, online schools are well known for teaching the exact skills you need to become job-ready in a particular field.